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Dryad Profile

Life Expectancy: They live as long as their bonded tree.
Homeland: Kelay-Sage_Area
Average Height: 3’5" (103cm) - 4’3" (128cm)
Average Weight: Light (calculator)
Preferred Classes: Druid, Bard
Classes this race can be Any
Preferred Weapons: Staff, Wand
Aggression Level: Low
Intelligence Level:Highly Intellectual
Magic Rating: Mystical
Strength Rating: Pitiful
Weak Against: Flame and Fire Magic, Dark Magic
Strong Against: Water, Holy Magic, Nature Magic
Related Races: None
Allied Races: Elf, Pixie
Enemy Races: Dwarf, Dragon, Undead
Dryad ~Keturah


Solely a female race, dryads populate the forests in more significant numbers than most would bother to count. Their skin is often fair, but their hair usually consists of living, growing branches, and leaves. This is a very noticeable sight to any outsider. Occasionally, if a dryad is powerful enough, roses will bud from their plant-hair, denoting great nobility in their race. Because all dryads are female, the race reproduces asexually, through which they do not reveal to outsiders. All dryads' physical, emotional, and mental health is also affected by the tree they are bound to. If the tree is chopped down, the dryad dies with it. They do not have remotely similar anatomy to humans, elves, or any other humanoid race, making sexual relations with those races nonexistent. On top of this, dryads are living spirits bound to a tree, making them immune to vampirism or lycanthropy.

Dryad Society

Dryad society is far different from the institutions of the Elves or Pixies for they have no system of education. They are also a very peaceful race and do not actively seek combat, unlike those who have violated their lands and burned their forests. Dryads are not entirely defenseless; they can cast up shields and barriers using their powerful magic, their only weapon, to ward off invaders.

Dryads have no effective form or system of government. Still, it has been culturally accepted that each dryad circle's eldest leads them as they have lived the longest. These elder dryads are often exceptionally decorated.

Dryad Religion

Dryads are nature worshippers but are not very organized in their worship. Many pray to Lauria, the patron of the forest. This is usually done at their own tree or occasionally near one of the sacred trees of Hollow. These include the hallowed Trembling Tree, The Xalious Tree, and the Holy Tree of the Druid Shrine in Kelay. Dryads tend not to have any specific religious rites. Still, short prayers are usually common to the circle where the dryad belongs and harkens back to the much longer and elaborate incantations of the dryad society past. Dryads worship nature and life and value both dearly.

Dryad History

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