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This page is an OFFICIAL RACE page.

It contains important info about this race.

Race Rules
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Official Races of Hollow

Good Races of Hollow: Centaur - Dwarf - Dryad - Elf - Feline - High Elf - Jersher - Minotaur
Neutral/Non-Aligned Races of Hollow: Avian - Draconian - Dragon - Giant - Gnome - Half Elf - Hobbit - Human - Pixie - Seaborn - Troll
Evil Races of Hollow: Drow - Fermin - Lycanthrope - Naga - Ogre - Orc - Preklek - Shadow Gnome - Undead - Vampire

Elf Profile

AKA: Wood Elf, Sage Elf
Life Expectancy: 1900 - 2400
Homeland: Kelay-Sage Area
Average Height: 4' (121cm) - 5’9" (174cm)
Average Weight:95 - 150 Pounds (calculator)
Preferred Classes: Ranger, Druid, Mage
Classes this race can be: Race-Class Table
Preferred Alignment: Lawful Good
Preferred Weapons: Bow, Spear
Aggression Level: Low
Intelligence Level: Superb Intellect
Magic Rating: High
Strength Rating:Moderate
Weak Against: Unholy Magic, Dark Magic,
Strong Against: Poison, Light Magic
Related Races: Drow, High Elf, Forsaken Elf
Allied Races: Human, Dwarf, Dryad, Pixie
Enemy Races: Drow, Vampire, Undead, Orc, High Elf

Elf Subraces

Sylvan Elf, Forsaken Elf


Elves can usually be found at a height that is slightly shorter than the human race, though deftness of hand easily scrapes up the difference. Their complexion is very light, reaching a pale status among the other races, with hair just as pale in colors, normally varying with blondes and silvers (though the rare black is not unheard of). Eyes knowledgeably gaze out of their skulls in numerous brilliant hues of the usual blue, green, grey and the like. Pointed ears stick out from their pale hued locks of hair as well. Elves mature at roughly the same rate as humans, though they are not usually considered past adolescence until they reach 110 years of age. They are short when compared to Humans and make up for lack of physical strength with dexterity and magic.


Elves are much like Dryads and Pixies in terms of their habits. They value the forest for each plant and animal that lives in harmony with them. Elves live extremely long lives, living life as healthily as they can. They often indulge in the fine arts and more often than not have a wealth of knowledge. Due to their longer lives, they tend to be more patient, kind, and nurturing when found in large communities in the forest.

Elf Society

Elven society has existed since mortal races can remember, yet it varies greatly depending on the subset of elf and location. The most common form of elf in Hollow are known as Wood Elves or Green Elves and they live within the boundaries of the Sage Forest, the oldest in the land. The elves have defended their sacred groves their since the early days of the world and would sooner die than leave them to the barbaric Orcs of the south. The elven society in Sage is a hangover from the days of the now forgotten Sylvan Empire, when virtually all of the elven races were united behind the Silver Throne, the King of the Elves commanded great respect and his kingdom ran from the borders of the Xalious Mountains to present day Cenril. The empire was lost however in a civil war started by nobles in dispute of their throne. Some would argue however that political intrigue never left the elf psyche. Elf society in Sage is run along the lines of the pre-Sylvan elves and this is a community based structure based around the Arch Druids who are in turn served by scores of rangers. Together they protect sage and provide for the elf citizenry. These elves tend to live off the land and have not sown crops for many years believing this human practice spoils the earth. On the other side of the coin are the elves who founded the metropolitan city of Port Rynvale, these elves have more in common with humans and are avid traders, mixing their skill at intricate weapon creation with their mastery of water and holy magic’s to create a human like society with an elven tinge. Above all else elves value their land and their honor although unlike the dwarves this does not tend to mean that elves will never lie.

Order of Power

  1. Kings
  2. Princes/Princesses
  3. High Council
  4. Lower Council
  5. Lesser Nobles
  6. Denizens

Elves & Religion

The very earliest elf religions were nature based and many elves worshipped dryads and green dragons as gods, this soon became the worship of nature itself and more recently elves especially druids have been known to worship Lauria. Elves are a religious folks but worship privately; many elves have two small shrines within their home, the first is for the worship of the natural order and balance and the second usually larger and more elaborate to worship their ancestors. Ancestor worship is very important to the long lived elves who can trace their family lines much more easily and often know the name of their grandsire hundreds of thousands of years earlier. Druids are often the central feature of the elven religion and perform important rights within stone circles and sacred groves hidden deep within sage, away from prying eyes. These ceremonies are often done on behalf of the whole elven community to which the druids belong rather than just themselves. The Rynvale elves worship the sea gods of which there are many and numerous and most of them require regular worship once a week, these temples services usually involve a story of the distant past read by the high priest and a small sacrifice by each individual household, usually some fish or fruit. After the ceremony if need be up to half of the food donated is used for charitable purposes such as feeding the poor, such is the generosity of the gods of the sea that they wish to share their bounty with the faithful.

