Arc:What Dreams May Come

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Fire-caught and Into the Flame

A realm imperiled. A woman burned. And a barrier that holds the forces of evil at bay. She was murdered at the stake by Larket’s King Macon and Queen Josleen. She was a revolutionary to some -- and a terrorist to others. She was a witch and her name was Valrae. In death she ignited the passions of hope and courage in those brave souls who defend Lithrydel. But what could she have accomplished if the gods were not so cruel? As Cenril’s protection against Kahran wanes, Valrae’s fellow witches conspire to restore her body and soul so that she might stand against her foes anew. Be they crowned monarchs or madmen from beyond the veil, they will never see her coming.

Burning Low

In the months since Valrae’s death, the uprising in Larket has reached something of a standstill. Yet as a result of her passing, awareness of her struggle -- and the struggles of her peers -- has reached a fever pitch across the realm. Using the very flames that executed Valrae, Frostmaw’s Queen Hildegarde publicly destroyed the peace treaty between her city and Macon’s, and Cenril’s Mayor Uma has made visible concessions to bring as many witches into her refuge as she can muster. Many of these witches have joined Lionel’s fragile alliance in the war with Kahran. And many of them harbor lingering resentment toward Larketian transgression.

Now, Cenril’s magical barrier, which wards off further invasion efforts by Kahran, is weakening. Uma has determined that Valrae must be returned to life, no matter the cost, if her city is to survive much longer. Perhaps the gods’ cruelty is slowly churning toward kindness, for while on a mission against Kahran’s forces Lionel has recently been gifted a crystal skull which Uma believes shall play a vital role in any attempted resurrection.

But there are other skulls, six in total, and they must be found. The finders shall hail from all walks of life -- and they’ll need to unite with Uma if there is hope to be had for Valrae. Her husband, imprisoned for crimes of his distant past, will never hold the hope of seeing her restored. The hunt is on for ancient witchcraft as Cenril’s time runs perilously short. Will these heroes restore a scorned woman to life? And if they do, can she live up to the legend her martyrdom has begun to create? The hourglass turns...

Part One: Ashes and Embers

  1. Point of No Return
  2. Worthy of Survival
  3. The Atrocities Catch Up
  4. Doubt Truth To Be A Liar
  5. For A Charm Of Powerful Trouble
  6. Yet You See Me
  7. What's Done Can Be Undone
  8. Dulcinea
  9. Empty

Part Two: Slings and Arrows

  1. Belly of the Beast
  2. Once Upon a Skull
  3. Full Floral Alchemist
  4. You're A Witch, Callum
  5. Someone to Watch Over Me
  6. Bring with thee Birds of Heaven or Wolves of Hell
  7. A Vigil Grey and Haunted
  8. The Stars Are Fire
  9. Ladies of the Lake

Part Three: All Sins Remembered

  1. Threads
  2. Doubt The Sun Doth Move
  3. Thy Life's a Miracle
  4. It's Just a Seance
  5. House of the Soul
  6. Collusion

The End: Traveler's Return

This Mortal Coil

List of Six Skulls


Uma: Responsible for seedless grapes and the spell that summoned a barrier around the city of Cenril the night of the massacre on the SS Turnt. Widow of Fitz Johnson and now Cenril's mayor-elect. Stepping out of her late husband's shadow, she has proven herself politically capable and a cunning strategist. She voiced fears that the power of Cenril's magical barrier is weakening and that it may soon fall without the aid of a witch from beyond this mortal coil.

Joanie: An attractive older woman employed as Hudson's personal assistant. One of the witches who helped cast the barrier spell. Valrae's former manager and Larket coven elder. Officiant of her hand-fasting ceremony.

Maude: The matronly woman looking after Valrae's home in the wake of her death and her husband's sudden arrest. Speaks very little common.

Asa: Rumored to be the oldest living witch of Lithrydel, Asa was the crone that lead the ritual to return Valrae to the land of the living. She was murdered by Larketian hands for her efforts.