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Race Rules
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Official Races of Hollow

Good Races of Hollow: Centaur - Dwarf - Dryad - Elf - Feline - High Elf - Jersher - Minotaur
Neutral/Non-Aligned Races of Hollow: Avian - Draconian - Dragon - Giant - Gnome - Half Elf - Hobbit - Human - Pixie - Seaborn - Troll
Evil Races of Hollow: Drow - Fermin - Lycanthrope - Naga - Ogre - Orc - Preklek - Shadow Gnome - Undead - Vampire

Gnome Profile

Life Expectancy: 350 - 500
Homeland: Kingdom of Enchantment
Average Height: 3 - 3’6"
Average Weight: Heavy Set (calculator)
Preferred Classes: Illusionist, Mage
Classes this race can be: Race-Class Table 
Alignment: Any
Preferred Weapons: Wand, Crossbow, Twin Daggers, Pick Axe
Aggression Level: Very Low
Intelligence Level: Highly Intellectual
Magic Rating: High
Strength Rating: Pitiful (This is compensated for with sleight of hand)
Weak Against: Fire, Thunder, Physical Attack
Strong Against: Poison, Dark Magic, Illusions
Related Races: Hobbit, Dwarf
Allied Races: Pixie, Hobbit, Human
Enemy Races: Orc, Undead, Drow


Gnomes are squat humanoids, more heavy set and shorter than a human. Gnomes tend to have thin gangly limbs and pot bellies, their fingers are especially very long and thin and this tends to give them a good advantage in dealing with small intricate machinery and picking locks. Gnomes have tan skin and can have any color eyes but these always tend to be bright, a sign of their inner intelligence. Male gnomes tend to be taller and more stocky with short hair and finely trimmed beards. Women tend to have longer hair and more angular faces.


Gnomes tend to be one of the most curious races and this fact tends to affect almost all of their dealings with others. Gnomes tend to be thinkers, tinkerers and pranksters, most of their pranks are made in jest because they are a high spirited race full of humor. Gnomes have a love of animals, the exotic, and machinery, they are the great inventors of Hollow. Gnomes are loyal companions and tend to stay with friends for many years finding out about them, their loyalty and curious nature means they tend to be well thought of, although this is sometimes negated if they become to well known for their seemingly cruel pranks. Gnomes have a peculiar obsession with gem stones, the larger and shinier the better. Gnomes tend not to care what kind of gem it is for they love them all equally. Gnomes craft these gems into beautiful artifacts and jewelry that are very expensive to buy outside of gnome lands as they feel physically sick upon parting with their work.

Gnome Society

The good aligned gnomes are part of the kingdom of enchantment's society. A multi-racial alliance of security and cooperation. Gnomes tend to live in small embankments and burrows in large extended families, usually of up to six generations under one embankment. This is because gnomes, like dwarves, have a healthy respect for age and wisdom, so their elders are usually the leaders. Pranks, music and story tend to be the most common forms of entertainment. Gnomes are small of stature but great of intellect and tinker with many inventions and were probably the first race to use clockwork in toys and time pieces, this knowledge they share with their fellows. The gnomes are represented at the court of the Pixie Queen by their own nobles and are valued members of the Enchanted Kingdom providing technical expertise, mages and occasionally foot soldiers and thieves to the army of the pixie queen.

Gnomes & Religion

Gnomes tend not to very religious, preferring to devote their time to other things. Gnomes have no formal priesthood normally but a handful of gnomish priests do exist but they tend not to speak for any kind of gnomish belief. Gnomes do not revere or worship nature, as the pixies and elves do.

Gnome History

Famous Gnomes

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