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This page is an OFFICIAL RACE page.

It contains important info about this race.

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Jersher Male ~Quinmyutiotu
Jersher Female ~Quinmyutiotu

Jersher Profile

Life Expectancy: 50 - 150
Homeland: Taylebeck
Average Height: 4' - 6’5" 
Average Weight: 100lbs – 300lbs
Preferred Classes: Warrior
Classes This race can be: Race-Class Table
Preferred Weapons: Knives, Swords, and homemade items. 
Aggression Level: Moderate
Intelligence Level: Normal
Magic Rating: Moderate to High
Strength Rating: Strong
Weak Against: Fire, Dark Magic
Strong Against: Water
Related Races: Naga, Human
Allied Races: Human, Elf, Dryad
Enemy Races: Naga, Lycan, Troll, Ogre


Jersher’s tend to come in the most colorful variation of all races in Hollow. Some are taller than humans and elves, but the majority is shorter than the average human. Each species of Jersher come with their own unique traits as far as their build is concerned. The Bull Jersher has the stocky build of a muscled warrior while the Poison Jersher is petite in frame and lithe in bone structure. Their skin can be a unique coloring ranging from mixes of blood red and bright blue to pale yellow and disconcerting green. Their skin is slimy to the touch after coming into contact with liquid and a sticky-humid texture when they’ve been without water for longer periods of time. The faces of the Jersher can range from a more humanoid structure such as hair, underdeveloped ears, and even a smaller jaw. Most tend to retain the features of an amphibian or, in rare cases, their facial features and particular fishier in appearance. Webbed fingers and toes are intact in all adult Jersher’s unless it is removed by a practitioner for one reason or another.


Jersher’s are much like knights when it comes to loyalty. Their breed is supremely good-aligned with the random chaotic character dotting the landscape of their society. Unlike most races within Hollow, the Jersher is a breed with an unwavering loyalty to their society and race. It is a closeness of community which stems from the constant fear of being overwhelmed by both their Naga and Lycan enemies. The desire to be accepted and respected among the other races of Hollow is a driving force behind their culture. The Jersher will not engage in violence to have the rest of the land respect them, but the desire to please and gain allies has the aquatic race pretending to be better and more civilized than they truly are. It is a culture which relies on the backs of their brethren. Jersher’s would sooner die than turn their backs and bring harm to the rest of their community.

Jersher Society

A close-knit community is key to life in the Jersher realm. Violence and infighting is a rare occurrence in the society of a Jersher. Several council members make up the political system of the Jersher community and every two years another group of council are inducted into the system so as to keep the ideas fresh and creative. The head of the society is a town elder chosen by his or her peers every few years so as to, again, keep the town at a fresh pace.

Jersher History

The race of Jersher was born from the desire of the Naga for a life of glutton. Naga scientists interested in pursuing a larger crop of toads for their meal decided to engage in several unsavory acts of science. Toads were bred with several different species including humans, elves, and even centaur at one point. With each woeful result the experiment was killed off without second thought. Eventually the Naga scientists hit upon a break in their studies. An experiment had finally produced one male Jersher and one female Jersher of the ideal quality. Continuing to breed their “perfect” race, the Jersher eventually began to multiply. Enough so the Naga scientists could no longer contain their perfect experiment. Some broke free, most were released, and the Naga scientists decided it would be best if none knew of their failed experiment.

Slowly the Jersher created a small island for their blossoming society off the coast of the Naga city to call home. Taylebeck was named for the founder and first leader of the Jersher’s. In years the number of Jersher has multiplied successfully, though it is still the youngest breed in all of Hollow.

Jersher Species

Through the years of breeding the Jersher have developed specific species of their kind. Each with their own coloring, build, and specific traits designed as to be of use to their community.

Bull Jersher: The warrior of the race. Build like a muscled warrior of the human variety, this Jersher is most adept at melee combat and physical labor. The Bull Jersher is also the most likely species to have anger issues.

Poison Dart Jersher: The craftier breed. Usually a Poison Dart Jersher can be found in a lab mixing up potions or training their thievery skills if the need ever arises to do so. They constantly study the poisons around them and prepare their community should the Naga or Lycan attack. This species of Jersher also secretes a toxic from its skin to help fend off possible enemies. While not completely deadly, the effects, if properly applied, can be terribly uncomfortable.

Tree Jesrsher: The Tree Jersher is the most common of all the Jersher’s. The skin of this species is a shiny green in color usually with touches of other various colors depending on the parents. It is a lighthearted species which can adapt to almost anything including magic, melee, scientific study, and even physical labor. The Tree Jersher is the most balanced of all the species in terms of where their skills can be honed. In danger, the Tree Jersher emits a mind-numbing cry for help. It is a cry which disables attacks from enemies briefly, but a sound which it can only make so often due to the delicate vocal chords.

Golden Jersher: This species, for one reason or another, are primarily comprised of the community’s healers and shop owners. The dazzling gold coloring seems to attract customers into the shops and gives a since of calm and comfort to those in need of healing.

Flying Jersher: These Jersher are given their name by the thin layer of skin between their long fingers and toes. When those layers of skin are pulled taut between the appendages they catch enough air to let them glide. These are the smallest breed of Jersher.

Goliath Jersher: These Jersher are rare, and the largest of their brethren some being 7 feet tall, but being so tall and strong takes away from their intelligence, making it where these can't wield any type of magic. Their size is also a recessive trait, making where these Jershers can't breed with others and expect their strengths to be passed on.

  • Rarest Jersher's

This mini-species of Jersher appears more salamander than frog. During the scientific experiments it appears that frogs were not the only substance of study. Thus, the Jersher with a tail and more salamander-like appearance found itself mixed with the Jersher's. Some have tails, some don't. Some look surprisingly frog-like in the face and the others retain qualities of the salamander.

Tiger Jersher: The more common of the rarer Jersher mini-species. These make up the majority of the pool. They are balanced like their Tree Jersher brothers and have the ability to engage in almost any skill set.

Marbled Jersher: The Pygmy and Marbled Jersher are often confused due to their adept ability at healing and figuring out cures. The main difference is the Marbled Jersher often uses the natural gift of healing while the Pygmy tends to lean towards more alternative forms of medicine.

Pygmy Jersher: These rare Jersher are often found in small clumps throughout the community. Most live as priests as alternative medicine healers for the community.

Hellbender Jersher: These Jersher types are the brother to the Bull Jersher. With an appetite for battle and a volatile temper when it comes to dealing with outsiders, these Jersher are usually the Spell Blades and Knights of the community. Many live as guards over the council and throughout the village.

Other species of Jersher include: Ghost Jersher, and the Horned Jersher.

Famous Jersher

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OOC Notes

To reach Taylebeck and its shops go to the 'Odd Watering Hole' and type the following command: swim watering hole

To leave Taylebeck after shopping return to 'Taylebeck Main Street' and type the following command: swim watery tunnel

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