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The Fold

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Owner - Rilla

Leaders - Rilla, Sayban, Valiana

Requirements - To Join The Fold you must have a love for role-play as a character devoted to walking the path of Balance. (Reformed bad guys and workers of darker magics who are not evil are welcome.) Your character should also have some area of skill in that would be of benefit to our Order. We ask that all members be willing to expand their role-play abilities, and offer training and help with character development.

We are at heart a spiritual and military order, so magics and military skills are significant assets to bring to the table.

It is written in the political founding documents of the order that every recruit must face a test. This usually takes the form of a spar or duel with a clan leader. In the event that that your character is not a fighter, a test suited to the skills being brought to the clan will be provided. (For example, a bard may be required to write a song.)

Training in dueling and military skills will be offered to all members. Any other training required by members will be provided as needed. We also offer a sparring partner to all members.

Alignment - Good.

Website - http://thefoldofhollow.webs.com/

Hollow Resources: World map - http://www.freewebs.com/the-fold/map/index.htm

We prefer to handle recruitment IC. Contact Rilla, Sayban or Valiana through H-mail or OOC tell to arrange a meeting. In special cases, we will allow ooc recruitment.

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