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Race Rules
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Official Races of Hollow

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Pixie Profile

Life Expectancy: 400-600
Homeland: Kingdom of Enchantment
Average Height: 3" (7cm) - 5" (13cm)
Average Weight: Very Light (calculator)
Preferred Classes: Druid
Classes this can be: Race-Class Table
Preferred Alignment: Neutral
Preferred Weapons: Wands, Staffs,Pixie Dust
Aggression Level: Very High
Intelligence Level: Highly Intellectual
Magic Rating: Mystical
Strength Rating: Weak physical strength, very strong magically.
Weak Against: Cold, Physical Attack
Strong Against: Psychological Attack, Magic other than their own.
Related Races: Dryads, Faeries
Allied Races: Hobbits, Dryads, Elves
Enemy Races: Orcs, Undead,Faeries


Pixies are NOT Faeries!

At A Glance

Calling a pixie a faerie is like calling a crocodile an iguana. Maybe they share a few similarities, but they are not usually confused for the other. Pixies are generally smaller by nature than fairies. Pixies can have any skin-tone imaginable, depending on their parentage. Some Pixie's have the ability to 'shift' between a larger size and their natural state depending on their class and experience, but to achieve such a feat does require much of their magic and holding larger shapes is nearly impossible for extended periods of time. Druids and mages are more prone to have the knowledge to use this ability. Pixie wings are the biggest difference to their faerie cousins. Pixie wings are thin and resemble dragonfly wings,though some do have larger appendages.

Pixie have many abilities, cunning and mischievious they are normally looking for trouble of some sort. Their relationship with mortals is a tricky one at best, Pixies enjoy playing tricks, teasing mortals. "Pixie-led", an enchantment of sorts over a mortal, causing them to wander aimlessly through the forest, muttering in strange tongues. Some poor souls are never found...Pixie-led and never seen again. To ward off this fate, 'tis common for mortals to wear their coats inside out and backward...to confuse the Pixies...really it just makes us laugh. Farmers have been known to try and humor the Pixies by leaving sweetened milk out for them and sweeping their hearths for Pixie dancing.

Pixies are deeply rooted in magic, resistant to any but their own but because of their size they are very vulnerable to the cold. Of all the races, pixies are among the most intelligent, very wise and dexterous, they know few equals. A pixie can be your best friend or your worst enemy, being the holders of the secret of pixie dust; which they can use to make themselves invisible or put others to sleep, is one of their greatest weapons. Pixies may not be physically strong but attacking one would be ill advised, as pixies are very close knit and loving of one another, attacking one brings on the wrath of all.

The Power

Despite their small stature, Pixie's may seem vulnerable to much. However, this is a misconception. It is due to their size that diseases are less likely to manifest in them. Microbes have difficulty completing the infestation process of an affliction thanks to this benefit. In retrospect, the tiny winged beings are more susceptible to poisons and lethal toxins. Only a very small amount would be required to prove fatal to a pixie, -if- you could manage to catch them to poison them that is. Thanks to a superior auditory sensory and excellent sense of smell, a Pixie will likely hear a foe well before they have the chance and should they come in contact with a poison, they will likely smell it right away. They associate people and their surroundings with scents, knowing each by first contact, making it nearly impossible to fool one by simple outward disguise.


Pixie's possess a very strong intellect unrivaled by most. Their ability to initially learn, comprehend and utilize not only practical application, but arcane abilities is equally superior to many races. They essentially -are- magic. Strategy is another strong suit of this small winged creature, due largely in part to its necessity where survival is concerned. They are very crafty and clever in every endeavor they undertake, be it sewing or felling a foe.

Pixie Society

Unlike most societies, pixies do not all follow the same leader. Pixies tend to follow the one child among them that is the eldest. The first-born pixie is the inherent heir to the legacy that the parents leave behind, and thus leadership of the first-born is often exercised to a great degree. Pixies are a highly tight-knit clan-based society with firm roots in the history of the world. Although the tiny things often don't get the recognition that they deserve, pixies are very powerful in their unique place in the world.

The Clan

Pixies are a heavily clan-based society who's rules don't extend beyond those set by the parents and if the older sibling is old enough, then their rules are to be obeyed. However, pixie leaders are not based on physical strength or prowess. Even a pixie who is completely crippled can still lead the clan that flourishes around him or her. The same is true for the mental state of the said pixie (hence the infamous "Killer Bee" clan) and so as long as the eldest of the children is not incapacitated in some manner, then they are the ones in charge.

Order of Power

  1. Eldest Sibling
  2. Strongest of the family (Often the parents)
  3. Nearest parent
  4. Farther away parent

The City-State

Being as pixies are, their clans often envelop a rather shockingly large territory. They are like bees to the hive. The bigger the hive, the larger area that they cover. The largest known territory stretched over half a mile and had some 300 pixies in it! They are famous for large broods. Small clans could be considered to be in the range of 50 to 60 children. Pixies are extremely adamant about defending their territories and often go to war against faerie tribes in the process of establishing their domain. Pixies are highly organized and extremely efficient in their operations. Some would boast the pixies as having a "military-like precision and execution". However, if a pixie wears red on his body as he leaves his territory, it would be the equivalent of a white flag being carried around. They are left alone as long as they leave the pixies that own the territory alone.

The Enemy of the State

Faeries are the greatest rivals ever to face off against the mighty tiny pixie race. While faeries are often larger and more naturally equipped with strength over their smaller, wiry cousins... they do lack the intellectual gift of their pixie kin. However, this does nothing to abate their hatred of pixies and vice versa. Pixies and faeries are often at war, and most of the time, due to said intellect as well as their much more aggressive nature, pixies will emerge triumphant.


Pixies are sporatic and chaotic in some instances. Just as bees buzz from flower to flower, some pixie's practice the same where mates are concerned. It is not necessary for a Pixie to be married or committed to one partner to raise a brood, though many choose this route. Earning the trust and love of a Pixie can be a trying endeavor at times, but once you have, it is everlasting. Having an entire clan of pixies in one's garden is extremely beneficial if you gain their trust and vice versa. Pixies are even loyal to those that have died and they fulfill promises to the fallen person even long after his or her death.

A Fall Too Far

A pixie death is something to be mourned. The pixies that fall from their long and often well-lived lives are honored always. Despite the pixies being merry and jovial, the sadness at the loss of one of their own clan members is something they show great respect for. Burial ceremonies often consist of draping a cloth over the fallen one's body and then burning them on a funeral pyre, giving their ashes to the garden that they lived their whole lives to start and make.

Pixies & Religion

Pixie History

Famous Pixies

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