Elf History

At the start of the world the elves had a rather primitive civilization, although this society was much more similar to the elves we know today. Druid circles were the dominant force and advised carefully the chief of the day. Eventually all elf tribes swore fealty to a single ruler who was enthroned on a chair of silver and thus the Sylvan Empire was born and was one of the single largest and most powerful empires Hollow has ever known. Elf settlements were sprinkled evenly from Xalious to present day Cenril and many ancient ruins can be found if one digs deep enough. Part of the Cenril wall is rebuilt from excavated remains from the pre-Senal city that stood amongst the cliffs there. The ancient Sylvan Empire enjoyed the company of the Dryads of Sage and the Pixies of the Enchanted Kingdom were their friends. Even the Dwarven Clans were the friends of the Sylvan Empire on and off again. The glory days of the empire ended when a dispute over the throne led to a long running civil war which saw the expulsion, and separation of many elf subsets and was the founding of many of the separate elf races in the world of Hollow, possibly even the cruel and enigmatic Drow.

During the long and extended civil war between the elves the war between the dragons and dwarves worsened and many of the dwarf clans were forced to relocate within the borders of the now war ravaged Sylvan Empire. The elves along the borders of the western empire were appalled by the drwarven way of life in particular their disdain for the sacred trees and earth. Within scant few years the dwarves and elves came to blows and the dwarven clans were disgusted at having to fight a war on two fronts, one against friends who they had sought shelter with. This incident has echoed throughout the ages and among certain groups in both races is still a cause of great animosity between the two elder races. The war had no real end and just fizzled out after a century or so when the resources of both races ran out.

The elves were one of the first elder races to realize the potential of the humans and taught them of the arcane arts. The elves found they had much in common with these ever refining savages and many elves and humans became married, even a settlement of human and elf mages was founded in Xalious around the Mage Tower. This was a period of great cooperation between the elf and human races and together their wizards fashioned the floating city of Krizar using magic and technology which has been lost to the ages now. During this time the elves became ware of their subterranean Drow cousins and many small scale wars were fought between the two that the other races were never aware of as the elves ever wanting to protect their good name did no speak of this matter to outsiders. The period of elf and human cooperation ended when the humans of Senal attacked the dwarves and the elves had to act to protect their forests. Three of the greater races the dwarves elves and dragons fought the human kingdoms but neither side in this war claimed the upper hand. The eventual outcome of the war for the elves was that the city of Krizar suddenly fell in the south of Hollow as the elves and humans found cooperating on keeping it floating harder, also resources were continuously funneled away from the project to help the war effort. The crash resulted in the creation of southern dead lands and the extinction of an entire subset f elves that lived there whose name is now lost in time.

For several centuries the elves lived in isolation after the Milous accords which ended the war, this came to an end with the creation of the Hollow Council which the elven kingdom became a member of. The elves were unable to act during the attack of Elazul the dark due to a hidden war between the elves and pixies on one side and the drow and their temporary alliance the shadow gnomes a splinter group who had remained in exile since the time that the pixies accepted the gnomes and hobbits into their kingdom.

The next major upheaval for the elves came when the progeny of Elazul, Arrecation came to claim the lands and the elves this time had to act the fought along with the other members of the Hollow Council against Arrecation’s wraithen army. Eventually the combined forces of Hollow won out but many of their leaders and soldiers had died, it took several centuries for their elves to rebuild. Slowly but surely the elves began to return to their older more peaceful ways and the druids rose to prominence once more.

In modern times the elves fought within the ranks of the many clans but the next time their race was called to fight as a single unit was during the first elf vampire war instigated by the vampire lord Dante, the elves fought with great nobility for the survival of their race and many lives were lost and in the elf eyes a greater sacrifice befell them when miles of their sacred forest was torched.

In recent times the elves have remained quiet and enigmatic possibly fighting another private war with a newly resurgent Drow, a brief reprieve was granted to them after the return of the dark immortals but this was bitter sweet as many elf heroes were lost in the fighting. With great certainty though it can be said that Hollow has not seen the end of the haughty elves as among their number there are still nobles who seek a return to the days of their mighty Sylvan Empire and if another threat should befall their race they will surely fight bravely once more as they have done many times.

Famous Elves

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