NPC:Lord Albery Close

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Lord Albery of Tellery Close, Esq.
Name: Albery Close
Title: Lord of Tellery Close, Esquire
Gender: Somewhat androgynous in feature, but deep of voice
Race: Unknown, humanoid
Homeland: Tellery Close ... wherever that is


Shrewd and calculating, reticent although at times elegant, smooth. It doesn't take a genius to pick up on the nuances of his personality that betray his no-doubt noble upbringing, however mysterious it might be.


While no one seems to know precisely where Tellery Close is on a map, and he doesn't seem inclined to reveal such details, Lord Albery has been spotted in and around Cenril and Vailkrin.

Lord Close runs Bread for the Birds, a privately-funded institution headquartered in Kelay dedicated to providing social services to in-need communities throughout Lithrydel.