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A medium-sized marble city with a proper wall and moat, Larket includes the town itself and the eternal forest. In ages past Larket was one of the early human towns and was named Tritan.

Recent Events

July 2023 - August 2023

  • Larket reentered a Trade Agreement with Vailkrin and announced the collaboration at a Lithrydel Summit. The announcement was met poorly by the other attendees.

Maps of Larket

Who's Who in Larket

Last updated March 29th, 2018

Played Characters

Title Name Notes
King Macon Came into power by defending Larket from the 'Fallen Paladin' Kelovath (ooc note: Kelo is innocent, Macon framed him, many believe Macon).
Queen Josleen Came into power because Macon thought she was hot; also Thane of Frostmaw.
Council to King Sabrina Local dignitary, former councilwoman, leader of Healer's Guild.
Revered Apothecary Artia Local dignitary, former councilwoman.
Army Commander Mythayus Former sheriff, Larket's airforce (cause he's a dragon, yo).
Royal Science Advisor Muzo A little too close to the Royals, like Larket's Rasputin. Now exiled.
Larketian Guard Oline A giantess, appointed to the guard by Queen Josleen
Local Business Owner Kreekitaka Fashion designer. According to the Larketian Herald, totally a space crab.
Local Mercenary Mathollak Creep.
Local Dryad Chisel Protects the botanical gardens, ally according to her whims.
Citizen Seiko Often seen in Lycidas's company.
Citizen York Ranger. Academy of Magic groundskeeper.
Public Enemy #1 Valrae Wanted: The Red Witch, publicly executed for heinous crimes, then resurrected by witches (can't trust 'em).
Public Enemy #2 Kelovath Former councilman and ex-lover to the Queen (the #dramz). Framed. Was #1 enemy, replaced by The Red Witch Valrae.
On the lam Thronnel Former royal investigator, then he attacked the Queen, got a beatdown from the King, fled, but not before cursing the King's armor (now cured).
Exiled Jarith Suspicious person exiled from the city by the King.
Persona Non Grata Lycidas #1 suspect in the 'poisoning' of the Queen.

Notable Non-Played Characters (NPCs)

Title Name Notes
Business Mogul Santiago Now deceased. Murdered by shadow figures [ooc note: Hudson!] Was te richest private citizen in Larket, owned many business, the largest of which in real estate and import/export. Former owner of The Larketian Herald.
Headmaster of the Mage's Academy Percival Can 'see' magic. Trusted by the King.
Leader of Democracy for Larketians Tychus Democracy for Larketians is a blandly named gang of young people willing to turn to violence to over throw the monarchy.

Geographical Areas of Larket

Eternal Forest

Bigger and meaner beasts lie within this dark forest, a darker forest than Sage Forest. This forest lies within the boundries of Larket and is way smaller than the one to the South. it borders the river on one side and the city streets on the other. One may never know what they will find when entering upon this forest of darkness and strange noises.


A damp and dark place, this is a mini city beneath Larket. It is home to life-size rat people, and a different society. One could easily get lost here, within the catacombs of Larket. But really, this is the sewers of this great city above.

Settlements in Larket

Settlement Name Main Race
Larket City-state Human
'Ferminville' Fermin

Religion in Larket

Traditionally, Larketians follow primarily Cyris, then Arkhen. A small sect of never-do-wells also follow Delisha.

However, following a terrible curse that plagued Larket's children to rapidly age and die, King Macon made a deal with Vakmatharas. The God of Death will lift the curse from the children whose parents fully embrace Vakmatharas in their hearts, and the deal remains intact so long as the King uses his position to spread the Death Lord's gospel.

