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  • August 28th
    • An epidemic is sweeping Chartsend! Local healers are doing everything they can to combat the mysterious disease, but nothing seems able to cure it!

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Settlement Name Main Race
Chartsend Although mainly inhabited by Elves, Humans and Half-Elves, Chartsend is open to all races who are not malicious and seek a safe haven where they may live in peace.

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(All directions from Kelay Tavern)

Shop Name Goods Sold
Sea-La-Vie Food/Drink

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  • none

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Political Information about Chartsend

Local Government Buildings - All inquiries about Chartsend and its structure should be directed to Alicia e Tenebris at The Manor House.'

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History Regarding Chartsend

The frontier town of Chartsend came from humble beginnings when the Half-Elf Mahteth moved to the largely unpopulated Western lands, fleeing the anger of some in Hollow who sought her death, and others followed.

A small community developed, living peacefully and largely unknown to the wider world. This ended when a foolishly confident Mahteth revisited Kelay and was murdered, though a remnant of her spirit remains thanks to the Giant, Valkor. Leaderless, Chartsend faltered until Mahteth's mother, Alicia arrived in Hollow seeking her child. Of noble birth and in possession of wealth from unknown sources, the Elf took control of the town and set about elevating it into a place of prestige, a process which continues.

There have been setbacks. An unseen attack by Prekleks left much of the town destroyed and many buildings were ruined. It was thwarted by Tannis and Razael with the citizens and led to the creation of the Chartsend Guard. Comprised of citizens and paid but loyal warriors the Guard's sole goal is the protection of Chartsend and its inhabitants. Soon after, the Desert Legion settled in the town, their leader Guerin freely offering their skills as extra protection. After Guerin's death, the Legion and Guard were combined. The High Commander of these forces is currently Collin Eliason.

Learning the lesson of the Preklek attack, Lady Alicia ordered patrols to monitor the lands outside Chartsend and fortresses are being built that will defend, not only the town, but the West itself. Huge beacons are being built, ready to be lit so the lands may be immediately informed of danger.

Spread along the westernmost lands, Chartsend relies heavily on trade from overseas and its fishing industry. A speciality in these parts are eels, which can be sampled in The Slippery Eel or bought directly from fishermen on Dami's Beach or at the docks.

Visitors might enjoy an afternoon in the town spa which is heated by a nearby geyser. The geyser also provides hot water to most of the town. If you are open-minded a visit to the mysterious Temple of Nyrmine is worth the effort.

Excavations have revealed the remains of an ancient city beneath Chartsend. There are two points of access. The location of one is known only to a few and heavily guarded. The other is currently closed to the public because of safety issues.

The disappearance of Lady Alicia caused Chartsend to enter a decline. With no patron to foot the bill, roads fell into disrepair and the guard largely disbanded, with only volunteers to keep the peace (or abuse their position). Seeing his beloved town descending into anarchy, a clothing and cosmetics merchant named Wilhelm Ilivaris decided to do something. He began to pay for Chartsend's infrastructure and law enforcement himself, and began the task of acquiring the land Chartsend rested on. With the owners missing, and no official channels to go through to buy the deed, Ilivaris invoked the "finders keepers" clause and hired a professional to find and deliver the deed to him. Then, he established a council of community leaders to help with matters of governance.

There was a period of resistance, where residents used to not paying taxes on their homes and businesses refused to start doing so again, to this new landowner they owed no allegiance to. Until the services they enjoyed (like schools and the local fire brigade) were threatened with defunding. Ilivaris worked to endear himself to the populace during this time, on the advice of the council. He visited the clinic, schools, local businesses, and even the pub. It worked wonders, and to this day he is still well-regarded by most in Chartsend.

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