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Race Rules

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If you are aware of a player violating these policies, please inform the admin immediately. Failure to adhere to these rules will result in an immediate warning. After that, if you still fail to adhere, your character may be subject to an autokill with or without warning.


  • Characters can only claim a maximum of two races in its ancestry.
    • When creating a character that has two races in its ancestry, consider that one race should be the ‘base’. This means that the vast majority of what applies to that race applies to your character and some of what applies to their secondary race applies too. This does not mean you should feel free to pick and choose your character’s abilities to create a super character. Characters should be offset slightly and should have a weakness.
      • Example: Consider a half-elf with an elf mother (base race) and human father (secondary race). She is tall, fair and magically inclined like her mother, but she has the slightly more muscular build of a human. This means she is slightly faster than a human, but nowhere near as nimble and quick as full blood elves. Mentally she has the refined taste and quick wit of her elven mother, but she also inherited human greed and feels more at home in the hustle and bustle of a market place than the 'spooky' silence of the lush green forests of Kelay.
  • Half-breeds (half-elf, draconian, etc.) are sterile, meaning they cannot produce offspring of their own.
  • Angels, demons, gods, and goddesses: Characters cannot embody these eternal beings in any way, shape, or form, nor control them as NPCs without express admin consent.

Vampires and Lycans

  • Vampires can NOT breed. That is to say, that they cannot be born through conventional pregnancy because a vampire's body is dead and therefore cannot sustain life.
    • In the case of pregnant women being sired, the woman's body dies, and as such can no longer sustain the child. The vampire body treats the fetus as a foreign body, rejecting it. Hence, the child is born prematurely. If the child is developed enough, it lives, if not it dies.
  • If your character is sired, it becomes a vampire, with some remnant qualities of its old race.
    • Once sired, your character will inherit all vampire weaknesses. They almost always have the appearance of their original race if they were sired, but as a rule of thumb only ¼ of their abilities. Vampires lose any ability that comes with a race from a generally good alignment. This means vampires who had holy powers prior to being sired, will no longer have such powers after siring, as wielding such magic would severely injure or kill them.
  • Vampires cannot be mixed with lycan- or dragon-based creatures, including draconians. The reason for this is that their blood is a toxin to the vampires and will kill them. Vampire blood is a toxin to lycans as well, and will kill them.
  • Lycans can only breed with other lycans, because once your character is bitten it becomes a lycan, with some remnant qualities of the former race when not in lycan form.
  • Only the following races can be sired into a vampire: Drow, Dwarf, Elf, Feline, Gnome, Shadow Gnome, Half Elf, High Elf, Hobbit, Human, and Orc.
  • Only the following races can be turned into a lycan base race restrictions: Drow, Dwarf, Elf, Gnome, Shadow Gnome, Half Elf, High Elf, Hobbit, Human, and Orc.
  • Requests for other races to be sired or turned will be denied.


  • Dryads can be in a relationship with other races, however, they can not breed with them in any way, shape or form. The reason for this is that dryads are essentially asexual beings who reproduce on their own. Their offspring are always fully dryad and are always female.
    • This is because dryad sorcery is inclined to the ‘Natural Order’ which means they cannot create creatures via unnatural means. Dryads are born to special trees once per millennia instead.