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An "NPC" or "Non Player Character" is a character that holds some general position within the game, but is not independently played by a human Player. It is generally assumed that even though this character's actions are not being constantly posted, they are going about their general tasks with relative diligence as if they were in fact reacting to the events which they witness. Common NPCs within Hollow include Bartenders, Waitresses, Shop Keepers, Weapon/Armor Smiths, Secretaries, Guards, Gods/Demigods and Political leaders in various positions; though an NPC could theoretically include a figure of any possible race, class, or job title. Generally the actions of an NPC do not seriously influence other's RP unless the NPC's actions are specifically directed by an Admin. NPCs can not generally be killed by a Player unless that player "owns" the NPC such as an NPC purchased for a player owned shop or house.

When uploading an NPC, use the NPCprofile template.

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