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Arc:The End's Not Near

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Propaganda Poster by Alan, given to me by Brennia <3

The civil unrest in Alithrya has been slowly building following the end of the days of the Archmosian Empire. Several have tried to claim the throne and bring the city back to it's former, respectable power...but so far, no one has been successful. Is it the curse of the naga to remain in such a broken state?

Chapter 1

Reginae continues to pursue various avenues to strengthen her position as Alithrya's liaison, in lieu of an actual Queen. During a public meeting to address concerns about increasing hostilities in the streets and vanishing bodies from the graveyard, Reginae is attacked by an unknown assassin. Larewen, dignitary of Vailkrin, dissolves the attacker into goop before anyone can ask any questions. A Frost Giant by the name of Hurieg finds himself washed up in Alithrya after being lost at sea, and is sequestered to a guest room under medical care until he fully recovers. It's during this time Reginae tells him about the plight of the naga and this mysterious rising force that threatens their stability and they hatch a plan. Larewen advises them to hurry, because the worst thing that magic can be given is time to fester and grow. Muzo concocts a pseudo 'poison' that will give the Queen to be all the qualifications to pass for dead. Hureig hires an outside assassin, Iblis, to deliver the pouch to the Queen, which she does a day or two before the coronation ceremony. All the pieces are starting to fall into place...The only thing left is the Coronation.

  1. When All Else Fails, Make Cookies
  2. Friends, Not Food
  3. Eek To You Too, Pal!
  4. A Bolt From The Blue
  5. The Return Strike
  6. Sands Through The Hourglass
  7. Won't Wash
  8. Almost Home
  9. Carving Out Their Own Nietzsche
  10. All Time Low
  11. In Good Company
  12. Ichorous Decomposate Purloined!
  13. The Poison Of Asps
  14. Trinkets Of Promise
  15. A Calculated Risk

Chapter 2

The Coronation does not go according to anyone's plans (even Reginae's). Several area leaders show up to offer their support and find themselves face to face with the near immediate death of the newly crowned Queen and the reappearance of the former title holder. Jaize is back and meaner than ever! She lifts the Royal Necklace off her younger sister's dead body, ignoring the Crown Hildegarde's given her all together and proclaims herself Queen in the middle of all the madness. Xzavior takes control of the situation and urges everyone to leave. All guests present heed his advice, deciding it's better to live to fight another day. Hildegarde takes Reginae's body back to Frostmaw until they can decided what's to be done with her.

  1. Naga Coro'NO'tion
  2. Matters Of The Crown
  3. The Coldest Hour Part I
  4. The Coldest Hour Part II
  5. Royce And Rey
  6. A Slippery Slope
  7. Busting In
  8. Snek Better Have My Money
  9. Worth The Risk
  10. Time In A Bottle
  11. Distractions
  12. Your Queen Friend Bit it Pretty Hard...

Chapter 3

Reginae's efforts to restablish her alliances with Larket and Frostmaw are interrupted by a startling discovery! Pilar brings news to Frostmaw that Muzo has been doing experiments on live witches, supposidely under the Larketian's crown's nose! Hildegarde rushes off to demand justice and Muzo from Josleen and Macon. Reginae confronts Muzo on this accusation and finds it to be true. Heartbroken, and feeling more alone than ever, the efforts to restore the calm in Alithrya suffer. Muzo is granted amnesty under the Uyeer King's regime. Peace is an illusion, soon to shatter. Jaize, for her part, sends Vestra and Siroche to investigate Chartsend with the hopes of conquering the ravaged town to increase her claim. Vestra returns with 'proof' of high magic defenses guarding the sea side town. The report contradicts Siroche's, and Jaize grants Vestra the lead on their invasion team. Pilar and Yozenra get married, and Vestra gives the happy couple the gold stolen by Siroche during her scouting mission.

  1. J'accuse..!
  2. My Snakey Breaky Heart
  3. The Secrets That We Keep
  4. Jaize Betrays!
  5. Rest For The Shifted
  6. Killer Queen
  7. Post Schezerade Summit - Alliance Conversation
  8. But Why Is The Gold Gone?
  9. Chartsend Theft Aftermath
  10. What Should We Do?
  11. How about this?
  12. A Challenger Appears!
  13. Tipping The Scales
  14. Stolen Moments
  15. The Union of Pilar and Yozenra

Chapter 4

A disguised Reginae and a fully outfitted Kreekitaka duke it out in the Cenril Arena for high stakes terms! It's winner take all! The Uyeer is crowned the champion, punctuating the end of Reginae's pursuit of reclaiming Muzo and passing an Alithryian judgement on his crimes in Larket. After the fight, Reginae is approached by Royce, a member of the Alithryian resistance. Their aim is to make the naga city a democracy, but first they have to free it from Jaize's poisoned clutches. Pilar reaches out to various heroes to have them on hand when Jaize is planned to attack Chartsend. Kreekitaka snags Reginae in disguise, saying they could use his skills in the fight to come. During the battle, Vestra attacks Jaize to buy Chartsend more time. Jaize flees the scene with Vestra in tow. Reginae downs one of Muzo's potions to chase after her sister, only to be bounced to the Uyeer kingdom. There, she mounts a final goodbye to Muzo, despite their turbulent relationship in the past six months. She drinks her potion, hoping he'll follow. He does...and he does not.

  1. The Calm And The Storm
  2. The Silver Lining
  3. On The Mend
  4. The Uyeer in Review
  5. Rainy Days And Mondays
  6. The Poop Scooper And The King Of The Uyeer
  7. Mounting The Defenses
  8. Attack On Chartsend Part II: The Naga From The Bog-a
  9. Tomorrow's A Dream Away, Today Has Turned To Dust

Chapter 5

Instead of teleporting directly back to Alithrya, Jaize is 'snagged' into the Shadow Planes on the heel of her humiliating defeat. Kahran, a man linked to countless deaths and the former Immortals, extends a hand of power to assist the Naga Queen. Reginae, after her failed attempt to beat Jaize back to their home, finds a disguised Brennia hiding in the coves along Cenril. She explains her plight, linked to Kahran's forces taking Schezerade. She confessed her true identity to Brennia and agrees to help liberate her students. The mission is successful, with no short supply of assistance from Brennia's other allies, and all students are safely escorting to various other regions. Pilar recovers the gold Siroche stole, hidden by Vestra before the battle. The vampiress is later kidnapped, presumed dead after a fire destroys her house in Chartsend, by Kahran's forces to heal troops in a camp outside Ventril. Timing is a hell of a thing.

  1. Time and Again
  2. Caves, Healing, Secrets
  3. The Treasures of Friendship
  4. Belles and Balls
  5. What's Done Is Done
  6. Remembering Who We Are


  1. The End's Not Near, It's Here