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This page is an UNOFFICIAL RACE page.

It contains important info about this race.

Race Rules
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Lich Profile

Life Expectancy: N/A - Quasi-immortal
Homeland: Vailkrin, Various
Average Height: Dependent on Original Race
Average Weight: Dependent on Original Race
Allowed Classes: Mage, Necromancer
Allowed Races: Any living Humanoid race which still possesses their Soul, must become Undead
Preferred Alignment: Neutral Evil, Chaotic Evil, Lawful Evil
Preferred Weapons: Any
Aggression Level: Various
Intelligence Level: Superb Intellect
Magic Rating: Mystical
Strength Rating: Strong
Weak Against: Damage to their phylactery, Holy/Light
Strong Against: Physical Attack, Dark Magic
Related Races: Undead
Allied Races: None


Liches are often mad men and monsters who sacrifice all which remains of their humanity to achieve what is considered the pinnacle of undead immortality and dark powers. The path to Lichdom is not an easy one, however; the rituals and incantations stretch over many years and require the creation of an item known as a phylactery or “soul box”. When the Lich dies in their final ritual, they transfer their soul into this item for safe keeping; the destruction of this unholy artifact bestows certain death upon the Lich. The rituals, incantations, and spells required for this procedure are greatly guarded by those who possess them, and only written accurately in a handful of tomes within the entire realm. These rituals, part magical - part religious, ensure that not only the magical elements are in place to allow for these incredibly complex spells to be effective, but also ensure that Vakarash guides the target's soul during the tumultuous journey from the body into the phylactery. Should an unworthy mage or necromancer undertake the journey without a suitably evil soul, their essence will likely be lost to oblivion, leaving only an elaborate suicide for their efforts.


These skeletal creatures are for the most part eternally living corpses in various states of decomposition, depending upon age. Upon decay of the soft tissue within their eyes, their former optical organs will be replaced by a turbulent flame which burns ominously within the emptied sockets. As with other undead creatures, Liches feel no pain; they also do not tire or experience poisons and toxins as the living do. The enchanted bones which lie inside of their decrepit flesh are incredibly strong and difficult to damage without the use of enchanted weapons. Even upon complete destruction of their body, the Liches form will eventual coalesce once again near the location of their phylactery, given that the soul box remains intact. The time required for this process to take place varies on the age and power of the Lich and could be anywhere between a month and many years. Physical strength is greatly dependent on the original race of the Lich and the Lich's age; upon creation, the Lich generally has a physical strength slightly higher than that of their base race, though as the magical connection between their phylactery and body grows with time, they can grow to be incredibly strong. Because of the vast evil inherent within these creatures, they often give off an aura of darkness and malevolence which is palpable by any in their vicinity. Due to this evil which flows through their bodies, great deadly power is available quite literally at their fingertips; should a Lich of considerable power lay their hands upon a living creature, their target will experience a horrendous pain of an unholy nature, possibly even dying given suitable duration of contact. This ability is referred to by many as “the touch of death”.

Some Liches of great power have achieved the ability to hide their undead nature by masking the skeletal form with that of a living creature, even to the point of obfuscating the evil aura which permeates from their body.


Liches are almost invariably evil, as the rituals required for transferring their soul require rather dark and ominous magics. Given that the process is generally intended to give the creature immortality at the expense of all humanity, Liches are often corrupt with power and desire to rule, either by domination through force or utilizing their superior intellect to work intricate plans which come about over years or even centuries.

Lich Society

Liches are so rare and unique that they have no “society” of their own, often aiming to control armies of Undead, or take positions of lofty status among other creatures.

Liches & Religion

Liches who do hold religious beliefs are generally followers one of the dark Gods or Ascendi, though some ancient Liches are so filled with hubris that they view themselves as Gods.

Lich Types


(Transferred from the Dragon page)

(Description: A dracolich is a dragon of great magical power who in life strived for either a greater knowledge of the world or (more than likely) a greater sense of power than that of which a normal life would grant them. It takes the body nine years to completely decompose leaving a figure like that of a bone dragon, and to make it more susceptible to the magic. The soul and life-force will then be removed from the container by destroying it and by way of necromancy it shall be placed in a large gem stone which should be placed between the eyes of the deceased dragon. This will then bring the dead dragon back to life in the first stage of the dracolich. With this all complete, the former dragon will be immune to most types of dark magic. The drawbacks to this is that now this being, like regular Liches, begins to become mentally insane due to the calling of Death and other evil beings and spirits. There is only one known way to destroy or exercise the spirit from the dracolich and that is through a mystical book known as the Necronomicon, which has some how come up missing. It is thought that if you were to destroy the skull of the dragon you would be able to send it back to the Abyss, but no one has lived that long in a fight with one. Dracoliches retain all powers they had in a former life.


Lichdrow, generally speaking, are extremely powerful mages of the Underdark who have chosen to pursue Lichdom as a means of ensuring their longevity and matching might with that of the Matron priestesses. Often times Lichdrow will maintain their role in the Drow culture even upon becoming Undead, utilizing their unnatural powers in the constant House struggles that exist within their society. Like other Liches, the Lichdrow retain all of the natural racial abilities they possessed within life, though their vision has been altered to that of a magical nature, as the eyes have been replaced by burning flames within the sockets of the decaying skull. Lichdrow, as with their base race, are known to be extremely paranoid and go to extreme measures to ensure the safety and security of their phylactery, making them exceedingly difficult to destroy.

Famous Liches

  • Ryeanna Drakenheart
  • Diiroehn - (deceased/destroyed)
  • Tiphareth D'Artes

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