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Basic Info

  • Surname - Amarth (Not their real last name).
    • Secondborn child of House Vasile.
  • Age - Seemingly in their mid to late twenties;likely much older than that.
  • Gender - Agender/Nonbinary [Please use the singular they/them/their when referring to Lhyrin.]
  • Race - Elder Vampire / Forsaken Elf.
  • Class - Dark Ranger.
  • Religion - Dedicated to Vakmathras.
  • Homeland - Vhys.
  • Alignment - Floating somewhere between chaotic neutral and lawful evil. It depends on the situation. Day. Week. Month. Moon phase. Alignment of the planets.
  • Physical Attributes -- Stormy grey eyes. Gaunt, rigid features. Lanky. Towers somewhat over other elves [6'2"]. Sleek black hair. Already having been pale enough to be confused for an undead before their siring, now that they -are- an undead, their skintone seems to have taken on a bluish tint unless the vampire has recently fed. Several nose, ear, and lip piercings all done by themselves. Dresses in black leather, with a bit of green here and there. Occasionally, they'll dress in the colors of Vhys when not on the hunt.
    • Tattoos
      • Serpent Of Vakmatharas: A black-necked spitting cobra with a silver belly and ruby eyes (that matches the Vakmatharas skull tattoo's eyes) and stars dotted along it here and there to make it look like a constellation come to life. Inked by Leoxander.
      • Mark Of Vakmatharas: The traditional symbol of Vakmatharas, a skull with red eyes and crossed branches of yew and willow beneath it. With this particular instance of the symbol, the red eyes are made to look like rubies. Inked by Lita.
  • Personality - Cruel, sharp-tongued, aloof, prone to anger, will not hesitate to shoot you.
  • Proficiencies --
    • Archery [prefers to use a bow, as well as arrows, made of yew wood]
    • Minor Necromancy [can raise small creatures only]
    • Minor Shadow Magic [to aid with stealthing]
    • Poison-making [used mostly to coat weapons, but can certainly be used in other ways]
  • Professions
    • Serial killer
    • Treasure-seeker [For the Maharans.]
    • Leatherworking [Only dabbles at the moment.]
    • Speciality Culinarian [Spoilers: it's people.]
      • Inedible Classes
        • Paladins [Holy magic is a little too spicy now.]
        • Priests/Clerics [Ditto.]
      • Inedible Races
        • Dragons [Long dragon naps and long age does not make for decent meat. Dragon's blood is also spicy now.]
        • Forsaken Elves [No interest in eating their own kind.]
        • Lycans [Used to eat, but has since lost the taste for.]
        • Undead [Ew.]
        • Fermin [Tastes like garbage and sewage. Never again.]
        • High Elves [Far too lean. Tastes like narcissism.]
      • Prefered Edible Classes
        • Mages [The arcane magic provides them with a nice after-meal high.]
        • Witches/Druids [Their connection to nature gives their meat nice, earthy notes and pairs well with citrus.]
      • Prefered Edible Races
        • Humans [A wide variety of tastes and textures.]
        • Half-elf [The taste and texture of a human, with the lean-ness of an elf.]
        • Jersher [Spicy roasted frog legs. *chef's kiss*]
        • Faefolk [Usually an appetizer. Fae dust is great as a spice.]

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