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A Web of Illusion


No one knows the true man, Sanlig. Sure, when he was growing up in the Mage Tower in Xalious, his teachers did. But to their knowledge, the grey-haired, grey-eyed human named Sanlig had died a horrible death, flayed by the overwhelming power he'd attempted to wield. The burnt skeleton was found in the middle of a scorched circle of earth. He'd had no family, nor any known friends, so the remains were laid to rest without much ceremony, and his name was scratched off the student list at the tower. That was ten years ago.

A Time of Learning:

After creating the illusion of his death (with the help of oil, fire and an unsuspecting villager), Sanlig withdrew from society altogether. He spent his time, hooded and cloaked, in libraries, both public and private. He read the works of masters of his school, and of rogue illusionists. He dwelt far underground among the shadow gnomes, his life paid for by illusions of gold, learning of their native magic. Most recently, he sneaked into the libraries west of Frostmaw and, living off of the meager rations he brought, poured over each and every book. Finally, after completing that task, he felt ready to emerge once more.

A Return:

Appearing once more among civilization, Sanlig is cautious. He is never seen without a complex network of illusion surrounding him. He seems to be testing out the people; he appears as various different forms, often as more than one person. He creates scenarios such as tavern brawls, all of illusion, simply to see how people react - or simply because it amuses him. Another favorite of his is the form of an average-looking man who performs feats of impossibility for onlookers. What his true plan is is unclear at this time, but there can be no doubt that he has one, and it is most likely very unpleasant.

Illusionary Figures

Following is a list of 'characters' Sanlig creates with his illusions, and uses to fool the populace. There is no link between them icly, so please don't act as though your character knows them for what they are.

Tovenaar - A mysterious figure that claims to have killed many, many people.

Skirr - A rugged feline thief.

Groot - A huge, ugly orc, created to impress a band of orcs to follow Sanlig.

Oog - A shadow gnome illusionist, created to conceal Sanlig's true identity from Tiphareth.

Verdraaid - A human man, whose purpose for existing has yet to be revealed.

Iep - A dryad girl, created to trick the dryad Quinmyutiotu.

More to come later.

Accomplishments and Doings of Note

  • As his illusion, Tovenaar, Sanlig has claimed crimes on public boards, establishing himself as a villain.
  • As Tovenaar, Sanlig has entered Rheven's Mage Tournament (2010).
    • He has won the first round.
  • As Tovenaar, he fought and killed the orc Kurlurk, and collected the bounty of 250,000 gold, as well as all of the orc's worldly possessions.