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  • Name: Andurla Caula
  • Gender: Female
  • Homeland: Yostdale
  • Position of Note: Private physician for Yostdale's Royal Family
  • Relationship with Larket: 1 1/2 Years

Information on Andurla

Andurla Caula became affiliated with the city of Larket by way of trade. A vital plant found only in a few places, one of which being Larket's Eternal Forest, was delivered to Yostdale and tagged with the seal of Larket to signify its location of origin. Curious as to this unknown location, Andurla began to study up on Lithrydel as a whole and more specifically on the city of Larket. After exchanging correspondence with the Queen for a brief period she decided to offer herself up to become a patron of Larket. Killed by Macon Jauzon.