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Name Alex Nailo, the Feline warrior

Age 19 (in human years)

class Warrior

race Feline

Background Alex's home was in the mountians. His tribe was wiped out by a band of drows and he was found by a half-elf, who raised him as his own son. He trained as a warrior and tried for the Kights and paladines tests only to fail due to his lack of control. He relies on his animal instinks and his scence of honor in battle. He still trains using taverns as homes and traveling the lands to fight those who would harm those that are weaker than themselves. He calls himself the feline warrior, due to the fact he wants to be known as nothing else. He keeps Vixen the fox with him to remind him of an oath he took to protect the weak and to keep others safe. Always eager to fight he hold no gruge with the drows. He deems that women and children to be protected even if he saw that they can protect themselves. He was never very bright but he tries to live a wise life.

His code of honor

He never attacks a woman unless she attacks him fisrt or attacks his fox. He never strikes from behind an opponent. He never attacks on the blind side of an opponent. He keeps his blade sheathed in the presence of clan or guild leaders that earned his respect. He treats children with care depending on the situation. (war situation defends the kid till their safe.)