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Troll Profile

Life Expectancy: 300 to 500 years
Homeland: Southern Jungle
Average Height: 7 to 9 feet
Average Weight: 170 to 240 pounds (calculator)
Preferred Classes: Priest, Death Knight
Classes this race can be:  Any
Preferred Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Preferred Weapons:  Axe, War hammer, Club
Aggression Level:  Very High
Intelligence Level:  Low
Magic Rating:   Medium
Strength Rating: Very High
Weak Against:  Fire
Strong Against:  Water magic, druid magic
Related Races:  None
Allied Races:  Ogre, Orc, Minotaur
Enemy Races: Elf, Human, Pixie, Feline


Trolls are tall, ranging from seven to nine feet tall. Their bodies are long, lean and wiry, having more muscle than they appear to have, particularly in the upper half of the body. Evidence of this lies in their large forearms. Limbs are disproportionate to the rest of the form. Heads are rather large, cranium is hard like a rock, and none would go so far as to call a Troll 'handsome'. They have large hob-knobs of a nose. Ears are large, and pointed, akin to that of an Elf's, and more often than not can be seen adorned with hoops (earrings). This race has excellent teeth for gnawing and mashing, and hard fingernails that tear apart meat easily. Feet are long and wide, giving Trolls good balance. Hair, if the head is not bald, holds a similar style to most Tribalistic/Barbarous tribes, being that of a Mohawk, and is most likely outrageous colours. Skin ranges in colour depending on the Tribe the Troll hails from-- the most common hides are reds or blues.


Possessing a survivalist's way of thinking, however they are capable of sitting still to listen and then barter the price for their invaluable involvement should one be crazy enough to seek a Troll's attention. They hunt for their food. Death is a natural thing and it can only be hoped that one will meet it in a glorious, honor-filled way. They love battle, but have calmed down these past few centuries, and are starting to think more with their brains than with their clubs. Trolls prefer to war amongst themselves, wanting as little interaction with the 'lesser races' as possible. Homes are generally cave-like-- an underground tunnel system, or earth mounds. A Troll understands the chain of command-- however, they sometimes challenge the higher up's position, either from greed or ill-gotten advice. Trolls are quick to jump to conclusions, prefer settling things in fights, and are not very trusting.

Troll Society

Tribal in essence, the way the society is constructed varies between tribes. Certain Deities held in high regard in some whereas not in others; the way of life equally varies between groups. Common society is set up as follows, however:

The two main power figures in a Troll tribe are as follows and are of equal importance: The Chieftain and the Shaman. While the Chieftain is the head figure in the societal structure, the Shaman are the king’s advisers and spirit aids. Tribes vary in this aspect however-- some Tribes hold a large number of Shaman who also aid the common Tribesmen in battle, assuming roles as supporting casters and spirit healers. Other Tribes contain only one Shaman, who is looked at as a Sage and high medicine man.

Chieftains are often determined by size, as Trolls think stature is the key to being more powerful in a battle-- keep in mind not many of the tribes are considered to be sly in any battle. There are a few tribes, though, that are considered of higher intelligence than the rest; this is believed to have happened due to migration of tribes that were dominantly smaller in frame than other competing groups. One of these tribes are that of the Shadow Crest, a smaller sized tribe and a curious example of uncommon Deity worship.

Trolls & Religion

God of war Aramoth, any to do with battles. Their own war Gods. Axes are a key aspect in their rituals, praying-- everything.

Trolls fight amongst one another often, the chance to prove one's strength too great an opportunity to deny. They are a rowdy bunch, and morales and spirits before a battle is the leading cause of a Troll's death outside of battle with an enemy. Death is not a large factor of consideration, as they are true believes in reincarnation. They strongly believe that their loyal contributions to the angry God of War, Aramoth, will ensure that the deity will bless them in death so that they may be reborn into the body of a stronger warrior than they were in their past life.

When a Troll dies, they bring the body (often bodies) to the temple for the Gods of Battle, shared respectively. It is there that a great, roaring fire reaches the heavens-- its fuel the bodies of those too weak.

Troll History

Many centuries long past the Trolls emerged; these people settled long ago within the jungles, swamps, and forests of Hollow. Having been rather dormant, they recently decided to venture out and interact with the 'lesser races', most likely from persuasion of beings that wish to use their prowess in battle, and also from hearing about the Ogres' involvement and latest movements.

Famous Trolls

There are those within the Troll tribes that are spoken of with a reverence; there are war songs that are sung of their lives-- all of the battles they fought in, the many they murdered, the strength and prowess in fighting they possessed.
Think they'll tell you of these fearsome warriors of the past? Not likely. A non-Troll like yourself just wouldn't understand.

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