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March 2013

  • March 7
    • One of the few pockets of Elves which remain in Sage after the Drow-Elf war has been savagely butchered. Corpses were left discarded where they stood, horror evident on every face, terror in the glassy remnants of their eyes. The bodies themselves seem to have been devoured beyond the normal blood-dry that happens when vampires feast, some were even torn entirely apart, like they were set upon by ravenous beasts. None know who is responsible, though rumours from both Vailkrin and Kelay speak of two terrifying monsters which travelled through the cities, slaying any foolish enough to get in their way. Which could well explain the many bodies left to die in the streets. The only one who got a good look was a poor traveller who had his spine shattered... he doesn't have long to live, but he could be the only one with any information on what caused so many to share such a horrific fate...

November 2012

  • November 15
    • A horse (appearing to be albino, wild, and bearing an odd necklace of antlers, bones and stones) has been seen in random areas of Kelay and Northern Sage, as well as other areas of Hollow.

October 2012

  • October 30
    • A recent string of muggings, ending in the death of the victims, has started. Victims bodies have been found in front of Kelay's tavern, as well as outside various shops. Reports have stated the muggings happen between Ten P.M., and Four A.M. Kelay Citizens are urged to keep inside during these hours until those responsible for the thefts are captured.

August 2012

  • August 5
    • The entrance to the Death Cult Temple in Kelay has begun to expell various abominations coming from the City of Vampires. The creatures seem a mix of body parts thrown together at random, though many of them are deadly and highly aggressive. The exact cause is not yet known, but investigations are ongoing. News from Vailkrin itself is shakey, but whispers say that the city is drowning in a war with unknown enemies.

July 2012

  • July 19
    • An apparent break-in occurred at the Mage Tower's academic library, in Xalious, during the night, in which two books were stolen from the restricted section. Students doing some late-night studying reported hearing disruptive noises shortly before enchanted alarms were triggered - the main culprits appear to be three drow, one of whom was a mage himself and knocked down a good few book cases in the ensuing chaos and escape. A fermin with a large book was thought to be spotted fleeing the scene as well. Three mages in training were killed, while two suffered minor wounds after being trapped beneath the falling book cases.

December 2011

  • December 16
    • There has been a mass murdering of every man, woman, child, waiter, and chef within the Kelay Resteraunt. The only notice of what creature had done such damage is a board posting in the Kelay Tavern, stating that it was a "foul beast" which had done the crime. A bounty of 20,000 gold has been put upon the head of whatever beast had done such a foul deed.

November 2011

  • November 23
    • An elven woman and a Preklek had gotten into a fight within the Kelay Tavern over an offending note the fiesty elf had posted upon the tavern's board. The Preklek had overpowered the woman and now has her held as his captive. Should her ransom not be paid off in 3 days the Preklek will be having the elf open to third party bidders. On an extra note, the tavern's door had been pinned shut by the Preklek, so many may have found the need to enter through the hole in the Southern wall, or through a window. As well there are damages around the shop, though nothing immense.

October 2011

  • October 4
    • Another sighting of the mysterious vampire woman has been reported in Kelay Tavern. She was spotted exiting the Tavern, leaving an unconcious, Dark-skinned Half-elf with a strange mark on his neck upstairs in a room. The Half-elf was questioned, but could not remember any such event.

September 2011

  • September 30
    • A large brawl breaks out in Kelay Tavern. While none were killed in the conflict, witnesses report a vampire woman leaving a room with bloodied lips. A drained human body is found in the room the long-haired vampiress left. An elf lad she had also been seducing has yet to be found for questioning.
  • An Imperial Proclamation on beautiful gilt edged card* I Rowen Stronghammer, Supreme Empress of the known universe, do hereby declare an official period of joyous celebration in honour of my recent marriage to my beloved Bob. The celebration throughout the entire universe will last for one thousand years. During this festive period the following by-laws shall be enforced. 1. All citizens of the universe -must- wear flowers in their hair at all times. Persons from worlds with no flowering plants may substitute colourful birds, squid or sentient clouds of gas. Persons with no hair must wear such decorations on their head or heads. 2. All citizens -must- purchase tacky commerative Royal Wedding plates, mugs, bowls etc and use them at every meal. Persons who do not eat must still purchase these items. 3. All citizens of the universe -must- be euphorically happy at all times. - By order of the Supreme Empress, Rowen Stronghammer

  • As a further celebration of my joyous marriage, I am creating the honourable post of Imperial poet Laureate. This honour comes with a gift from your empress of a 'thinking cap' and a crate of wine. The duties of the poet Laureate involve praising the beloved empress and speaking in rhyme at all times whilst holding the position. Each Poet Laureate will hold the title for one hour, the empress may choose to extend this period for an exceptional poetic genius. She may also in certain circumstances give the title once more to one who has already served their hour of fame. - Rowen Stronghammer Supreme empress of the known universe.

