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This page describes an NPC character that is a part of Larket . You may use it in your RP freely. If you have any questions about the character, please ask Jacklin .


  • Name: Vi Laracal
  • Gender: Female
  • Homeland: Moarmarsh
  • Position of Note: Town Jeweler.
  • Relationship with Larket: 1 year.

Information on Vi

Vi Laracal happened by Larket through none other than trade. A few shipments of rubies from the Xalious mines were delivered via Cenril to the Moarmarsh ships and one of the laborers happened to be a son of Larket. Vi being a more friendly female, she bought the young boy a drink and he proceeded to speak proudly of the town and its people. Vi, of course, visited the town promptly and finding some sort of worth there decided to 'gift' the town with her presence as council member and patron.