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Summary: When I was granted leadership in Larket the town wasn't really much. RP had staled out, the buildings seemed in poor shape, and not many players actually wanted to go near the town. Over the year I've worked on the city as much as humanly possible. Some of the new things have been hiring players for different roles, building a council of patrons that would give money to the area, creating a strong core of aids (Luthentius, Parsithius, Kelovath) and ‘flipping’ some places to make them a little more…savory. While I have a lot left to do there RP-Wise I thought it would be nice to renovate Larket to show the growth over the years. The city has more money, more citizens, and the most powerful military in Hollow. I’ll be posting the various meetings below and it may take time to get it all done with my schedule, but if any player would like to help out you are MORE than welcome to dive in. Just contact me via hmail and we’ll work something out.

  • Update: The Larket Renovation process has been completed! A big thank you to all the participating players. Now the hunt is on for a few players to run the renovated locations. If you're interested contact Jacklin via hmail.
  1. Renovation Process - [Finished!]
    1. Permission from Patrons and Council - Meeting with Larket Patrons and Council to gain funding for the project.
    2. Quote from Rynvale's Lumberjack on the Red Oak. - A short visit to Rynvale's Lumber Yard secured the price for the lumber and a hopeful delivery.
    3. Arrangement of Shipment - A temporary treaty between Vhys and Rynvale is made so that lumber may be delivered to Larket via the Air Ship.
    4. Lumber Delivery to Larket - Purchased lumber is delivered to Larket.
    5. Demolition of the Tower - Mihael demolishes the Obsidian Tower in Larket.
  2. Larket Cemetery Construction - Strex - [Finished!]
    1. Preparation for Cemetery - Strex Prepares for Work on the Larket Cemetery.
    2. Building the Cemetery - Strex Begins Working on the Larket Cemetery.
    3. Cemetery Finale - Strex Finishes the Larket Cemetery.
  3. Larket Stables Construction - Wilhelm, Sulos, and Rhocielle - [Finished!]
    1. Building the Foundation and Skeleton - Wilhelm and Sapheul finish building the foundation and skeleton
    2. Continuing the Stable Building - Sulos works on the skeleton and walls for the stables
    3. Finishing off the Stables - Rhocielle and his men enclose the stable building roofs