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Located through a portal between Kelay and Cenril, Vailkrin is a city of perpetual darkness. It's a place where daylight only brings a pale glow to the land, thanks to varius enchantments and curses that have accumulated in the area over time. Often referred to as the "City of the Dead", Vailkrin is home to the undead races of Lithrydel. Many of these inhabitants are drawn to the city after death because of the concentration of dark energies there--or in some cases, they were raised there due to the city's high population of necromancers. Vampires are one of the more common sub-species of undead within the city, for similar reasons.

Recent Events

  • August 25
    • In a show of peace and unity, House Nasar welcomes all to Vailkrin for an evening of anonymity and revelry. Join the Houses of Vailkrin in appreciating the finer things in life (and death) for a masquerade dinner. Celebrate the beauty of romance by taking part in our Shipping Contest (based on entry post), where we make the matches for you. Disclaimer: Due to the nature of the contest and the anonymity of the masquerade, we cannot guarantee the winning pair will get along. For this reason, there is to be no violence that night.
    • September 15th, 2019 at 6PM EST, Great Hall of Vailkrin

Maps of Vailkrin

Geographical Areas of Vailkrin

Dark Forest

Settlements in Vailkrin

Settlment Name Main Race
Vailkrin Vampires & Undead

Shops in Vailkrin

(All directions from Kelay Tavern)

Shop Name Goods Sold
Ikara's Shop Clothes
Maya's Shop Clothes
Slave Market Abandoned. Pets
Vailkrin Armory Armor
Vailkrin Weaponry Weapons
Vailkrin Freak & Pet Store Pets
Hanging Corpse Tavern Food & Drink
Necromancy and General Magic Supplies Weapons & Armor
The Body Shop Clothes

Training Areas in Vailrkin

Training Area Name Class that Uses the Area
Death Cult Temple Necromancer & Death Knight

Economic Areas in Vailkrin

Initially Vailkrin's main street, Hemlock Way, included the main shopping district, and still hosts the Vailkrin Armory and Magic Supplies, as well as the Arena. The Northern area of the city used to be occupied by a slave market, however in present times the cheaper labour of undead beings has decreased demand for living slaves and run the market out of business. Nightshade Avenue looks to contend with more established markets and businesses as specialised shops have been springing up along the Southern district.

Political Information Vailkrin

Currently Vailkrin is in a state of chaos, unrest, and civil war. Without clear leadership, the Vampire aristocracy has begun to vie for power, and either stand alone or work together to gain any scraps they can. Regardless, the city itself has lost much of its former safety.

The undead still seem to stand as they always have, under their form of socialism and eagerly waiting for the end of civil war. Though even they may be dragged into the fight soon, and every street skirmish threatens to do just that.

Previously, Vailkrin was ruled by Lord Kasyr Azakhaer and Redhale. During their rule the vampire aristocrats formed a sort of council beneath Kasyr, to better the interests of themselves and others. However, Lord Kasyr Azakhaer abdicated his throne and formally backed Lady Larewen Dragana upon his departure--though whether or not he still backs the madwoman is a different matter altogether.

Before Kasyr, the city had been a Bureaucratic Theocracy under the rule of Ginger con Snapdragon until she died, with the patron deities being Astrala and the enigmatic bovine, Daisy.

Earlier the city had been part of a Monarchy ruled by the Lich Queen Ryeanna Drakenheart. Vailkrin has been claimed several times as part of the Empire of Archmosia. Although after the departure of Queen Ryeanna many citizens would classify these occurrences as military occupations rather than recognised governance.

Local Government Buildings:

The traditional centre of government in Vailkrin has been the graveyard to the south of the city, which continues to be an important area to the governing body. The Necropolis in the centre of the graveyard, as well as the Black Library beneath it, serves as an important building for the government. Also in the graveyard is the new Temple of Vakmatharas, which is important both to faith and politics due to the spiritual nature of the city's government.

The Black Citadel to the North of the city was used as a seat of power during Queen Ryeanna's reign and while the city was part of the Archmosian Empire, though later fell into disuse. It was also occupied for a time, by a vampire supremacy group during a violent civil conflict.

The Hanging Corpse Tavern on Hemlock Way has long been a meeting place for various dissident groups. Notably The Eldritch Cabal while under the leadership of Joliette Thorne during Ginger con Snapdragon's time in office, as well as the Torchlight Rebels during Archmosian reign. During these current leaderless times, a secret organization has begun to plot nefarious deeds somewhere within.

Other places of note in Vailkrin

Area of Note Function
Path into the Earth Entrance to the Underdark


The founding of Vailkrin is not well known, though it is thought to be one of the newer settlements of the land. Its lack of records probably stems from the fact that the vast majority of its citizens are immigrants, coming to the city only after their death. It is likely that Vailkrin existed as a small settlement of living beings before being overcome either by a wandering horde of lost undead or by an increase in practicing necromancers leading to a cataclysmic shift of population ratio.

Due to its dark energies the city has attracted much violence in the past, and several major battles have been fought within the city itself, only further fueling the dark nature of the land. Past battles include a clash between the dark immortals, lead by Khasad, against surface defenders including Lionel and Alexander, as well as various battles during the undead wars. More recently it has seen bloodshed under the rule of the Archmosian Empire and during a brief civil conflict following the death of Ginger con Snapdragon.

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