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Race Rules
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Official Races of Hollow

Good Races of Hollow: Centaur - Dwarf - Dryad - Elf - Feline - High Elf - Jersher - Minotaur
Neutral/Non-Aligned Races of Hollow: Avian - Draconian - Dragon - Giant - Gnome - Half Elf - Hobbit - Human - Pixie - Seaborn - Troll
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Seaborn Profile

Life Expectancy: 250 - 6000+ years.
Homeland: The waters between Rynvale Island and Cenril
Average Height: Varies
Average Weight: Varies (calculator)
Preferred Classes: Bard, Thief, Mage
Classes this race can be: Race-Class Table
Preferred Weapons: Allure, Brute strength
Aggression Level: Extremely Aggressive
Intelligence Level: Medium
Magic Rating: Medium
Strength Rating: Varies
Weak Against: Fire, Intellectual Cunning
Strong Against: Enchantment, Water magic, Physical attack
Related Races: Human, Dragon
Allied Races: None
Enemy Races: All

The Seaborn live in the waters between Rynvale and Cenril. They've lived there undiscovered and unmolested for centuries, throughout much of Hollow's history. They have chosen to remain, for the most part, invisible to the humans who traverse the waters in which they thrive ... until now.

Seaborn Physiology

Seaborn creatures generally fall into one of the following species:

Vicious creatures, mermaids lure their prey by their beauty and innocence. In a realm of beautiful creatures, few would argue that mermaids are one of the most heart-achingly beautiful creatures the world has ever seen. And they are well-aware of their beauty. Mermaids are incredibly vain. It is one of their few weaknesses. Seasoned sailors are able to resist their charms (be it song or beauty), but those encountering a mermaid for the very first time are frequently so spellbound by their very presence, they almost willingly become the creatures’ victims.

Mermaids have sharp teeth and fingernails which they use to attack their prey. They are very mercurial in mood, and they are almost cat-like in nature with how they toy with their prey. Mermaids can hail from anywhere in the water, and it is possible to tell where a mermaid is from by her coloring. Mermaids with pale skin and dark tails hail from the deep waters in the Rynvallian Sea, while mermaids with lighter-colored tails, such as gold or silver, are found in the more coastal areas, though they have been careful not to be spotted by outside forces. Some mermaids with more technicolor tails are from particular subspecies of local coral, so while they may be unfamiliar to the average observer, the sea born would be able to pinpoint her homeland with a great deal of accuracy.

Currently, mermaids do not possess the magic required to be able to walk on land or be out of the water for any length of time. If they are removed from water, within hours, they will begin to shrivel away, though this condition can be reversed with immediate submersion.

Krakens are the great protectors of the seas. They are immense in size, almost immeasurable, and no two krakens are alike. Due to their great power and size, there are few krakens that share the Rynvallian sea due to the ocean’s limitations. To prevent disputes, the krakens do not claim any one area of the sea but roam where they will. Due to their revered age, along with their saurian cousins, krakens are exceptionally intelligent. They respect each other, and they defer to one another’s wishes. Sometimes a kraken may sanction a ship to pass unmolested through a particular body of water; other krakens are bound to this promise even though it has been issued by another.

Some, but not all krakens can assume a different shape, though it is with some difficulty that they undertake the transition. The transition frequently takes hours. It is never done quickly and requires a great deal of effort. Most krakens choose the human shape as it is the one with which they are most familiar in their encounters. In order to shift from a shape that is not their own back to that of a kraken, the kraken is required to be completely submerged throughout the entire transition. They are strong against all races and all manner of attacks, except fire. Krakens cannot fly, nor can they come ashore without shifting.

When a selkie assumes a humanoid form, they are equivalent to the average human height while having an athletic and sinewy build. The majority of selkies sport dark hair and large dark almost puppy-dog like eyes in addition to rather fair skin. While in human form, all selkies have rough and callused hands regardless of any occupation or lack thereof which serves as a tell-tale indicator of who might really be a selkie. While amicable and friendly, most selkies have a curious nature although they are wary about coming to land for too long in the fear that someone will find their seal-skin pelt and keep it: forcing the selkie to live on land and forever wish for a home they cannot return to.

