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Rowen is currently an insane deluded three legged rat who spends much of her time believing she is the supreme empress of the known universe.

She has been appointed by Jacklin as chief rat catcher of Rynvale.

She is high priestess of Daedria having been appointed in person by the Ascended back when Daedria still manifested in Hollow. People often express suprise that the wise goddess should choose a ---shall we say eccentric --- three legged rat as her High Priestess. The goddess knows however that Rowen, despite her many faults loves Daedria with all her heart, and is completely loyal to her.

Rowen has a best friend Nigel. Who is the corpse of a half decomposed dead shark. Nigel is only alive in Rowen's deluded mind.

Rowen 'advising' Leoxander during the naval assault on Rynvale.

Rowen crawls off of Julien's shoulder and scampers over to where Leoxander is stood. Perched atop a barrel. "Pssst Captain!" She calls to Leoxander her voice is still that of Rowen, despite her body being that of a rat with only three paws. Dark magic has strange effects at times. "It's me Rowen, I have never been more glad that you do not let cats on your ships captain. I have been blessed by the Goddess Daedria once more, turned into a rat.See I was over in Frostmaw..for..for secret stuff, and I was browsing through the books in this dark library and I thought it would be interesting to read the one entitled. 'Danger, Rat Curse.' Then, by an amazing coincidence, just as I opened the funny glowing book, the goddess blessed me with rat form once more. Truly I am blessed!" She cleans her whiskers "So what is this shindig all about cap'n? Who we going to be stealing from? Think we can capture me a windowmaker." The rat is distracted by the appearance of 'The Labyrinth' "I knows that ship, it had me garden and me treehouse with me pink ropeladder and we rescued my mum, Diiroehn from it, and my cat tiddles.”

Jolie is Kidnapped

Cornelius told your clan, "And I, ever intrepid, have kidnapped Jolie!" Cornelius told your clan, "Quisling Cornelius. Oh yes." You told your clan, "Well done my loyal you have WHAT?" Svilfon said OOC, "I'll buy her shoes. Six gold, two copper. Need a nice set of heels... Wait..." Jolie said OOC, ":| " Svilfon said OOC, "Clan! Oopsie. Ah well, I am sure everyone had their suspicions anyway. :D" You told your clan, "Svilfon, Cornelius your empresses is most displeased. I know you only seek to protect the life of your beloved rat leader, but offering up another of my loyal subjects in my stead just will NOT do. I have a duty to protect my subjects. I forbid you to hand Jolie over to the bastard."

Satoshi stumps the rat

Satoshi said to you, "Sometimes I think you're the only sane one among us."

You said to Satoshi, "Too right. It's a great responsibility being the only sane person alive, that's why they made me the supreme empress of the known universe."

Satoshi said to you, "...but were 'they' sane when they made the choice, little Empress?" Chuckling, Satoshi leaves the rat with that an glances at Kasyr once before heading toward the door. "I don't imagine I'm getting much in the way of sleep this evening..."

Rowen is about to answer Satoshi, then pauses, her paw to her mouth, deep in great thought, about this matter.

Satoshi stumped the rat. Her night is complete, however tomorrow turns out.

You oocly loves Sato for that post!

Satoshi said to you, "ooc: Stumping the Empress of the Universe is pretty much the only way to die happy. :P"

Official month long mourning throughout the entire universe for Corny.

Rowen said to Servantes, "It is good to see you wearing a black duster in honour of dearly beloved Cornelius. I have myself proclaimed an official month long period of mourning throughout the entire universe."

Servantes cuts the rat a scathing glance, "I mourn the loss of no sun-sucking human fool enough to face the drow."

Rowen said to Servantes, "That's right old chap, keep your spirits up what, don't let yourself get too despondent, at his terrible loss. Life must go on."

Servantes can only roll his eyes, turning about to exit the tavern.