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Naga Profile

Homeland:  Alithrya
Average Height: 72" to 96" (6-8ft in height, about the same in length as the tail would be about the same size as their height)
Average Weight: 200 kg (calculator)
Preferred Classes: Warrior, Mage
Classes this race can be: Any
Preferred Alignment: Neutral, Evil
Preferred Weapons:  Pikes, Pole Axes, Tridents (long-reach weapons)
Aggression Level:  Very Aggressive
Intelligence Level:  Warrior class - mid, Mage class - mid-high
Magic Rating:   Mid
Strength Rating:  Very strong
Weak Against:  Ice, Mind control (in the Warrior level class), Holy attacks
Strong Against:  Melee, Fire, Earth
Related Races:  Dragon/Draconian
Allied Races:  Nagas
Enemy Races:  Dragon/Draconian, Dwarf, Elf (the ancient races and races who talk ill of the Naga race)


Nagas are half humanoid, half serpent. Often possessing humanoid characteristics from the waist up, they have two arms and a humanoid head. Their tails make up their lower limb, allowing them to easily swim and crawl over land at a more incredible pace than their two-legged counterparts. However, they always need to stay moist to assure that their scales never dry up, for if this were to occur, great pains take hold of their bodies, rendering them almost incapacitated until great care is taken to revive their flesh.


Nagas are very ambitious, striving to succeed at the highest levels to appease their creator. They are a warrior race, often preferring to conquer rather than compromise. However, they have recently been known to lax on their conquest instead of developing their economy. They are a proud race, often boasting about how they were designed by a god to conquer all Hollow's lands.

They despised the older, ancient races around when they were initially created (Dragons, Dwarves, Elves primarily) and are undecided about the races that have since evolved or been developed since they were frozen in time.

Naga Society

A queen, or the matron of the race, runs the society. She keeps a consortium of concubines to appease her appetite, often dining upon them as they become of no further use. Males are generally seen as the warrior class, while females make up the mage class. Males are considered to be the laborers, often lacking in intelligence when compared to their counterparts.

Their society is open to outsiders, though they are quite suspicious and will immediately seek retribution if anything should happen to one of their own, done by a foreigner. They welcome trade and flourish in the arms business, where their weapon-making skills are unrivaled, especially in metallurgy.

They are very xenophobic of marriages between Naga and non-Naga races. They believe themselves to be a pure race, untainted by the external things that brought about the downfall of the other societies of ancient races.

Naga & Religion

Nagas only worship their creator (Aramoth), led by the Ha-Nagas, which are seen as the bridge between the Naga race and the gods. Ha-Nagas are the spirit nagas, and there are only known to be a few in the entire history of the Naga race. They also offer counsel and advice to any Active Queen. Because of their connection to Aramoth, they are more magically inclined than other Naga. Ha-Nagas are raised from a young age through rigorous trials and strict regiments of prayer and magic-based focusing exercises. They will be the most cunning and possibly the most deceptive of the Nagas because of their thorough education and extensive training.

Naga History

In the beginning, the god of war, Aramoth, began to see an ever-approaching war between the Sauron and Dwarven races in the lands. Combining the strength of Dragons, the tenacity of Dwarves, and the mobility of the reptiles that filled the land, Aramoth bred the race of Naga. This "perfect" race was meant to be the neutralizing force between the two races, one that could stabilize the realm. However, unbeknownst to Aramoth, the trinity of evil gods (Vakmatharas, Delisha, and the Spider Goddess) infected the Ha-Nagas' minds. Once the leaders were infected with the thoughts of self-preservation, greed, power, it was only a matter of time before the other gods, including Aramoth, knew that they had to be stopped.

Secretly aiding the Nagas, the dark triumvirate blessed some of the race with heightened intelligence. Now able to raise the dead and morph their bodies at will to resemble any being they sought fit, the gods came to a terrifying vote. It was decided that the Nagas were too dangerous and were thus condemned to be frozen in time until the other races were more developed and could counter the strengths of this warrior race.

Q'na, the ascended being blessed with the gift of time and space, was tasked with rendering the supreme gods' decision down upon the city of Alithyra. Taking with him his apprentice, Q'na froze the city in time, locking it away for the safety of all the other races deep within the seas of Hollow. For his obedience, Q'na was soon inducted as a member and god to watch Hollow and the planes of existence.

Presently... They have since been reanimated by the apprentice of Q'na, at the behest of the time lords, to once again dwell in the lands of Hollow from their secluded refuge of Alithyra.

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