--Rowen (September 27th, 7:36 AM)

August 2011

May 2011

  • May 4
    • A huge red Meteorite came crashing into the Town in the Trees in Kelay, something has never been seen before in hollow, the mysterious promos had aired prior to this, but when the Red Meteorite cracked, a blazing woman came out, which also turned into a Dark Phoenix as she was walking and flew off to shock to many villagers as this new creature came to hollow, The Dark Phoenix had officially come to hollow!

February 2011

  • February 20
    • A group of Liana's Wood Elf rangers led by the Druid Falastarian was attacked by the Drow Patron Tiphareth D'Artes and a band of Drow warriors within Sage Forest near the Spring of Vitality. The rangers were killed and skinned in the encounter, some left buried to their waist and the others left hanging from the trees. Falastarian survived the attack, though sustained serious injuries due to injection of a magical toxin.
  • February 2
    • A wood elf, dressed in the garb of a ranger captain, was executed in the tavern today. All saw the Drow Patron Tiphareth D'Artes do the deed, while two other Drow attended him.

January 2011

  • January 30
    • The peace of Kelay was disturbed this eve by what appeared to be a drunken brawl. There is an increased cause for concern, however, as the incident seems connected to the gang warfare currently running rampant in neighboring Cenril. Citizens are advised to exercise caution in their travels, and to report suspicious activity by strangers to the relevant authorities.
  • January 29
    • An elven patrol in Sage failed to report back this morning. Further investigation found five of the six rangers at the far southwest corner of the forest, skinned and hanged. The sixth ranger has not yet been found.
  • January 25

December 2010

  • December 06
    • One of the barmaid of Kelay tavern was found dead... according to witnesses as the corpse itself was unrecognizable at the Underdark early evening today.
    • Early evening today, a very loud... howling? even those who heard it doesn't know what to call it, it sounded like a cow dying but it was far louder and... unnatural, especially with the sound of metal clanking around while large trees fall down by the forest. The next day, villagers from the city close to the area was sent to investigate, but only one was able to return alive. He said that a large beast incinerated the others. When they went to the forest again, the beast was gone.

November 2010

  • November 15
    • An Elf named Strend is scheduled to be cremated at the Sage Forest by the Spring of Vitality at exactly three hours before midnight today.
    • Less than three hours before midnight, a fire have started by the forest. Scent of burning flesh and blasting-powder, thick black smoke and a small crater was found charred was the only thing left at the scene near the spring. Witnesses said that it is caused by a pink feline named Noemi Yakata, one of the barmaids of Kelay Tavern.

October 2010

  • October 30
    • Just past midnight, residents of the town by the trees have been awaken by the sound of a large wall that fell off a building by the west, followed by a thunderous steps that finally woken up the whole town. two of the residents was found dead afterwards, their bodies was found outside their homes with every bone upon their body broken as if they were crushed, witnesses said that a Giant Metal Scorpion did the said attack, destroying some trees, leaving cracks upon the road and finally leaving a large hole by the ground, but somewhat, it was sealed again, leaving the ground uneven.
  • October 21
    • The body of a middle-aged human male was discovered in a back alley of Kelay today, along with the bodies of two prostitutes. Another corpse, this time of a lone woman, was found in a separate location, on the outskirts of town; all four victims died via blood loss via the enormous, violent slash wounds across their hearts and throats. Authorities believe the murders to have been committed by a single person due to the similarities of each victim's deaths, the various evidence left at each crime scene, and the apparent time slot both murders took place in. At the first scene, the word 'abandoned' was found painted on the alley wall in the blood of the victims', while at the second, what seemed to be the word 'forgotten' was discovered written around the body - again, in their own blood. Also found at each location were strangely-shaped bootprints; extending from the tip of each boot is the shape of a long, flat object, presumably a knife. As evidence has yet to lead toward any particular suspects and no one has turned themselves in, the killer is still at large.

August 2010

  • August 26
    • A caravan carrying lumber from Larket and bound for Gualon, was attacked by a company of dragons led by two Blacks on the Milious road as it made camp for the night. Casualties were catastrophic, and citizens traveling about and through Kelay are advised to be extra careful in their activities, and to alert authorities of any further sightings of Black dragons engaged in unlawful acts.
  • August 25
    • The Black Dragon Heltri mounted a surprise attack on the Fold compound supported by what seemed an illusory black dragon fighting unit.The attack seemed designed to test the clan's current defenses and harm or maim as many as he could. Despite taking significant casualties, the forces of the clan are able to repel the dragon’s attack, although the forests surrounding the compound took damage as a result of the assault.
  • Aug 18
    • The peace of Kelay village and the forest of sage were disrupted today by the bellowing of dragons in flight and what seemed to be a possible skirmish in the air above the town. Witnesses report that one of the dragons seemed to resemble the Black Dragon that had been previously involved in a brawl outside of the tavern.
  • Aug 15
    • Eyewitnesses outside the Kelay Tavern report a skirmish between a great black dragon and an armored black wolf that resulted in the shattering of the tavern windows. The incident provoked consternation because the dragon in question was identified as Helich, one who has been the cause of much trouble for these lands in times past.

