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Maps of Rynvale Island

Recent Events

  • June 1

A new ship has made port in Rynvale, named Kraken's Kiss, the ship arrived without much pomp and ceremony. The captain of the ship has been heard in the Broken Barrel inn, discussing how he seeks adventure and items of interest in Rynvale and her waters.

Settlements in Rynvale

Settlement Name Main Race
Rynvale High Elf

Shops in Rynvale

Shop Name Goods Sold
Broken Barrel Inn Food & Drink
Salty Sally's Maritime Weapon Shop Weapons
Fish Market Fishing Items
Exotic Pet Shop Pets
Rynvale Herb Shop Restorative Items
Lucky Gus the Armorer Armor
Arayanne's Clothing Emporium Clothing
Shady Trader Miscellaneous

Player Owned Shops and Businesses

Finn's Gambling Parlor: Owned and operated by the island based smuggler known as Red to locals, this den of gambling and vice is a popular location for the locals to grab a drink and a game of chance. Role played gambling for game gold profit is a staple here.

Location: command entry from the Dark Corridor, 1up of the Broken Barrel Inn. (contact Finn for command)

Finn's Mercantile Exchange: This merchant run shop provides an assortment of miscellaneous items for sale at rock bottom prices because of its owner's involvement in the smuggling trade. Items available range from clothing and accessories, to armor, pets, rp items and more. A great pit stop for new characters looking for affordable means of dressing out to begin rp.

Location: 2w,1s of the Rynvale Intersection

The Jolly Roger Tattoo Shop: Owned and managed by one of the island's most notorious residents,the lycan pirate Leoxander, the Jolly Roger tattoo shop is one of the most thriving businesses on the Shores. Boasting the services of multiple hired pc artists using traditional and modernized inking methods, there is not a better place to procure custom ink via rp. The shop is the legitimate cover for the Underground Exchange shop located one level below it.

Location:3w,2s,2w,1n of the Rynvale Intersection

The Underground Exchange: This smuggler operated shop provides an assortment of miscellaneaous game items for sale, usually unique items geared specifically toward the support of rp. A good place to find rare items typically found in far flug regions of the game.

Location:3w,2s,2w,1n of the Rynvale Intersection

Clans with HQ's in Rynvale

Rynvale is one of the role play hubs for players of The Row. This out of character collection of players of rogue, thief, pirate and otherwise shady characters, share the common turf of the 'rows' or slum neighborhoods of Port Rynvale as their world.The clan's unofficial headquarters is The Kraken's Lair Saloon, and is accessible by clan key access only. Players interested in rp there should contact members of the clan for rp.

Rynvale is the official home of the Torchlight Rebels, a semi-secret society which temporarily becomes active during times of great crisis. Although many members formally heed the banner of another clan, they still serve the call of the Rebels when they are needed. Rynvale was chosen as their HQ so as to strengthen one of the founding ideals that Rynvale is a free-state society, where all are welcome and treated as equals among a peaceful society.

Rynvale is also currently defended by the milita forces of The Fold, who have established a military presence on the island in the form of a Garrison outpost situated on the plateaus overlooking the city proper. The clan also has a presence within the newly constituted Royal Fleet that guards the shore line and Harbor of the island.

Training Areas in Rynvale

The Dragons located north of Rynvale provide a strong source of income and training experience for all players within the 1-2K HP range.

Geographic Areas in Rynvale


In the north-eastern section of Rynvale Island lies a large plateau. On top of this plateau, amidst the rolling hills, occasional chasms, and patches of heavy forest is the largest concentration of Dragons in the known world.

Fog Forest

Fog Forest lies on the western side of Rynvale Island. Perpetually shrouded in the mists and fog that give it it's name, it is also home to a variety of dangerous beasts and critters. And for those who brave the trail through it, on the far side of it lies the Ogre city of Gamorg. It is debatable whether or not the trip is worth the danger for most people.


Located on the island of Rynvale, north of the Fog Forest, Gamorg was once a far more civilized settlement before the ogres claimed it as it's own. While there is much speculation on what once stood in the place of the Ogre city and to the identity of those who inhabited it first, most believe it belonged to the high elves of Rynvale though the truth is very likely forever lost to history but remnants of the old civilization remain littered across the landscape as a constant reminder of what once was and as a tribute to the power of the mighty race.

