Arc:The Seven Sins of Sagittae

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Once considered a master thief, Seteth -- surname unknown -- is a lad of a mere nineteen years dispatched to Lithrydel by a league of wealthy and power-hungry barons. The barons, led by Alm, successfully captured young Seteth and shackled him with magical cuffs designed to demand his utmost obedience. Their orders? The boy must locate and steal seven crystals said to exist within Lithrydel by ancient scrolls written in his homeland of Amyra half a world away. With no one to turn to but those whose friendships and alliances he forges in a strange new land, this prisoner to the whims and fancies of evil men must hope his long-gone lucky streak returns -- or it's his head on the chopping block. But neither Seteth nor his Lithrydelian cohorts have any idea just how dangerous these sought-after crystals truly are! Will the coming of the crystals spell doom to the world? Or can a rogues gallery of antiheroes outwit their foes and herald something greater?

Chapter One: A Glimmer in Her Mismatched Eyes

  1. A Head Start
  2. The Macabre
  3. Networking
  4. Time and Intrigue
  5. Of Bats and Spiders
  6. Enchantment's Snowflake Soiree
  7. Subterfuge Sentimental
  8. The Patchwork Thief
  9. The Manservant and the Madam Songstress
  10. A Novel Approach
  11. The Glimmer Becomes A Glance
  12. Chaos Unto the Natural Order
  13. Massacre of the Mind

Chapter Two: The Hourglass

  1. A Memory of Light
  2. The Cancellation-Spawned Impromptu Series Finale