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Titans of Winter Tournament 2014

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Titans of Winter

Frostmaw's third annual Titans of Winter tournament is set to begin, in celebration of its prior winners, the Warlord Eboric and the wizard Svilfon. This year, the tournament comes with a twist: to honor its alliances, Frostmaw's tournament will be travelling around the realm, with each duel visiting a different allied city to provide a unique battleground to participants.

Along with each battlefield taking place in a different city, environmental effects unique to a region may also be in effect, so keep on your toes, fighters, for Gualon, Venturil, Trist'oth, Vailkrin, and the rest may have surprises in store for you!

Rules and Details

  • Tournament will be single elimination rounds.
  • No entry fee required.
  • The duel dates and times will be announced days prior to allow duelists and watchers to prepare. Any scheduling issues need to be sorted before the day of the duel, and no-shows will be DQ'd while a possible Back-up Entrant takes their place.
  • The region for each duel will be announced prior, but the exact location and 'effects' will only be announced just before the duel is set to begin. This is not intended to give one side or the other advantages, but provide an additional challenge in the spirit of dueling.
  • Duels will be 3 rounds, with either 10 or 15 minute rounds as agreed by duelists.
  • Duels will be posted on the wiki, please record and send your duels to Satoshi if she is not present for it.
  • Duelists will be required to find their judges at the time of the duel. If none are available that you can agree on, it is suggested to begin the duel, record all posting times, and send it to judges afterward. Satoshi intends to be available during each duel and is willing to judge. For additional tested and trusted judges, see Rheven's Judge List.
  • Duelists are allowed to add further stakes to their duels if they so desire. If no additional stakes are agreed upon, 'auto-hit round to the winner is the default stakes.
  • Guests may organize betting pools if they so desire.
  • RP from the audience is permitted and encouraged, but please refrain from directly interacting with the duelists, for the sake of fairness.

Hmail-Friendly Judges

A list of judges that are willing to give votes by hmail if present judges can't be found (feel free to add your name to this list if you are one):


  • The championship duel will include a Frostmaw custom item and 35,000 gold.
    • Second Place will earn 15,000 gold, courtesy of wizardly donations.


  1. Ragni Replaced by Divoyn Knocked out in Round 1
  2. Berkedai
  3. Kovl Knocked out in Round 1
  4. Deaglan Knocked out in Round 1
  5. Vehara
  6. Meri Knocked out in Semi-Finals, Knocked out in Third Place
  7. Daath Knocked out in Round 1
  8. Hildegarde Knocked out in Semi-Finals, Took Third Place

At present, the brackets will be set for 8 entrants, unless a larger number of participants come forward (if the Back-Up Entrants fill up and more wish to join, we will convert the tourney to a 16-man setup). First come, first served for entry spots.

Back-Up Entrants

Back-Ups are not called upon in any specific order. The one most likely to provide a fair opponent to the duelist (and good show for the audience), and is most readily available at the needed time, is the one that is selected.

  1. Balahr
  2. Divoyn
  3. Tenebrae
  4. Iintahquohae
  5. Kasyr
  6. Upton
  7. Desparrow
  8. Aildre
  9. Tyler

1st Round

Click the VS to see the duel

Name VS Name Time Location Victor
Hildegarde Vs Daath (Completed) Chartsend Hildegarde
Meri Vs Divoyn (Completed) Gualon Meri
Berkedai Vs Deaglan (Completed) Alithrya Berkedai
Kovl Vs Vehara (Completed) Enchantment Vehara


Click the VS to see the duel

Name VS Name Time Location Victor
Berkedai Vs Hildegarde (Completed) Trist'oth Berkedai
Vehara Vs Meri (Completed) Venturil Vehara

Third Place

Click the VS to see the duel

Name VS Name Time Location Victor
Hildegarde Vs Meri (Completed) Vailkrin Hildegarde


Click the VS to see the duel

Name VS Name Time Location Victor
Berkedai Vs Vehara March 3, 5:30 (CST/Old HT) Frostmaw TBA

Berkedai vs Vehara is tentatively set for Monday March 3rd, at 5:30 CST (Old HT). It will take place in Frostmaw at Cold Winds.

Directions: Recall Frostmaw (Frostmaw Tavern), 1w, 1s, 1w, 1n, 7w, 1s, 3w, 3n.

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