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A charming and extroverted bardess that knows more than she lets on.


Name: Kanna 
Age: 27
Birth Date: May 17th ♉
Gender: Cisgender female
Race: Human...?
Height / Weight: 5'1" (154 cm) / 133 lbs (60 kg)
Hair Color: Pale silver, an unfortunate side effect from being cursed with undeath for three years
Eye Color: Cornflower blue
Class: Bardic Botanist
Occupation: Freelance Musician and Crafter, Botanist/Poisons Consulting for Hire
Specialty: Voice | Thirteen-stringed zither | Poisons and Potions
Guild: Bard's Guild
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Origin: Off-Hollow
Status: Nomad
Relationship Status: None



Full Name: Kanna Tsuji
Title: Miss
Nicknames: Girl | Harbinger of Comedy
Gender: Female
Real Age: Twenty-eight
Blood Type: B+
Preferred Hand: Ambidextrous


Birthplace: Ikari, a small island town located ENE of Cenril / SSW of Rynvale [DOES NOT EXIST IN-GAME]
Family: Kaaname Tsuji (father, estranged) | Karasu (half-sister, estranged)
Current Residence: None
Friends: Valrae | Khitti | Lanlan | Quintessa | Magik | Leralynn | Meri | Bradyn (to his dismay) |Ernest | Orion |
Old Friends She Hopes Are Doing Well: Celaeno | Oline | Ranok | Zahrani | Meilani | Ihrakah | Orikahn (has not seen him since he almost killed her) |
Enemies: None
Lovers: None
Marital Status: Never married
Usako, an unusual bunny that clings to her like a shy child when other people are around.
Discovered and taken in under the crystal caverns of Enchantment when recovering a stolen item for the Bard's Guild.
Tempo, a shapeshifting love bug that retains the form of a carved, wooden treble clef with monarch butterfly wings on either side. Whistles love songs.
Gifted to her by an intoxicated tournament announcer who seemed content that the bug took a liking to Kanna.
Amante, an incandescently furred russet wolf that may or may not set things on fire if it becomes too excited or agitated. Protective of his human. Currently being housed by her sister-in-law.
Rescued by a very begrudging bystander from a wildfire who wanted little else to do with the beast.
Gumdrop, an orphaned badger kit found in her first days on Lithrydel. Was released back into the wild when it grew to maturity.


Face Type: Round
Skin Tone: A pale, slightly golden color such as wheat or sand, with coral undertones.
Complexion: Soft tan and brown freckles dot her cheeks, nose, and shoulders.
Eye Color: Blue -- A shade resembling cornflowers or paled sapphires.
Hair Color: Silvery-white, often appearing as a pale teal when in the moonlight.
Hairstyle: 2C type | Usually let loose, or with two locks of curls on either side of her head pulled back into a gold-colored ribbon. High ponytail in the summer. Choppy bangs.
Body Type: Endomorph
Build: Proportionally short all over, has a rounded hourglass shape to go with her round face.
Height: Stands at 5'1" without her boots
Weight: About 130lbs
Notable Scars:
  • On her upper left thigh is a garter belt. The belt itself is a standard five-bar stave used in sheet music, with six measures of a song. On the front of her thigh where the music ends and begins is a pink ribbon with a treble-clef on the knot of the bow. Designed and placed by Meri during Kanna's second Titans of Winter Tournament.


The Life of a Bard
Wanting to be a musician like the women in her family before her, Kanna became a self-taught bard to enhance her musical performances. While she was homeless, Kanna learned that bardic magic came in plenty handy of getting out of troublesome situations as well. Her proficiency with illusion, divination, and enchantment cantrips and spells is second-nature.
As far as the more non-magical traits of a bard, Kanna writes her own songs and can play various instruments. She has no artistic ability, and only knows simple dances. She is, perhaps unsurprisingly to those who know her true nature, an excellent actress. Her acting makes her an excellent agent and thespian. Given her newfound research into necromancy, Kanna can sometimes be found altering poisons and herbs to produce more effective mixtures for sore vocal chords.