Port Rynvale

The face of Rynvale Island, the port city which takes the same name is, for the most part, a haven of civility and nobility from the primal surroundings of the Fog Forest and the Dragonlands that flank it to the north and west. Built upon the flat lowlands of the southern coastline, the hardy soil was well suited as a foundation upon which the lavish homes and buildings of the High Elves could be constructed. Not only this, but it allowed for excavation to create an intricate network of sewer tunnels beneath in later years of its existence. The western edge of the area of Port Rynvale is a stark contrast to the peaceful waters of the harbor. Waves constantly crash and mold the coastal cliffs and stones to form a forest of coves and caves. Rumors have it that many men and women of ill repute inhabit these natural dwellings.

Economic Areas in Rynvale

Fishing is available at the Fisherman's Warf in the south west region of the island. Directions:1s,3w,2s,1w of the Rynvale recall. (Broken Barrel Inn)

Mining is available at the Goblin Slave Mine in Gamorg.

Political Information About Rynvale

Rynvale was established as and continues to be run as a free state. It is a democratic monarchy,ruled by the elected King and Queen of the High Elves, who remain the race of most dominant influence on the island. The role of the King and Queen however, is largely titular and social, the responsibility of governing being delegated primarily to the formal governing body in Rynvale.This is headed by the Governor, who is usually appointed directly by the sitting Royals. Lord Donovan was the first governor of Rynvale and after him, his son. Shen, the last remaining Priest of Xalious and newly ordained Knight of Faith, was the next appointed to the office. During his recent absence, Talisia temporarily took over as acting-governor while Shen was away until he could return.

The Empire of Archmosia, led by Vuryal annexed the city by force, dispelling all of the high elves that resisted and placed the city under the watch of the Resurrected and its allies. With no sitting royals, Talisia became the leader of the Rynvalian government in exile, retaining that office until her marriage to the Archmage Rheven. She passed on the responsibilities of leadership at that time, to the High Elf paladin warrior Arien, who took over the duty of leading the rebel resistance to reclaim the isle.

After months of resistance and multiple failed attempts at pushing back the Imperial forces, allied rebels under the command of the island's unofficial Lt. Governor Arien, stormed the city of Port Rynvale, managing to push back the Imperial presence to the borders of the northernmost city of Gamorg.The High Elf royals have been restored to their thrones and Arien newly appointed as Governor of the liberated city.

The Noble Houses

House Leader
The First: House Illaren - Governor of Rynvale
The Second: House Falirae [[]] - High Magistra of Rynvale
The Third: House Larethian [[]] - Commander of the Rynvalian Regiment
The Fourth: House Glorindol [[] - Director of Shipping and Trade
The Fifth: House Nonalla [[]] - Manager of Port Rynvale Lumber Industry
The Sixth: House Ilkan [[]]- Admiral of the Rynvalian Fleet
The Seventh: House Phenthae Jesen- Commander of the Rynvale Rangers

Allies of Rynvale

Organization Leader

Players in Rynvale

Role Holder
Governor Vacant
Rynvale Ambassador Vacant
Leader of the Second House, High Magistra Vacant
Director of Shipping and Trade Vacant
Director of Public Services Vacant
Director of Cultural Affairs Vacant
Amphitheater staff Vacant
Commander of the Rynvale Rangers Jesen
Commander of the Royal Regiment Vacant
Admiral of the Royal Fleet Vacant
Royal Fleet Staff Vacant
Captain of the City Guard Vacant
Guardsmen Vacant
Royal Architect Vacant
Royal Healer Vacant
Apprentice Healer Vacant
Town Blacksmith Vacant
Farm Manager Vacant
Farm Worker(s) Vacant
Bank Manager (City Accountant) Vacant
Head Librarian Vacant
Librarian's Assistant(s) Vacant
Master Shipwright Vacant
Lumber Yard Manager Vacant
Shop Assistant(s) Vacant

Other places of note in Rynvale

Area of Note Function
Rynvale Bank Store money, Interest, Currency Exchange
Rynvale Clinic Restores Health & Stamina
Dock Ship link to Cenril

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