All selkies have a natural love for their ocean home and devoted to the protections and preservation of all marine life, habitats and precious resources/relics. The selkies pride themselves on never taking more than is necessary; using every inch of what they do take in order to avoid being wasteful. Though they can be skittish, they are generally warm, kind and playful: just as seals can be. Yet with the local legends and rumours that surround them, they are wary of the two-legged folk who dwell on land as they know the wealth that can be made from their precious and magical seal-skin pelts. Although they regard those in land with healthy suspicion, the male selkies are given a little more freedom than the womenfolk.

Unlike the selkies, kelpies are seen as devious and dark creatures. While they assume a horse form and look like graceful, even noble beasts, they can never be tamed. The water horses always wear a bridle made of silver and when they lose their bridle, they are forced to remain in human form. Some rumours suggest that kelpies retain their hooves while in human form, but some would say that’s only a myth. The kelpies are, however, usually lean and dark haired with dark and cruel eyes; looking as though they are always scowling at something.

It is not uncommon to see kelpies on their own or to survive without the help of a group, as they can often be solitary creatures given their wild tempers and mean streaks. In their most natural of shapes, their hooves are reversed in comparison to a regular horse. Though it does not seem to impede their movement, as they are agile in the water. Unlike the selkies, they are cold and calculating: quick to anger and slow to calm. They would likely slay any who stood in their path.

Uyeer are large crustaceans resembling ancient sea predators. Some have compared them to Chuul, and indeed there are many similarities. Both races have four walking limbs and two large claws for crushing, and both have exoskeletons. An uyeer, however, is built entirely for the water. Their segmented carapaces have a row of paddles running down either side of their backs, used for swimming. They have four legs, each with two knees, made to curl up underneath them when swimming, and two arms with an additional joint near the shoulder, both of which end in large three-pronged crushing claws. In the middle of the claws are five retractable tentacles each, used for fine manipulative work and gripping small objects. At the base of their “spine” are two whip-like tails and four additional paddles used for steering.

Seaborn Psychology

Seaborn have never been accused of being exceptionally clever, but they are wise to human tricks. They are very protective of not only their territory, but also each other. It is this faithfulness that binds them as a society. If an attack or threat is perceived by one, it is addressed by all. Krakens are not the most aggressive subspecies, but once they go on attack, precious little can be done to stop them until their anger is sated.

They are highly aggressive against all races, though humans have been the race with whom they’ve had the most interaction. Having been hunted by them in the past, for pelts or scales, as trophies, they attack without provocation. Some seaborn who have allied themselves with the outside world have found themselves excommunicated from seaborn society and forced to live with their new allies, and away from their long-time watery homes.

Seaborn Society

The seaborn self-govern themselves. There is a hierarchy amongst the various races. All respect the kraken and see the kraken as a great protector of the seas. For a kraken to go after a human ship, it is to mark that ship as having committed a grievous sin against the seaborn.

Mermaids respect the kraken and themselves. They tolerate the other seakind, but understand themselves to be relatively high in the internal pecking order.

Selkies are generally known to be cautiously social and not as ruthless or vicious when it comes to interacting with races outside their own. They are more independent than the merfolk which is a bone of contention between the two races on occasion, but for the most part, they are the peacemakers of the sea.

Kelpies do whatever they want without rhyme or reason.

There is no governing authority in the sea, no king or queen, no reigning monarch. The sea is not claimable. Early on, the seaborn, having witnessed the wars over land and sky, swore that their new home, depthless and boundless as it was, would have no master.

Seaborn & Religion

Seaborn religion revolves around the goddess Selene, although some seaborn are fond of Cyela and Daedria, as both the lesser goddesses’ temples are within the bounds of the sea they call home. They are not especially pious creatures, but they have a deep reverence for the gods, along with the very sea itself. Any affront to the ocean is seen as a direct offense to the gods who created it, and the seaborn are swift to enact retribution for any perceived slight.

Places of Worship

  • Selene – Holy Temple of Selene

Seaborn History

The seaborn have long been a mysterious force within the land. Very little is known about their history, which has only been communicated orally and never officially put to paper.

Little has been known up to this point regarding the emergence of the seaborn as a race. They’ve chosen to remain closed off from the rest of the world until now. From some estimates, they were born during the saurian empire collapse, when some creatures took to the seas for escape and solace.

Throughout the following years, they kept themselves completely cut off from the rest of population, content to only be known through legend and rumor. Even sailors report few interactions with the species. But any reports are not usually favorable ones.

Famous Seaborn

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