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Description: A popular boy band in Lithrydel who rival the Backstreet Bards. They are known for their choreographed performances to catchy pop songs which include such hits as “Hi, Hi, Hi”, “It’s Going to Be I”, and “I Want You to Return”. There are currently rumors floating around the lands that the lead singer is looking to branch out on a solo career, but for now they continue to perform as a group.

Justyn Woodlake:

  • Curly, Dirty Blond Hair / Blue Eyes / Goatee
  • Human
  • Lead Singer
  • Rumored to have dated the famous solo bard, Brittany Swords.

Jaycee Chardonnay:

  • Dark Brown Hair / Blue Eyes
  • Elf
  • Main Back-Up Singer / Pianist / Guitarist

Lynce Trout:

  • Blond Hair / Green Eyes
  • Human
  • Back-Up Singer (Bass) / Pianist
  • Has an interest in space exploration.

Jimmy Skinnytwo:

  • Brown Hair / Brown Eyes / Facial Hair
  • Lycan
  • Back-Up Singer / Choreographer
  • Owns a food stall.

Kris Curtpatrice:

  • Black Hair / Brown Eyes
  • Half Elf
  • Back-Up Singer (Tenor)

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