Arc:Silver Oaths Unrelenting

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After Hildegarde the Silver was made a knight of Frostmaw, and undertook a personal quest, she has devoted herself to the City of War. With her band of loyal men, the Silver has sought out Frostmaw's enemies, the exiled Frost Giants, in hopes of ending their threats.

"A good knight is like a good sword. The one the knight serves is the wielder of that sword. But only a fool simply -uses- a blade. To only use the blade means it will grow pitted, rusted, and brittle, eventually it will shatter in your grasp when you need it most. No, a good sword should be handled with care, it must be cherished and honored, it should not be bathed always in blood, you must entrust your life behind the strength of its edge. A sword treated as such will never betray you, it will strike true until the end. A knight is like a good sword: not a tool, but rather a part of you. And Hildegarde is a very good knight indeed." -Satoshi, on summarizing Hildegarde