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This Page has been marked as a NPC Profile.

This page describes an NPC character that is a part of Mage's Guild . You may use it in your RP freely. If you have any questions about the character, please ask Tiphareth .


  • Name: Foreza Ferinno
  • Gender: Male
  • Homeland: Xalious
  • Position of Note: Guardian of the Mage's Guild Headquarters.
  • Relationship with the Mage's Guild: Since Inception.

Information on Foreza

Foreza Ferinno joined the Mage's Guild at the origin of its development, the talented battle mage eager to utilize his arcane skills to punish those who sought out magical secrets without due diligence. Foreza guards the entrance to the guild Headquarters and ensures no unauthorized entry to the facility. Quite talented in summoning, transmutation, and various elemental magics, he can ensure the safety of the Headquarters from nearly all but a divine force.