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Arc:Nemo - A shadow in Cenril

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Fleeing Vailkrin, having found himself in something of a precarious situation there, Cornelius assumed the persona of the assassin 'Nemo' and entered Cenril in secret to take up his old profession.

Out of expedience, opportunity, and slight ennui, the assassin enmeshed himself in some of the gang troubles in Cenril.


  1. Bloodbath in a Funeral Parlour - Nemo comes to Cenril
  2. Preparing for work - Nemo spends a fruitful night in Cenril
  3. A bloody transaction - Nemo delivers Kuzial's consignment
  4. Planning in the shadows - Nemo lays the foundations of an organisation
  5. Darkness in Cenril - Leifong and Nemo waltz to the Dans Macabre
  6. Flesh and Flame - Mahri heals Nemo