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Race Rules
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Official Races of Hollow

Good Races of Hollow: Centaur - Dwarf - Dryad - Elf - Feline - High Elf - Jersher - Minotaur
Neutral/Non-Aligned Races of Hollow: Avian - Draconian - Dragon - Giant - Gnome - Half Elf - Hobbit - Human - Pixie - Seaborn - Troll
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Minotaur Profile

Life Expectancy: 100-150
Homeland: Gualon
Average Height:6-9ft
Average Weight: 180-350 lbs. (calculator)
Preferred Classes: Warrior
Classes this race can be: Race-Class Table
Preferred Alignment: Any Good
Preferred Weapons: Morning Star, Club
Aggression Level: Average
Intelligence Level: Average
Magic Rating:Low
Strength Rating: High
Weak Against: Psychological Attacks, Fire Magic
Strong Against: Physical Attacks, Cold Magic
Related Races: 
Allied Races: Elf, Dryad
Enemy Races: Drow, Human, Centaur


The looks of a Minotaur vary. The basis is that if a human males body with the head of a bull. The muscle mass expanded and also taking on characteristics of a bull. While human in form, the sheer size of the Minotaur can seem overwhelming. They can stand anywhere from 6-9 feet tall and most weigh from 180-350 lbs. A fur like hair is known to cover areas of their bodies and ranges in colors. ( grey, brown, black) Minotaurs DO NOT have hooves. They are not Centaur.


Minotaurs value the idea of honor above all else. They believe the strong should rule under the premise that a ruler should be able to enforce the code of honor when needed. Though maintaining a keen eye and extreme cunning, minotaurs are better known for their refusal to back down from any challenge, whether verbal or physical, because of the view that retreat is a sign of weakness. Since retreat is frowned upon, a minotaur will only retreat when there is absolutely no chance of victory; anything less, and the minotaur will persevere until the end. Due to the reverence of honor of minotaurs, the creatures will offer their respect to those who deserve it, namely those who act honorably.

Minotaur Society

Minotaur society is separated by castes as follows:

Most Powerful

  • Ruling class - those suited for being the mind of the government
  • Religious class - those who interpret and study the religious beliefs and practices of the society
  • Enforcement class - the police force
  • Commoners - everyone else

In order for a commoner to rise to a higher cast, the minotaur pass an initiation battle with an appropriate official. As the minotaurs hold honor in high esteem, these initiation battles take place between individuals of equal skill and/or equipment.

Of all the races of Hollow, the Minotaur respect the Elf, Dwarf and Dryad. Most Minotaur live in what is now known as Larket and respect the Queen. They are very few in numbers and most tend to be part of tightly knit family structures or tribes. Minotaur society is honorable and righteous. Law and order is key to life.

Minotaurs & Religion

Minotaur are born into two groups warriors and monks of Aramoth. The race shows respect to all gods, but none is praised, followed and worshiped like Aramoth. It is a Minotaurs honor to serve and die for Aramoth on the field of battle.

Minotaur History

The history of the race and where it began in Hollow.

Minotaur are massive human looking creatures, nearly nine feet tall. Minotaurs have the heads of bulls on a human body, and the fur that covers them can range in color, though brown and black are the most common. The legend of the minotaur comes from a story once told that a man wanted to be as strong as a bull, so a God turned him into a minotaur. They obviously are one of the strongest races in Hollow, and without suffering the same simple-mindedness that plagues ogres and giants. However, they still cannot use magic easily if at all. All minotaurs are male and must breed with a female of another race; every child that is born from a minotaur is male and minotaur as well.

Once an honorable and proud race of human warriors lived in what was once called Tritan. The men of the village lived for battle and dedicated their very lives to strength and power. It was in this village that five tribes existed. Each tribe was constantly at war with each other in order to claim status as alpha tribe within the village. The members of the tribes whom did not live for war, were in service as monks. The gods were all respected, but Aramoth god of war, was most often on the receiving end of the village prayers. Countless battles took place for years until five tribes became three. The weakest of the tribes, Madurnaut, cursed their enemies and begged the gods for power and more strength than any other men. The small yet proud tribes monks and warriors alike pleaded and demanded of the gods to make them as strong as bulls, in order to defeat all their enemies. Enraged by the tribes demands upon them, the gods delivered the request, yet in the form of a curse rather than that of blessing. From that point on all men of the tribe Madurnaut were transfigured and morphed into that of a Minotaur. Human body with the head of a bull. All muscle mass expanded and enhanced, strength beyond any human warriors grasp.

The tribe had been answered by the gods, but with a great cost. No longer were any daughters born into the tribes line. Only males were brought into the world and all were born Minotaur. The tribe was forced to breed outside even the human race, yet no matter, the same outcome. The need to breed was more than often the only use the race had for females, but due to decline in war, a need for warriors was not as great. More and more Minotaur abandoned the warrior life for that of the peaceful existence of monk life. It took decades to become at peace with their curse and develop as a true race of Hollow. The warriors that were left were often hunted and run into seclusion by the increasing human population. The people of the land feared the beast like "monsters" and their great strengths. The Minotaur race no longer thirsts for complete power and war, though never backs down from a challenge and is quick to defend their homelands. A common myth is that Minotaur are dumb and brute like creatures, but they posses all the intelligence and cunning that any sophisticated human might portray. Most Minotaur live in what is today known as Larket, but several villages and camps exist spread throughout Hollow. Of all the inhabitants of the land, it is the elves and dwarves that Minotaurs respect the most. The majority of drow and humans are likely not welcomed at a Minotaur dwelling. An age old feud with the Centaur race thrives, but the origins of the conflict is unknown. Minotaur never serve evil willingly and put little to no faith in magics of any kind.

Famous Minotaurs


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