Arc:Rise of Larket

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The fermin plague the city with a dangerous disease. Apothecary and councilwoman Artia finds a cure! She also leads a resistance against the fermin, who escalate their attacks.

When fermin attack the fort, the council members point fingers at each other and seek a scapegoat. Two suspects emerge: Kelovath and Macon, who accuse each other of nearly identical crimes, namely "you brought on these attacks to create a problem that necessitates a leader so you can appoint yourself the next King of Larket!"

Who tells the truth? Who is the rightful king? Frostmaw initially backs Kelovath on the word of its Thane, and Kelovath's girlfriend, Josleen. But is Kelovath the paladin he seems to be? Macon has proof to the contrary...

 Click here for an ooc timeline of events so far in listicle form!

This arc is now over! Next arc? Larketian Fault Lines

Chapter 1

  1. Three Nagas and a Witch Walk Into an Inn...
  2. Blood In The Venom, Venom In The Blood
  3. Sewer Plan
  4. Why Pay the Trapper, When You Got a Naga Engineer
  5. Physicians Assistant
  6. Too Little Too Late
  7. Sacrifice For Healing
  8. A Witch and Lycan, Possible Allies
  9. Larket vs. Fermin: Battle Plans

Chapter 2

  1. Larket vs Fermin: First Attack
  2. Enter the Sewers
  3. Battle for the Children
  4. Battle for the Children: Team A
  5. Battle for the Children: Team B
  6. Battle for the Children: Team C
  7. Searching for Holy Solutions
  8. To Catch a Rat
  9. Gathering Information
  10. Battle on the Bridge
  11. Death of a Councilwoman
  12. Widowed Husband Steps Down

Chapter 3

  1. Arkhen's Paladin and Aramoth's Faithful
  2. Two Would-be Monarchs
  3. An Offer You Can Refuse
  4. Bloody Rain, Some Stay Dry And Others Feel The Pain, Part 1
  5. Bloody Rain, Some Stay Dry And Others Feel The Pain, Part 3
  6. Morning After
  7. The Road Ahead
  8. Element of Surprise
  9. The Missing Piece
  10. Blessed
  11. What's Next?
  12. First Time Flyer
  13. Trading Larket's Future
  14. Candles, Gardens, and a Wannabe Wizard

Chapter 4

  1. Rebuilding the Council
  2. Trial Period; Grand Idea
  3. Arkhen's Axe Murderer
  4. Welcome Home, Kelo!
  5. Andurla's Secret Home
  6. Reestablishing Commerce
  7. Haunting at the New Home
  8. The Haunting Continues
  9. Much Crab Very Wow
  10. Ever Get a Gift Like This?
  11. Potential Recruit for the Healer's Guild
  12. [Placeholder for Jos/Pilar/Krice]
  13. Training Day (!)
  14. Framed

Chapter 5

  1. Khamsin Household Won't Be Cowed
  2. Talking Bout Boys
  3. Arrested!
  4. Visitor for Kelo the Jailbird
  5. Frost Meets Fury
  6. Hureig Fails To Be Discreet
  7. Getting Worse for the Jailbound Lovebirds
  8. I Just Came To Say 'I Hate You'
  9. Seance
  10. Gross Potion Motions Foul Notion, Much Commotion
  11. Jailbreak

Chapter 6

  1. Kelovath Flees Home
  2. Hureig Apprehended
  3. You Did WHAT to My Daughter?!
  4. Macon Allies
  5. An Imposition
  6. So Your Daughter's Dating a Fugitive
  7. Hired Eyes
  8. Winter Comes Knocking
  9. Shoe Return or Thawed Fury
  10. Frostmaw War Council Discusses Macon - and Kelovath
  11. Rat Trap
  12. Rat Turns Rat
  13. A King Takes

Chapter 7

Important OOC Note: In this chapter, some characters, including Josleen, begin to believe that Kelovath is evil, a liar, a fallen paladin. OOCly speaking, we know he is not. ICly, there is real evidence that can be (mis)interpreted to 'prove' that Kelovath is most likely than not a bad guy. What your character believes is your call.

  1. Macon Jauzon: The Furious King
  2. Loose Lips Sink (Friend)Ships
  3. The Emperor Has No Crown
  4. House Call
  5. How Pedestrian
  6. Josleen of Xalious: The Furious Thane
  7. Plot Twist - Kelovath Is Bad?!
  8. Mad Mac - Fury Road
  9. Plan for Peace over Peas
  10. Deciphering Lies - Macon's and Kelovath's
  11. Larketian Idol
  12. Newest Returning Instructor
  13. Yuletide Trebuchet
  14. Return of the Gigi, The Rage King Strikes Back

Chapter 8

  1. Never Fight A Land War In Crustacea
  2. Under Surveillance
  3. Nothing More Deceptive
  4. To Witch He Replied
  5. Sauriangate
  6. Dinosaurs? Really?
  7. Whatever Happened To Paladin Kelovath?
  8. Saurian Dignitaries
  9. Serious Accusation‎
  10. Kingsguard to Queen's Caravan
  11. Heartbroken? I Know A Guy For That‎
  12. All's Fair in Love and War‎
  13. Heroes of Diplomacy
  14. Forgive Maureen
  15. The North Remembers
  16. Respect My Authority!
  17. This War Is A Mistake
  18. A Time To Rend, A Time To Sew
  19. A View from the Gallery
  20. The Enemy of My Estranged Business Partner...
  21. The Apple of My Eye is Madness
  22. Two Former Sheriffs
  23. Memory Magic
  24. Battle for the Bridge

Chapter 9

  1. Prince of the Blood, Prince of Guilt
  2. Rendezvous
  3. An Alliance Through Marriage
  4. That's Right
  5. Sorrow's Pilgrims
  6. In the Pale Moonlight
  7. Reviving the Bridge
  8. Pulling A Hureig(TM)
  9. Cold Lazarus
  10. Oathkeepers
  11. The Wars of Our Youth
  12. Dresses and Diplomacy
  13. Denial
  14. On Witches
  15. Royal Wedding Off the Scale!