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This page describes an NPC character that is a part of Devout's Guild . You may use it in your RP freely. If you have any questions about the character, please ask Khitti .


  • Name: Andei Naath
  • Gender: Female
  • Race: Dwarf
  • Homeland: Craughmoyle
  • Position of Note: Member of the Devout’s Guild, serving both as the guild’s personal blacksmith and well as battle-priestess of Loda.
  • Chosen Deity: Loda

Information on Andei

Andei was one of few people in the world that knew exactly what she wanted to be when she grew up. Having a fascination for magic and blacksmithing in Craughmoyle, it was clear from the beginning that she would serve as one of Loda’s followers. The problem? Andei was not gifted from birth with magic. The dwarf struggled as she walked her destined path, clashing with both religious and tradeskill teachers alike, and constantly told she’d never make it in the world of magical blacksmithing. But, with a big heart, an even bigger attitude, and a hell of a lot of dwarven stubbornness, Andei succeeded and can be found spending most of her time in Craughmoyle’s Temple of Loda, slaving away over a hot forge or anvil, providing for not only the Devout’s Guild, but anyone else that wishes to buy superior quality magical items.