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Official Races of Hollow

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Life Expectancy: 1800 - 2300 
Homeland: Larket
Average Height: Dependent on Original Race
Average Weight: Dependent on Original Race
Preferred Classes: Druid, Ranger, Warrior
Races which can be turned: Drow, Dwarf, Elf, Gnome, Shadow Gnome, Half Elf, High Elf,Halfling, Human, and Orc
Classes this race can be: Any
Preferred Alignment: Neutral Evil
Preferred Weapons: Dependent on Class
Aggression Level: Normal but extremely high in those that can not control their transformations
Intelligence Level: Dependent on original class/race, but when transformed
usually they run on primal instinct
Magic Rating: Dependent on original class/race, but when transformed primal
instinct usually don't think of magics
Strength Rating: Dependent of original class/race, but when transformed their
strength seems to show no bounds.
Weak Against: Silver, Vampiric Blood
Strong Against: Vampirism (Virus)
Related Races: None
Allied Races: Unknown
Enemy Races: Vampires, Undead


Lycanthropes possess the ability to shapeshift from a humanoid form into an animal form, a characteristic that has earned them the moniker "werewolves, werebears, or weredogs." No known subtype exists outside of this spectrum. A lycan's transformation is limited to a single animal form, while their humanoid form corresponds to the race they belonged to before being cursed with lycanthropy. That means that a lycan who was once human would have a human form, while one who was once an elf would possess an elven appearance.

A lycan's animal form is determined by the source of their curse. They usually transform into a hybrid, half-animal form that combines their animal and humanoid features and is often difficult to control. Some individuals acquire the curse of lycanthropy through a bite or scratch, while others are born with it. Those who obtain the curse of lycanthropy through an unnatural means, such as a bite, may retain a pure form of their original race while in their humanoid state. Those who are born as lycans tend to exhibit certain animalistic features, such as a tail and/or ears, even while in their humanoid form.

Please be aware that the administrators of Hollow will only permit lycans of non-wolf species that are dogs of a reasonable size or bears. Any individual caught roleplaying as a Lycan of a species other than the approved ones may face penalties for violating restricted RP. However, certain characters who do not comply with this regulation may be exempted from the rule based on a grandfather clause.


The psychology of a lycanthrope is largely determined by their previous race, if any, and is further influenced by the animal form they take when transformed. Lycans whose alternate form is a wolf tend to exhibit traits such as selfishness, greed, and cunning that are associated with wolves. However, this is not always the case, particularly for born lycans. Those who are born with the curse tend to adopt the social norms of their environment, such as displaying loyalty within a wolf pack society. Even lycans who were bitten or afflicted with the curse unnaturally can overcome their base animal instincts if they possess exceptional willpower.

When transformed into their savage half-animal form, most lycans lose control of their conscious minds and become unable to control their actions, rampaging in a ferocious state. However, some lycans, particularly born lycans, have been known to exert some level of control over their transformed state, retaining at least a semi-awareness of their actions even after the transformation.

Lycanthrope Society

Lycans tend to congregate in groups, which are commonly referred to as packs. These packs are typically composed of lycans who share similar natures, such as werewolves. The reason for this is likely because their shared nature provides a common bond. The leader of the pack is usually the strongest member and commands almost complete authority over the others. In some cases, a pack member may challenge the leader for the position, and if the challenge is successful, the challenger becomes the new leader. These challenges typically take place in the lycans' animal form and are fought to the death.

The internal structure of lycan packs varies from group to group, and pack members can hold different positions of power and authority depending on the alpha's decisions. Examples of positions held by lycans in packs in Hollow may include, but are not limited to, beta, enforcer, scout, healer, and tracker. However, the alpha has the ultimate decision-making power in determining pack structure and assigning positions.

Lycanthropes & Religion

Lycans, with their unique ability to shift into animal forms, often find themselves drawn to deities associated with nature. The most prominent among them is Hind, the God of Nature. Lycans view nature as an essential part of their existence, and their ability to transform into animals only strengthens their connection to it.

However, not all lycans follow the path of nature. Many succumb to their primal instincts and give in to their own desires. As a result, some Lycans may also worship Delisha, the Dark Mother. Delisha is often associated with dark magic and represents the darker aspects of nature, which may resonate with certain lycans.

It should be noted that not all Lycans adhere to the same religious beliefs. Individual religious views are primarily influenced by their previous race. This means that lycans who were previously elves may have different religious beliefs than lycans who were previously humans. Ultimately, the religious beliefs of Lycans are as diverse as their physical forms.

Lycanthrope History

The history of the Vailkrin Pack.

The Vailkrin pack boasts a rich history as the oldest Lycan Pack in Hollow, with a founding story that centers around Isen. It is said that Isen founded the pack and quickly sought out other wolves to join him. Sophie was the first wolf he invited to join his pack, and she eagerly accepted. Isen also approached Leoxander about joining, but the pirate alpha preferred to remain a rogue alpha, though he remained allied with the pack.

As the pack grew and flourished, Isen realized the importance of having both an alpha male and an alpha female to lead the pack. He approached Deilakrion and invited her to join the pack and take up the position of Alpha female. She accepted the invitation and became a wise and capable leader, guiding the pack during Isen's prolonged absences.

Over time, several other wolves joined the Vailkrin pack, contributing to its strength and stability. The pack's history is marked by many triumphs and challenges, but its members have remained steadfast in their commitment to each other and their shared mission.

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