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This page is an OFFICIAL RACE page.

It contains important info about this race.

Race Rules
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Official Races of Hollow

Good Races of Hollow: Centaur - Dwarf - Dryad - Elf - Feline - High Elf - Jersher - Minotaur
Neutral/Non-Aligned Races of Hollow: Avian - Draconian - Dragon - Giant - Gnome - Half Elf - Hobbit - Human - Pixie - Seaborn - Troll
Evil Races of Hollow: Drow - Fermin - Lycanthrope - Naga - Ogre - Orc - Preklek - Shadow Gnome - Undead - Vampire

Vampire Profile

Homeland: Vailkrin
Average Height: Dependant on Original Race
Average Weight: Dependant on Original Race
Races which can be turned: Drow, Dwarf, Elf, Feline, Gnome, Shadow Gnome, Half Elf, High Elf, Hobbit, Human, and Orc
Preferred Classes: Necromancer, Death Knight, Warrior, Assassin
Classes this race can be: Race-Class Table
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Aggression Level: Extremely Aggressive
Intelligence Level: Superb Intellect
Magic Rating: Mystical
Strength Rating: Very Strong
Weak Against: Light Magic, Holy Magic, Fire, Dragon Blood
Strong Against: Dark Magic, Physical Attack, Curses
Related Races: Undead
Allied Races: Undead, Shadow Gnome, Drow(At least Sometimes)
Enemy Races: Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Dragons, Lycans

Vampire Houses of Vailkrin

The various Houses of Vampires in Vailkrin, consisting of people related to or adopted into a specific coven. Each House carries its own personal views, beliefs, specialties, and hierarchy, with most being willing to take in foreign vampires seeking a family or close companionship.


Often very cold with death, a vampire's appearance depends heavily on the original race the vampire was before contracting the curse/sickness. More often than not, a subject may lose up to fifty pounds of weight upon transformation. But no matter what the circumstances, there cannot be a vampiric dragon. Vampires and dragons do not mix at all. If a vampire would be splashed with dragon's blood, the blood would act as a mild acid to the vampire. On top of all this, vampires cannot have babies. Vampires are undead and thus vampires cannot have offspring unless the vampire had a child before having the curse, or unless magical or divine methods are used. Since their bodies are technically dead, normal diseases and poisons have minimal effect, if any. Vampires also typically gain inherent powers upon being sired(their strength varying depending on the sire), and their speed and strength is also amplified. They are also known to be very susceptible to fire and holy magic; contrary to popular rumor, sunlight, garlic, and holy symbols(on their own) have little to no affect on vampiric beings in Hollow.


Most vampires are mentally stable, though a few undergo the transformation in a way so horrible it greatly effects their sanity. However, there are certain psychological elements that vampires do undergo. For instance, they will have an affinity for blood and an affinity for death and particularly necromancy.

Vampire Society

Vampires tend to fall into one of three groupings. The first are vampires who live in solitude forsaking their brethren, often living alone in seclusion with their servants or often completely alone they feed on whoever strolls into their vicinity and have few friends or contacts. The second type are known as vampire cabals, these groups tend to be like extended families that can trace their line to a living ancestor a powerful vampire lord. Or lady who is the parent of them all leading with the other elders or often alone with an iron fist. Vampire cabals often have a territory they claim as their own which often includes willing and unwilling subjects from which they can feed. Vampire cabals defend their territory and work together but often these cabals operate on the principle that “Might is right” and the strongest tend to have the most influence. The third and arguably the most advanced type of vampire society is often dubbed “The aristocracy of the night.” These vampire societies tend to mirror human or elf kingdoms with a king, emperor, queen etc as the head backed up by a large number of vampire nobles. These societies often function exactly the same as a human kingdom with the exception that they are much more warlike as vampires tend to consume more resources than humans and live longer so they require vast territories which are often seized from their neighbors. These societies tend to be very advanced including warriors, nobles priests, lawyers and artisans functioning perfect and harmoniously for several millennia under their wise, ancient and seemingly immortal monarchs.

Vampires & Religion

Vampires are pragmatic and religion does not often come easily to these ancient races and they tend to worship their living ancestors who are seemingly as old as the world. However the few vampires that do find religion are hardcore zealots, who will kill and sacrifice for their beliefs. As most vampires tend to follow the path of darkness and evil many of them worship Vakmatharas or Astrala. Vampires schooled in necromancy are often fanatical in their worship of Vakmatharas. At one point, certain vampires used to follow the Ascendi, Vakarash, however, He eventually forsook the vampires and they in turn ceased to serve him. Vampires tend not to be regular worshippers but their rituals and ceremonies are long and elaborate and almost always involve blood and sacrifice. Many vampires worship the dark immortals owing to so many of their race being founded by these ancient evils and almost all vampires at least revere them. Vampire priests and druids are known to exist in Hollow and often follow practices and belief in reverse of the races of man and elf.

Vampire History

Kaizer's History - The Wanderers
In the dawn of the morning, his tainted body set foot upon the holy grounds of Cenril. From beneath the ground came a rumble like no other. The grounds burst open, spewing flames upon the city from within. The land quivered as his tainted corpse strode toward the Cathedral. A young woman stood in her home shouting to her child who had wandered away in the midst of the chaos. "Eilan! Eilan! Come child!" the woman shrieked in a rage of tears. Elazul took hold of the child who had now fallen to the ground in the confusion. He held his hand out over her head as he spoke, "Drink child, and your fears with be lost to an ever-plaguing thirst…" As the words died away, the child's mouth opened as she gazed into Elazul's burning eyes. A single drop of blood formed in the palm of his soiled hand. As it fell into the child's mouth, she fell to her back and began convulsing upon the ground. Her body aged rapidly as two glistening fangs protruded from the top of her mouth. She lifted above the ground and gazed deep into the light of the sun. A wicked cry echoed from within her now grown body. The sky darkened as the sun fell from view. Eilan fell to her feet and raised her head to Elazul. Her crimson eyes flashed as she leapt away into the night…

The vampires of Hollow can trace their history to this great founding of their race. Elazul the dark immortal of ages past granted the gift of vampirism to a young girl from present day Cenril via allowing her to taste cursed blood from his tainted hand. The girl quickly aged and grew sharp fangs feeding on her former neighbors and creating a race of undead vampires who would seemingly never age or die.

