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This page is an OFFICIAL RACE page.

It contains important info about this race.

Race Rules
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Official Races of Hollow

Good Races of Hollow: Centaur - Dwarf - Dryad - Elf - Feline - High Elf - Jersher - Minotaur
Neutral/Non-Aligned Races of Hollow: Avian - Draconian - Dragon - Giant - Gnome - Half Elf - Hobbit - Human - Pixie - Seaborn - Troll
Evil Races of Hollow: Drow - Fermin - Lycanthrope - Naga - Ogre - Orc - Preklek - Shadow Gnome - Undead - Vampire

Undead Profile

Life Expectancy: N/A (Already dead)
Homeland: Vailkrin
Average Height:Dependant on Original Race
Average Weight: Dependant on Original Race
Preferred Classes: Death Knight, Necromancer
Preferred Classes:Race-Class Table
Preferred Alignment: Neutral Evil, Chaotic Evil
Preferred Weapons: Any
Aggression Level: Average
Intelligence Level: Very Low
Magic Rating: Moderate
Strength Rating: Strong
Weak Against: Any Holy Magic or Light Magic, Fire, Any Healing Magic
Strong Against: Physical Attack, Dark Magic.
Related Races: Vampires
Allied Races: Vampires
Enemy Races: Anything living…


It truly depends on the race that they were before they became undead.


Anything, from none to being corrupt with power.

Undead Society

Undead Society is a bit of misnomer, the undead do not really have a society. Most undead are the unwilling servants of necromancers or individuals who cannot pass into the afterlife, or in extreme cases individuals who have by sheer force of will stayed around after their body died and their soul still inhabit the rotting shell. Cities of Undead have been known to exist usually these are places where the undead gather and stumble around while waiting for their dark masters orders or in some cases the undead carry out similar actions to that they did in life smithing, farming or whatever their role was. Generally the undead do not perform very well in these roles and their actions are a strange and eerie parody of the living. Intelligent undead are the exception to the rule but they tend not to exist in great enough numbers to form their own society and tend to blend in with that of their original race.

Undead & Religion

Some may be surprised to find the Undead are very religious! This may be due to the fact they have tasted the afterlife and know what is beyond is worth their reverence but mostly this is due to the Undead being forced to worship whomever it was that rose them to be Undead. Some Undead left to their own devices fall into the habit of relieving their “living” life and have been known to worship in similar ways. Undead creatures tend mostly to be the peons of Death Cults so many Undead are willing or unwilling worshippers of Vakarash. Undead are very rarely priests unless they were a priest in their “living life.”

Undead History

The Undead actually have very little history as a society as they are primarily beings risen by Necromancers. Their history started the exact same time Necromancy did.

Famous Undead

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