Jack of All Trades, Master of None
Having found some semblance of a place to return home to in Vailkrin, Kanna has busied herself with various projects now that the majority of her days are not spent traveling by foot between cities. A perk of her former undeath was her penchant for research during periods when she would have otherwise been traveling or resting. Spending many nights in various libraries allowed her the time to create the following:
Head Armor


Notable Equipment

Weapons of Choice

Offensive Spells

Song of Fascination
[no instrument required / arcane manipulation / psychological]
A new song discovered once the God of the Undead converted her, this spell works to render targets immobile. At best, she can currently target two persons at once while concentrating.
Song of Pain
[instrument cast / arcane manipulation / air damage]
Every plucked string from her fingers is received like pointed daggers scraping away at the innermost eardrums, threatening to rip its way into the brain and carve out the inside of the skull. This form of soundwave amplification, combined with an aeromanipulation of pressure in the head, usually drives the target to self-harm and/or suicide. The effects will stop almost immediately if her song is interrupted; pressure will stabilize.
Song of Pursuit
[instrument cast / arcane manipulation / air damage]
Another attack of soundwave manipulation; this cannot target one person specifically how Song of Pain can. This song releases a blast of sound waves that will ricochet off of walls (though becoming weaker with each subsequent) to seek heavily concussive force on anything in its path. It's largest limitation is that once produced, the waves cannot be controlled in direction nor target. Collateral damage is inevitable.
Song of Death
[no instrument required / divine manipulation / nature damage]
All that carry the gift of the bard manifest this song in different ways, all very different, and unable to be taught. Taking pity on a child on the run from men with ill intention, the kiss of a dryad was meant to give her power to raise a barrier of foliage, that was all. Her fear took that magic and weaponized it instead. If you were to see the bodies impaled on twisting tree branches and roots, then you would know the effect is grisly. Use of this spell requires considerable stamina.

Supportive Spells

Song of Health
[instrument cast / magic type usage unknown]
This type of healing magic may or may not work differently from others with healing ability. Magic is used, but not to render wounds as if they had never been; the magic used here uses her own energy to accelerate the target's natural repair process. This spell is inversely connected to the Song of Rest for some reason. Use of this spell on others will put Kanna to sleep since her energy is not going back to her own body. If used on herself (the difference being whether an instrument is used or not), this spell becomes the Song of Rest for anyone else around.
Song of Rest
[no instrument required / magic type usage unknown]
Not exactly a healing spell, but it does provide support to those suffering from the worst of insomnia or anxieties. Should only be ineffective in battle if the opposing character is a race not physically capable of sleep. Characters who sleep infrequently but are still capable of sleep may become drowsy. Inversely related to the Song of Health.
Song of Shelter
[no instrument required / divine manipulation / nature magic]
The originally intended gift from a dryad met long ago, this spell will manipulate any nearby flora to make their way to Kanna and create a dome-like barrier around her. Usually, it consists of dampened tree roots, making it somewhat resistant to fire. As of now, the shelter can hold only a few people at once, and they must be in immediate range of her.

Other Spells

Song of Compulsion
[no instrument required / magic type usage unknown]
It is unknown even to Kanna how she acquired this power, whether it manifested while she was under the control of Alithyk Caluss or if her display of power at his death unlocked it. When directly touching another person, she can issue a single command for them to follow. Depending on the willpower of the person being compelled, it could fail, but so far, she has been able to compel a guardsman to admit to his infidelity to his spouse, despite him coming back to get even once the spell wore off.


Much of Kanna's past is a mystery, even to those she is closest to. Others might know her past very well.

The bardess often, though unknowingly, references the fact that she has been a vagrant almost her whole life. She has recently confirmed that she never attended a real school before, and that her reading and writing was mostly self-taught.

If you stop a citizen of Cenril to ask, they may confirm that they saw or heard of the day she arrived on a cargo ship. Notably, it was memorable because the ship's captain had been purple in the face with fury that a woman had managed to stowaway under his watchful eye. Even stranger, when the captain emerged from the hull from confronting the 'criminal', he assisted her off the ship, and remarked that she was such a lovely child.

Out of Character

Name: Slim Shady
Birth Date: September 1st ♍ 
Alignment: True Neutral
MBTI Personality Type: INTP
Enneagram: The Loyalist, wings of The Investigator
Discord: Available upon request-- display name changes often

OOC Notes: At this time, Kanna is the leader of the Bard's Guild and an area leader, but I am still in the process of justifying Kanna obtaining the position ICly because my insecurity won't allow for anything else. Please be patient with me.