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Avian Profile

Homeland: Ashtaeum
Average Height: 5'10" - 6’6"
Average Weight: Medium, athletic
Preferred Classes: Knight
Classes this race can be: Any
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Aggression Level: High
Intelligence Level: Superb Intellect
Magic Rating: Mystical
Strength Rating: Strong
Weak Against: Fire, Lightning
Strong Against: Illusions, Mental Attack, Most Magic
Related Races: None
Allied Races: Human, Elf , High Elf, Dragon
Enemy Races: Vampire


Avians appear to be tall, powerfully built humanoids. They have white or gray colored skin, which is usually a host to various sorts of tattoos. Their eyes can be gray, gold, blue, brown, or a slight variation of these colors. Their hair is normally white or black, and their wings more often than not bear the same color. It would be very rare for an avian to have a difference of color between their hair and the feathers on their wings. Their wings are normally very large, and can not be opened to their fullest extent while they are indoors. Normal Avian's have long, overly pointed ears. Avians do not wear fragrances due to pleasant smell of their body odor. The smell reminds most other species of their favorite smell. Some people smell food when near an avian, while others are left reminded of flowers.


Avians cannot contract vampirism.


Avians cannot contract lycanthropy.


Avians are very driven people. Once they have obtained a goal to latch themselves onto, they will pour their very soul into their work. They overcome obstacles at nearly any cost, and many will gladly sacrifice their own lives to further a greater goal. To Avians, loyalty is the most important factor. These people are normally very loyal to one another. Many of them are distrustful of other races, due to the ancient belief that they were superior to all other races. This belief has steadily declined with each generation, though there are many who still choose to stick with it. Avian's left over from ancient times tend to speak in riddles, and it has been suggested by many that their extremely long life spans (comparable to dragons, since they are both firstborn races) actually work against them by driving them mad long before they die of old age.

Avian Society

Though the Avian civilization was by this time still referred to as the Royal Empire, it hadn’t been a monarchy for quite some time.

The capital city held the Grand Hall where the seven senators from each city met together when large decisions were needed. Otherwise, the senators ran each individual city more or less as an independent state.

In each city, the senators elected a general to serve as the leader of that city during times of war. The general would be given full command of the military for that time, and would be expected to relinquish command back to the Senate once his/her job was complete.

Each avian that held a status in the military dropped their family name and took on a standard rank name. These people would resume using their family names once their contract of service was complete.

Rank Names:

· Senator: Raan

· General: Khar

· Battalion Leader: Shar

· Adviser: Zhan

· Healer: Sian

· Scholar: Hvan

· Mage: Tzur

· Soldier: Shim

· Recruit: Chai

For a more in-depth description of each rank, you may read the section on Avian Ranks.

When an avian male reached the age of ten, he was conscripted into the military. The females were given a choice. Their military training routines also taught the value of politics, so those warriors that lived long enough often became advisers or even senators themselves. When a general was killed or left service, the best fighters of that city were gathered before the local senate. They were then subjected to an assault of testing. Once this process was complete, the senators elected a new general.

Avian's & Religion

Being of arrogant disposition, Avians tend to worship themselves more than deities. Though they have aligned themselves with powers of light, they consider themselves allies of these powers rather than worshipers.

Avian History

Avians appeared around the time that dragons did. There was immediate conflict between the two races, due to the fact that they both occupied the same territories. When dragons began trying to drive Avians away from the mountains and cliffs, the Avians responded by claiming the sky for themselves. This conflict goes on for tens of thousands of years.

Avians began constructing their eight cities. Construction moved slow at first, but began moving faster and faster as more people joined in the building process.

The general population of the Avians began moving to temporary shelters around the cities as the dragons proved successful in forcing them away from their homes.

The cities are launched, giving all Avians a home once again. The cities are immediately attacked by dragons, causing one of them to fall right back to the ground.

By this time in their history, all but a small portion of their population were unable to use magic any longer. For this reason, the Avians had developed very advanced forms of technology. Their cities flew by this technology, and were made to be flying fortresses. These cities effectively ended the war, and only one was lost when attacked before it was able to bring its defense systems online.

Seven cities remained, and the name of the eighth was forgotten, as Avians are not very adept at remembering they have faults.

· Ardentor

· Armantium

· Ashtaeum (Capital)

· Bardriel

· Durgoth

· Erenstopolis

· Gadrendale

Hundreds of years pass without much incident, until the Immortals make their debut appearance. Gateways to the opposing realms open near the city of Armantium. The Immortals ignore the city altogether, though their battle causes it to fall out of the sky. The general of Armantium, Deslanus-Khar survived, but only due to being in Ashtaeum to attend a meeting of the full Senate. The distress call is heard, and the Senate immediately begins discussing the topic of war. The seven generals remained dressed for war at all times, as was their custom, and grew impatient with the bickering. They set out, away from Ashtaeum, seeking to engage the Immortals themselves. Their arrogance is their undoing.

Of the seven, only three lived to make a report: Shaelus-Khar, Aurelus-Khar, and Jenalyn-Khar.

Shaelus returns to Ashtaeum to speak with the Senate of the emergency, while Aurelus and Jenalyn return to their cities, Durgoth and Gadrendale.

Once the senators see the condition of Shaelus and are informed about the deaths of the others, the seriousness of the situation begins to settle in. Before this time, the avian people had grown to think of themselves as superior in all ways. After a short debate, the senators turn control over their military to Shaelus, due to the deaths of so many of the other generals.

Shaelus-Khar’s first act is to order all of the remaining cities to gather together near Ashtaeum. Aurelus-Khar’s city of Durgoth falls while making the journey. This is the first time Immortals make a target of the Avians. Durgoth falls into the Xalious mountains, and only a few warriors were able to escape the destruction.

The five remaining cities send out scouting parties to locate the sight of the nearest battle between Immortals. Messengers are sent out to the remaining dragons in order to beg for their help. Only twenty or so answer the call, with General Kazzragothk (Kaizer) among them. The Avians and dragons throw themselves into the middle of the battle. Many Immortals of both sides fell, but their numbers were endless. One by one the avian cities fell. Eventually, what remained of the Avians and dragons were forced to flee.

The Avians have only begun recovering from this disaster during modern times. Their numbers are growing, and they are slowly becoming a power again.

The new generation of Avians, descended from those who fled the great battle, have recently attempted to repair their relationship with the dragons on the grounds that dragons answered their call for help.

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