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An ill-mannered chef that takes his culinary skills to a hellish level. He's often shouting obscenities, wearing a grimace, and has been known to resort to violence if a dish isn't prepared to his liking. However, should one wish to host an event, Gordyn Whamsey is an absolute 'must' as his cooking is unrivaled. His only fear is the Michellin Inspector.

Name: Gordyn Whamsey

Age: 53

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 185 lbs.

Hair: Short, blonde, somewhat unkempt.

Eyes: Bright blue, often glaring at his line cooks.

Attire: Often donning a white apron, chef's hat, and comfortable loafers with skid-resistant soles.

Race: Human - Some claim he is immortal.

Class: Culinary Artist

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