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Half Elf Profile

Life Expectancy: 200-500 though this can vary dramatically.
Homeland: Kelay Sage
Average Height: 5-6ft
Average Weight: 100-130 lbs (calculator)
Preferred Classes: Ranger
Classes this race can be: Any
Alignment: Any but tendancy to be Chaotic
Preferred Weapons: Bow, Sword
Aggression Level: Medium
Intelligence Level: High
Magic Rating: Moderate
Strength Rating: Moderate
Weak Against: Fire, Cold, Physical
Strong Against: Nature
Related Races: Elf, Human Drow High Elf
Allied Races: Elf, Feline
Enemy Races: Vampire, Drow, Undead


Half-elves are descendants from Elves/High Elves/Drow and another race, most often human (though it can be several other races). On isolated occasions, a drow and an elf have been known to conceive. The slang term for one of these is "gray elf."

Generally speaking, half-elves retain whatever traits were passed on between the host parents. Depending on the parent races, it can be the average height of an elf, taller or even shorter, depending on the other race in their blood. Their ears tend to be smaller than elves' but longer and pointier than other humanoid races. Their skin color would also be determined by the parent's traits: descendants of the drow would have darker skin tones and lighter hair tones than one descending from a high elf. All half-elves are sterile meaning they cannot in any way, shape, or form mother or father their own children.


The mindset of a half-elf is somewhat dependent on how the person was raised. A half-drow would generally tend to dislike any brand of less evil elf, and vice versa, much in the same way that the base elven parents would act. Half-elves tend to offer a little more respect to other half-elves than those of full blood, or in fact, of most other races, i.e., a high elf would show more disdain to a half-elf than another half-elf would. Half-elves are generally looked upon in society as 'Half breeds' and are treated by most other races as such. Even the parenting races of half-elves treat those of dual birth with a lack of respect.

Because of the wide range of means of being raised, half-elves range across the entire good-evil spectrum; e.g., A half-elf parented by a human and an elf would be more likely to fall on the side of Good than a half-elf parented by a drow and a human. However, birth is not the only thing that determines the alignment of a half-elf.

Half Elf Society

Half-elves are not entirely accepted into any society. Within elven enclaves, they are mainly treated with suspicion and as outsiders. They are never admitted into drow society, either cast out or killed; this may explain why only a small proportion of drow-descended half-elves exist in Hollow. It is probably within human society that half-elves will have the best chances; humans are the most accepting of the races.

It would be rare to have an entirely half-elven society for the simple reason that half-elves do not have children. A group of half-elves may come together and form an enclave of sorts, but as a general rule, such an organization would not last longer than a single generation.

Half Elves's & Religion

As a general rule, most half-elves are aligned chaotically. So worship will generally be directed to Kanos if they follow the path of good, Cyela if they are neutral, and Astrala if evil is the chosen path (though they can pursue any alignment and, therefore, worship any deities).

If a half-elf has an elven parent, they may also follow the traditional structure of elven worship. Many elves, especially druids, have been known to worship Lauria. Elves are religious folks but worship privately; many elves have two small shrines within their home; the first is to honor the natural order and balance. The second, usually larger and more elaborate shrine is to worship their ancestors. Ancestor worship is essential to the long-lived elves who can trace their family lines much more easily and often know the name of their grandsire hundreds of thousands of years earlier.

If a half-elf has drow parentage, then their worship is more likely to be towards Astrala. The treatment of half-breeds within drow society is delivered only in two ways: death or exile. Regardless of that half-breed's abilities or any feature, those two sentences are carried out without question. Therefore it is unlikely that any half-elves will live in the Underdark.

Half Elf History

This section has been created piecing together what little information could be found in the history section on the wiki and is subject to change. If any player has any ideas how this section could be improved, please feel free to do so.

Half-elf history is complicated to trace. As stated above, enclaves of half-elves are very rarely found. The record is therefore mainly reliant on the 'parent races' histories crossing paths.

The first half-elves probably became present when elves and humans first began to mingle, and the elves started to teach humans magic. Before this time, the humans were considered barbaric and were largely ignored by the elven population. Even then, the introduction of a human into an elven enclave was rare, and the integration of an elf into human society was equally so. The number of half-elves was therefore minimal.

During the war with the Vampire Lord Dante, when miles of the Sage Forest was torched and the elven race devastated, many elves found refuge in human towns, causing the population of half-elves to increase dramatically. Since then, many humans and elves have co-existed, leading to the half-elves' population remaining reasonably steady.

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