Related Arc: The Prophet of Vakmatharas

Shops Larket

(All directions from Kelay Tavern)

Shop Name Goods Sold
Kyla's Eatery Food & Drinks
Red Ogre Inn Food & Drinks
Larket General Store Food & Drink & Misc Items
Animal Menagerie Pets
Lucy's Crossing Clothing

(Ferminville Shops)

Shop Name Goods Sold
Cheese Store Food
The Rat Hole Inn Food & Drink
Cut and Run Weapon Store Weapons
Dark Steel Dreams Armor
Qeetsh's Magic Store Armor & Weapons
Rags Shop Clothing
Creature Market Pets
Fermin Apothecary Restorative Items
Cavern of Storing Miscellaneous Items

Clans with HQ's in Larket

Clan Name Headquarter's Name
Decadence Chapel of Pleasure

Training Areas in Larket

Towering Tenements:

  • Harold the Contractor teaches both Push and Pull.

Allies of Larket

Organization Leader Type of Alliance
Frostmaw Hildegarde the Silver Alliance through political marriage. King Macon wed Thane Josleen of Frostmaw
Venturil NPC Trade agreement.
Cenril NPC Trade Agreement

Other places of note in Larket

Area of Note Function
Bridge to Free Larket Only exit and area to the district
Academy of Magics University headed by Luthentius
Larket Arena Larket citizens may watch gladiators battle to the death here.
Chapel of Cyris Chapel dedicated to the Cyris, God of Freedom & Independence. Vast majority of Larket citizens follow this God.
Paladins Training room Paladins may come here to hone their skills.
Airship Dock Links to Vhys on Rynvale Island via air.
Chapel of Pleasure Church dedicated to the worship of The Dark Mother Delisha

History regarding Larket

Formerly ruled by Ravian, Noble of Larket. Ravian remained the figurehead of Larket until the Rise of Arrecation within Hollow. Along with Dyven, King of Gualon and Lorvac, Arc Chieftain of the city of Cruaghmoyle, Ravian set off to confront the Dark Immortal in Gualon. The evil legion of Arrecations dark warriors had arrived within Gualon on the previous day, slaying all within the city and setting fire to the surrounding buildings. As the three elders arrived to Gualon they were immediately outnumbered and surrounded. The fate of the three Elders is as follows:

(Taken from the Kaizer's Hollow History)

"Our deaths will mean nothing, for you will never overcome the Three guardians," shouted Dyven in a fit of rage.
The knight stepped closer to Dyven, close enough for his body to be distorted by the knight's powerful aura. "Do you fear death little one?"
"Do not hold me in contempt of my fears, for I fear it not."
”Then death you shall taste…"
Lorvac broke out in an almost pleading voice, "What be thy name, Son of Elazul?"
"The name is of no importance, but if you wish to know… I am Arrecation."
"So you are the one those savages speak of, a tyrant no less," interrupted Ravian.

Arrecation approached Ravian while reaching to his back and unsheathing a dark blade that shimmered in the black flames of Hell. The tip of his blade met Ravian's neck; the two glared into each other's eyes, as though they were looking deep within their souls. Without warning, Arrecation pulled his blade across Ravian's throat. His head fell limp as a stream of blood flowed from his mouth. The gaping wound in his throat bled in gushes that formed small rivulets upon his battered breastplate. Arrecation turned to the others and made a single wave of his hand in their direction. They burst into flames and died screaming and writhing in pain. All that remained were charred corpses bound against the burned wall. Arrecation mounted his steed and headed north toward Sage Forest, followed by his army of darkness…

RP's of Larket

Title Function
Kelovath and Jacklin Tournament No rules tournament
Meeting for the Town System Enactment Meeting
Signing of Kris as Larket Watcher Meeting
Signing of Diyuir as Larket Bowyer Meeting
Signing of Kaval as Larket Mercenary Meeting
Signing of Kain as Larket Blacksmith Meeting
Signing of Basil as Larket's Personal Ally Meeting
Meeting with Cerinii to formalize Armantium Alliance Meeting
Meeting with Arien to form an alliance between Larket and Rynvale Meeting
Discussion with Warren about his new role in Larket Discussion
Marriage of Jacklin and Parsithius Wedding
Renovation of Larket Continuing Operation
Cerinii finishes the new Larket well system Activity
Annexation of Kregus Annexation Operation

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