June 2010

  • June 14
    • A soft rumble can be felt within the lands of Sage as a brilliant green light shines out from deep within the ancient Druid temples before washing over the entire forest in a warm peaceful wave. The question of what caused the rumble is soon answered as the ancient branches of the eternal tree rise higher into the sky than ever before, growing before the very eyes of the druids and rangers of the land below as they gaze upon its powerful form with awe. It appears recent events have stirred its powers. The Eternal Tree’s Broadened branches appear stronger almost muscular. All around the sacred temple roots from the tree explode from the dampened soil exposing the tree’s ancient form buried deep below the earth. The ancient spirits of the forest have been roused...
    • This day has the preklek menace struck terror into the very heart of Kelay. A surprise attack, utilizing preklek made explosives, was made upon the Kelay Tavern in early afternoon hours. Several injuries and a few fatalities were reported. Clean up has already begun, and the possibility of counter strike upon the alien horde in their stronghold grows.
  • June 13
    • In an unexpected reversal of events, the build up of Preklek forces along the Sage border seems to have ceased, and numbers in fact seem to be dwindling.There is a strong likelihood that the casualties taken in their attempted assault on Cenril, have limited their ability to attack. Citizens are advised, however, that the woods of Sage remained primed and boobytrapped for the advent of war, and that they should not be wandering in the woods without the escort of the elven rangers provided for just such a purpose.
  • June 9
    • A sudden and significant influx of Preklek scouts has been witnessed amassing near the southern borders of Sage forest. The ever increasing number and nature of their activity seems to indicate that invasion is in fact imminent. Non combat citizens are advised to evacuate their homes and flee to safe quarter.Combat capable citizens are to make final preparations for the advent of war. May the gods help us now.
  • June 8

May 2010

  • May 11
    • Archdruid Liana recognizes that war is coming to Sage thanks to the imminent threat of the Preklek invasion. Wishing to bring the people together to protect the forest, she has appealed for any seeking to protect it to contact her directly rather than making their intentions publicly known. In this way, she hopes to surprise any invaders. All who live within the boundaries of Sage Forest are expected to help in the effort to rid the forests of Preklek, be that fighting, healing or feeding.
  • May 4
    • The rangers of Sage and Larket have reported the presence of, and hostile engagement with a band of Preklek scouts on the borders of the forests of Sage. Citizens are advised to be cautious in their travels in the area, being certain to avoid being alone where possible and always armed. Further sightings should be reported immediately to the nearest relevant authority.

April 2010

  • Apr 28
    • Archdruid Liana is currently testing elven rangers to see who is worthy to hold the bow Fortis Animis, a legendary weapon given to the Protector of Sage, the finest ranger currently in her service.
  • Apr 03
    • The cockatrice has been spotted in Sage Forest, heralding the annual Cockatrice Day. Legend has it that those who hold one of it's eggs when it hatches will be granted a prize.

March 2010

  • Mar 31
  • Mar 28
    • A mutilated carcass was today recovered from the Sage forest, wrapped in a sticky white substance experts believe to be spider silk. Protruding from what little meat remained on the body were several raven-feathered arrows. An autopsy of the body revealed it to be of Duergar origin, and it has been suggested the remains are what is left of Zardrir, who went missing the prior day. A killer has yet to be identified.
  • Mar 14
    • The tavern was invaded by a band of orcish raiders this evening. They were fought off by a small group of patrons, although the interior of the tavern was practically destroyed by an explosion during the fight. The centaur merchant Cyllarus was reportedly injured in the blast.

February 2010

  • Feb 14
    • The Fold Compound was attacked today by the black dragon Lasacartra, who sought to claim the land upon which the clan headquarters was built, as her own. The Fold intends to resist these claims by all necessary means.
  • Feb 11
  • Feb 04
  • Feb 03
  • Feb 01
    • A drunken Fool in front of the Tavern was found dead with his head split open by what appears to be an axe, and stripped of any valuables and clothing. Locals wonder if the fool aggravated the wrong person, or if it could possibly be the start of something more sinister.

January 2010

December 2009

  • Dec 31