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Race Rules
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Official Races of Hollow

Good Races of Hollow: Centaur - Dwarf - Dryad - Elf - Feline - High Elf - Jersher - Minotaur
Neutral/Non-Aligned Races of Hollow: Avian - Draconian - Dragon - Giant - Gnome - Half Elf - Hobbit - Human - Pixie - Seaborn - Troll
Evil Races of Hollow: Drow - Fermin - Lycanthrope - Naga - Ogre - Orc - Preklek - Shadow Gnome - Undead - Vampire

Centaur Profile

Life Expectancy: 500 - 800
Homeland: Kingdom of Enchantment
Average Height: 6'9" - 7'6"
Average Weight: 1800 - 2000 lbs. (calculator)
Preferred Classes: Bard, Ranger, Druid
Classes this race can be: Race-Class Table
Preferred Alignment: Lawful Neutral, Lawful Good
Preferred Weapons: Long sword, Bow
Aggression Level: High
Intelligence Level: Highly Intellectual
Magic Rating: Low
Strength Rating: Very Strong
Weak Against: Thunder, Psychological Attack
Strong Against: Physical Attack
Related Races: None
Allied Races: Dryads, Elves, Pixies
Enemy Races: Orcs, Undead, Humans


Centaurs are the result of a cross between a human and a horse, producing the half-human, half-horse hybrid. They have four hoofed feet, a tail, a fur coat of some horse breeds, and from the waist up, appear human. These creatures tend to tower over many other races and appear to emanate their power and are far more physically powerful than most creatures. Centaurs tend to have very lean muscles and are always free of any fat, unlike the humans or Elves.

In order to compensate for the differentiating body mass between a human and a horse, centaurs are born with four lungs, four kidneys, two hearts, and two livers as well as simply having one large stomach and intestinal tract. The larger lungs housed in the horse half of the centaur are primarily used for breathing while the second pair are in their (human) chest which assists in speech.


Centaur Society

Centaur society is tribal based often with a few extended families making up a tribe of a few hundred centaurs. A centaur always treats their fellows politely even if they are from another tribe. Centaur society is based around a lair where the young are kept out of harms way by whatever the natural cover is, if the lair is within a forest bushes and trees if the lair is within a desert rocks and sand dunes can be sculpted to provide cover. Centaurs are fiercely territorial and do not allow many other creatures into their lair. Only Elves, Pixies and Dryads have been known to return alive.

The males and females function differently within the tribe. The males spend most of their day outside the den arranged into small troupes of around 5-12 centaurs usually under a leader of roughly equivalent rank to a human captain known as a “Long Tail” often because the leader has the longest and best kept tail. The traveling male troupes tend to hunt, forage and protect the tribe’s territory from outsiders. The females tend to protect the lair, and administer the tribe, in this fashion it is usually the case that a female will lead the tribe politically but a male will be the wartime leader of the tribe.

Centaur survive on a hunted and foraged diet but are willing to trade with Elves and Pixies for other items usually trading the loot they gain from invaders. Centaurs are very skilled with the bow and will use it to harass the foe before charging with a sword or lance as would a human mounted knight in battle. Centaurs despise humans for using mules and horses as mounts and beasts of burden, regarding it as slavery to their distant cousins. For this reason Centaurs will often attempt to hunt human trespassers in their lands and rarely if ever trust humans.

Order of Power

  1. Ruling Female and Male (Political / Wartime)
  2. Tribe Chieftens
  3. Commoners

Centaurs & Religion

Centaurs are a very proud race. They are wise as Elves and fierce as Orcs or perhaps Ogres. Their great intellect even spans to the Cosmos. Stars tell fortunes, revealing events that may happen. They read the skies as a person would read a book, instantly spotting any tell-tale signs of good events or bad. This causes them, however, to remain faithless and follow no god in particular for it is believed that all the gods of Hollow's plans are laid out right in front of them; in the sky.

Centaur History

Centaurs are naturally mysterious and their history is not written but passed on via word of mouth, usually with very long poems and songs. Centaurs are ancient but were not one of the elder races that civilized Hollow many centuries ago. The first and most documented piece if Centaur history happened long, long ago around 67'500 years ago. The Great Silverback a fierce but noble warrior king became the leader of all the centaurs in southern Hollow. He is said to have completed this feat with a number of duels with other centaurs and clever diplomacy. When he died he passed his weapon ‘The Silver Spear’ onto his successor and this item has stayed within royal centaur lines since that time.

The Centaur opposed the expansion of the Dwarf Clans Empire in around 20’000 years ago but there was little to no open warfare. The only fighting tended to be Dwarf troupes trying to evict Centaur tribes from forests and Centaur raiding Dwarf camps and convoys. The Centaur were few in number and mostly disunited at this point and only wars with the dragons stopped the dwarfish expansion.

The Centaur found themselves the victim of a second race expansion centuries later but this time faired much better. The human expansion into the Nameless Desert was stopped by Centaur magic; the powerful centaur mages of the south created fierce sandstorms to prevent human settlers finding their way and through this effort were able to keep the southern deserts as their enclave.

It is in there southern enclave the centaur remained fighting off the pillaging tribes of orcs and desert nomads until recently. At the start of the age of Mortals the centaur began to explore again, many who had slumbered were awakened during the great cataclysm at Cenril. The Cenatur left now few in number have begun to find their place in the world again.

Famous Centaurs

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