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High Elf

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This page is an OFFICIAL RACE page.

It contains important info about this race.

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Official Races of Hollow

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High Elf Profile

Homeland: Rynvale
Average Height: 4'2 (121cm) - 5’10" (174cm)
Average Weight: 100 - 160 Pounds (calculator)
Preferred Classes: Mage, Priest
Classes this race can be: Race-Class Table
Alignment: Good
Aggression Level: Low
Intelligence Level: Superb Intellect
Magic Rating: Mystical
Strength Rating: Strong
Weak Against: Druid Magic, Dark Magic, Poison
Strong Against: Physical Attack, Light Magic
Related Races: Elf, Drow, Forsaken Elf
Allied Races: Human, Dwarf, Dragon
Enemy Races: Naga, Elf, Drow, Vampire, Ogre


High Elves differ very little from other elves in terms of physiology. They tend to be be very slightly taller and very slightly heavier, this is to due to their harsher living conditions and hardier diet. High Elves tend to have pale complexions with very lightly colored eyes but very dark hair. They are of a slighter and shorter build than humans. High Elves tend to have larger and more pointed ears due to their more noble ancestry. High Elves hate warm climates and are excellent at roughing it in cooler climates, they particularly enjoy the sea as they have an excellent constitution for sea travel. They tend to be slightly stronger than humans but have a lower pain threshold due to their somewhat pampered lifestyles.


High Elves are amongst the most arrogant and haughty species in Hollow. They believe they are the chosen people and anyone else is generally considered below them. This is due to their past history and losing the crown war thousands of years ago, this is also the reason for their utter contempt of other elves, especially the forest dwelling elves of Kelay who they view as backward “tree huggers” as well as back stabbers and commoners. High elves will put up with humans due to their similar style of living but them as lesser brothers. High Elves do not share their brethren's contempt for dwarves either because high elves are very interested in trade and industry and do not mind exploiting the natural world to do so. High elves are very honorable and will never break an oath or promise not even to those they consider inferior.

High Elf Society

Due to relatively small numbers of high elves their society tends to be highly centralized around Rynvale, their adopted home. They built the city in the aftermath of the crown wars and consider it their pride and joy. High Elves enjoy trade so their society is an open one so many foreigners especially humans dwell in their city. High elf society is very much tied to their magic and it tends to be powerful mages who rise to the role of leadership. The high elves have a king and queen who are elected to serve and who are then ceremonially married and are expected to produce at least one offspring to serve as the oracle of the sea gods. The King and Queen are elected by the heads of the first seven noble houses. The King and Queen operates as a ceremonial head of state with the governor of Rynvale making decisions about the city and the King and Queen about high elf society. High Elves are very family centered and all of the family will live with or nearby each other with the elders as the head of the household. High elves will have a job chosen for them at a very young age and after very basic training in other skills as a fall back position they will be trained purely in this area. It is for this reason that the high elves have produced so many master artisans and traders. In times of war any high elf may be drafted by the King or Queen for service and for this reason all high elves have basic combat training with spear, sword and bow. All families have weapons which are handed down for this purpose. The sons and daughters of the nobility make up the officer rank and tend to have weapons and armor which go back to the time of the crown wars. Although the high elves have station and nobility there is very little animosity between the classes, for the low born the animosity is saved for other elves and inferior races. For the nobles this is saved for other nobles in their eternal political struggle to stay in or become one of the first seven houses or even be elected to be royal.

High Elves & Religion

High elves are very religious and take their beliefs very seriously. There are two main high elf cults, the first is the Church of the Divine Three. This is a church very closely aligned to the powers of light and is sister church to the main land church of the divine three. They believe very much in self sacrifice and the opposition of the dark. The second major faith is that of the Sea Gods, due to the High elves reliance on sea trade and resources this church is considered the preeminent faith and the king and queen must always follow the beliefs, in fact their first born is always given to the Sea God's as an oracle and together with the high priest the leader of this faith. They worship Selene and Zaytor and make weekly sacrificial offerings of food and wine into their pool. Once a year cattle must also be slaughtered but the meat is then used in a festival to celebrate the new year and all high elves partake in a great feast. High elves tend not to get involved in religious conflict but are very disdainful of anyone involved in tree or nature worship due to their split from the elves of Kelay.

High Elf History

High elf history begins 25'000 years ago when the first high elf civil war began. For two hundred years the crown wars were raged and elves fought elves. The reason for this was a dispute over who the crown. Five factions wished to place their king on the throne and five factions took up arms. It was a fight for the future of elven culture and in the end the only way to settle it was the fracture of the elf race. It ended as four factions of elves were forced to leave the sacred forest of Kelay. One faction became the hated drow elves but the most noble of all the ones who should have run purely by right of succession were the high elves. So they took this moniker in defiance of their brother and sister elves and departed Hollows mainland and began anew.

The elves built up Rynvale mindful of the powerful civilization to their north they stayed in their place and built a powerful maritime empire. Immediately they dropped their druid beliefs to separate themselves from the backward forest dwelling cousins they had left before. The sea became the high elf faith and this eventually spread back to Cenril too.

The first major test of the High Elves in their new land was the coming of the dark age, although they were spared visitations by the dark immortals their servants the ogres attacked them. The war was short and swift as Rynvale was not the target. The ogres destroyed the high elven navy and fought straight through the city to destroy the powerful sylvan elves to the north. The High elves had to learn to live with their ogre neighbors after that as they were there to stay. Over the years many lives were lost on both sides in scuffling before the two races learned to avoid each other.

More recently Rynvale has opened as a free port and has many races dwelling within trading peacefully and coexisting. Rynvale is a beacon of light in a sometimes dark world, this is because of the might of the High Elves and their hardy resolution that they are the chosen and they will prevail.

Famous High Elves

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