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This page describes an NPC character that is a part of Frostmaw . You may use it in your RP freely. If you have any questions about the character, please ask Hildegarde .

This is an NPC created by and belonging to Redovian and Satoshi, it is not for free use at this time, but if you wish to interact with it, you can request an RP. This NPC is the lead antagonist of the Exiles in Frostmaw.


  • Name: Hrathgar Kinslayer
  • Species: Frost Giant Winter Lich
  • Status: Exiled for high crimes, former General of the Frostmaw Legion
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 26'3
  • Weight: Pretty damn heavy, considerably moreso in full plate armor
  • Present Location: Frostmaw Hunting Grounds, in the Exile Camp


Some quick notes:

  • Exceptionally large giant
  • Pale blond hair, blue eyes, and rough, thick skin typical of Frost Giants
  • Missing his left eye
  • Covered in numerous scars from the wars he has fought in
  • Exiled from Frostmaw for crimes not be stated in the records (as he carries the title "Kinslayer", it is assumed he slew his father and family, one of Frostmaw's most cowardly crimes)
  • Garbed in heavy plated armor of excellent quality, especially for an Exile, is never seen without his horned helmet


Some quick notes:

  • A talented and loved general of Frostmaw
  • Strayed from the path of Aramoth, lured by Vakmatharas' call, became a Death Knight
  • Became an exile after committing heinous crimes, fled when offered traditional Trial by Combat
  • Banded with other exiles, easily becoming their leader
  • Pacted with the Ice Devils, and possibly worse
  • Led a raiding party on Frostmaw, was defeated by Redovian, Satoshi, Victor, and other participants
  • Suffered what should have been a fatal wound in the raid on Frostmaw, but his body was never recovered, after it disappeared in a whirlwind of ice and blue flames
  • Spent the following year planning his revenge...


  1. Crimson Snow