Vampires are often at odds with all the living races but are often in conflict with humans as this is their favorite race to feed on and obviously the humans resist. Special animosity is reserved for the dragons as vampires find their blood essence very toxic and this is a weakness many vampires wish to eliminate.

In recent times many vampires joined the vampire lord Dante in a war with the elves of Hollow which ended in a defeat for the elven race - distrust between the two races continues to this day.

When the Dark Immortals Elazul and Khasad returned once again to Hollow many vampires flocked to their banner and waged war on the Underdark to subdue and enslave the drow, many of whom joined the dark armies and many pitches battles were fought in Northern Hollow in Xalious, Larket and Vailkrin before the immortals were once again defeated.

Ever the instigator of war vampires have attempted to control and invade vast tracts of Hollow. The Vampire Warlord Vyrick once invaded and subdued the whole of the town of Larket using it as a base to invade the rest of Hollow in an effort to bring it into his enormous empire. The royal vampire invasion however was ultimately stopped and Larket liberated as even now is often referred to as “Free Larket”, with Fort Freedom being a beacon to all freedom loving Hollow denizens and the races of light.

It is almost certain the vampires will rise again in the future to instigate more wars to feed their hunger for more resources and territory. The present vampire homeland of Vailkrin is often used by this race as a base to sally forth from on these sojourns and control of the province has changed hands many times.

Vampire Sub Races

Vampire Thrall

Vampire thralls are also known as lesser vampires, they are almost always the servant of a fully fledged vampire and a number of them may be the servants of a powerful vampire lord. Vampire thralls appear much the same as normal vampires with pale skin and dark hair and often have yellow or crimson eyes however their fangs are less prominent and their powers much weaker. Vampire thralls cannot sire a vampire, and do not have the command of the dark arts that vampires do. Vampire thralls hasten to obey their masters and "live" to serve. If a vampire thrall performs his or her duties long enough they may be initiated to the rank of full vampire by their master only. Vampire thralls are created by vampires feeding a victim their blood without draining them first, as they would in a typical siring. Often this is done purposefully to create a slave, however weaker or younger vampires may create thralls through lack of knowledge and experience.

Sired/Common Vampire

Sired vampires, or commonly known as the "common" vampire, are ones that have been bitten and drained completely by a powerful vampire being, such as a Revenant, Pure Blood, or elder vampire. Sired vampires cannot turn other individuals into vampires, as they lack the experience, age, and intellect to do so. Sired vampires are a step above thralls, in that they are more than just servants that are blood-lusting creatures, instead they present a much more intelligent being, though some appearance or feeling of servitude to their sire may develop, especially after the siring. Their powers are weak to begin with, but grow in strength and ability as they age, gain knowledge through tutorship, or other means that usually take some time to develop. Most often, sired vampires are necromancers or other mages specializing in the dark arts and are known to associate with other dark races.

Elder Vampire

Elder vampires are those that were once sired/common vampires, but through means of great knowledge gained or the blessing of a god, have achieved higher status and greater abilities, most specifically the ability to sire other common vampires and thralls. These beings are no different in appearance than sired vampires, though the are vastly more intelligent and can often use more powerful spells, specifically necromancy and dark arts, though not quite as strong as a Pure-Blood or Revenant. Must be admin approved.

  • As a general rule, 2 years of continuous RP to establish oneself as a regular and important member of the vampire community is required for approval of Elder status.

Examples of Elder Vampires:

  • Tenebrae
  • Leodarkheart
  • Eilyo
  • Zondo
  • Larewen
  • Daermon

Vampire Pureblood

Pure bloods or true bloods are the eldest vampires and were sired by the original vampire Eilan or created by the dark immortals personally. These vampires are incredibly powerful due to the fact that their creation is god-touched. Must be admin approved.

  • Due to the fact that the forces required for creating Pureblood vampires are gone from the land of Hollow; approval for new Pureblood vampires is essentially closed.

Examples of a Vampire Pureblood include:

  • Vladimire
  • Syadon (born vampire)

Vampire Revenant

Vampire Revenant’s are vampires who are particularly ancient and evil. Revenant’s have existed for many, long centuries and often have a particularly monstrous appearance; almost all Revenant’s have large leathery wings and often have long black horns that sprout from their forehead. Revenants are undead and command powerful unnatural forces, death seems to follow in their wake like a gruesome shadow as flowers, grass and trees blacken and die in their wake as a dark aura of death lingers around the Revenant. Revenant’s are often slower than vampires but can command powerful magic and some unusual abilities such as poisonous saliva and blood which can slowly and painfully kill those that come into contact with them. All of the Revenant’s teeth are black pointed fangs and can tear through wood and flesh easily. The most powerful Revenant’s can disguise their monstrous form appearing either as a normal vampire or as a member of their original race. Vampires are often led by Revenant and all vampires hold them with great reverence as many of these powerful creatures date back to the time of the founding of the vampires or were elevated to their position by the dark gods. Must be admin approved

  • As an epic level race, generally only those characters who have established themselves as long-standing, historic characeters through continuous responsible RP and contribution to world RPs are considered for approval.

Examples of Vampire Revenant's include:

  • Lasher
  • Kasyr

Famous Vampires

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