Arc:Welcome To The End Of Eras

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Arc Runner: Kasyr, Iintahquohae (others TBD later)

An abdicated King returns to a home in disarray, forced to confront faults that had long gone unchecked - And to seek out allies who might be able to restore the stability the dead city once enjoyed.

πŸ’€ Chapter 1: Done My Time And Served My Sentence, Dress Me Up And Watch Me Die πŸ’€

Restored to the monster he once was, Kasyr Azakhaer is forced to confront the aftermath of both his actions and inactions- and the judgement of his allies as an old ruthlessness takes hold.

πŸ‘» Chapter 2: Dynasty Decapitated, You Just Might See A Ghost Tonight πŸ‘»

Faced with a city in Turmoil, the Swordsman begins to seek out allies- even as the situation worsens.

πŸ‘‘ Chapter 3: Heroes always get remembered, But you know legends never die πŸ‘‘

The city burns in the wake of Caluss' Demise, fresh troubles brewing internally and otherwise.

πŸ”₯ Chapter 4: Oh yeah, the crown, So close I can taste it πŸ”₯

As demagogue-stoked dissent continues to burgeon, and alliances turn sharply to allegiances- a ruler is left reeling.