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This page describes a character who is dead or retired from Hollow.

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Name: Aranhil
Titles: Herbalist of Sage, Leader of Lithrydel's Guard, President of the LFA, Director of the Hollow Trading Company.
Age: Appears: 17   Exact: 26
Born in: Sage Forest
Race: Half Elf
Class: Ranger
Subclass: Herbalist
Guild(s): Merchant's Guild, Healer's Guild(status pending)
Clan: Lithrydel's Guard
Rank: Owner, Leader
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown
Skin: Light
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 147lbs
Marital Status: Single
Sexuality: Straight
Alignment: True Neutral


Aranhil is a half elf and it’s barely noticeable. Of his elven lineage the only thing you may notice is his slightly healthier skin than humans, the eyes that seem to capture every detail and one may also notice that his ears creep up just barely more than a humans into a point. Other than this, one may also mistake him for a teenager when in fact he is in his mid twenties. Often enough Aranhil is found wearing on his left hand a ring signifying his acceptance into the Merchant's Guild while on the other is an odd ring, one that if magic is fed to will give him the power of a giant, though only in that one hand. However, on each arm he also has Armlets of Power. These items take the strength of the ring and control it so that the strength is spread though out his entire arm making his right hook very deadly to all but the strongest of creatures. Upon his torso you will most often see a brown shirt and on his legs cotton pants. Aranhil's custom wears may be found below in the Aranhil's Customs” Section


Aranhil is a half elf Herbalist. Raised by the elven gardeners during his young days he developed a taste for plant life early on. However, not having the magic of a mage he could not become as influential in the art as those of his elven counterparts. So instead he changed his view slightly to the herbs and potions of the lands that could both save a man’s life, and take it. He learned all he could of these, how best to grow them, how numerously he should collect from them, and which would be best for killing an enemy or healing a friend. He quickly became very well known for his knowledge after several near death experiences due to mistakes on his own part. It was then that he decided to search outward for more herbs and potions that he would not find in these woods. He finds himself now in Hollow.

Quickly he became well known as a Herbalist and could handle nearly any order if given the time to collect. And not soon after did he join the Merchants Guild and open his own shop in Sage Forest. When he can’t be found there he pushes around a rather large cart full of herbs and potions that he could sell to any that may be interested.

Battle Stats

In Character Matches:

Custom-User Shop

Location: Grassy Knoll Market - (Tavern:1s, 3e, 2s). Information on his shop may be found at two links currently.

Aranhil owns his own shop Sage Forest. Here he has an elder elven friend of his who is well practiced in Herbomancy take care of the shop while he is away making sells with his cart. He returns to the shop daily to collect profits and to restock the shop. The Shop caretaker must be careful however, for a Preklek Scout has been seen many times just outside the doors of the shop, and so he is always on guard.

Growing tired of these lizard people, Aranhil has ordered that the shop keeper kill every scout to show itself from then on. And he does so, soon enough a full scouting party would show itself at the doors of his shop. After a battle which leaves every member of the party dead upon the grassy knoll the two would collect their armours and throw them into a bin in the shop, might as well make some profit from them.

Character Customs

  • These customs are not for sale. They are Items icly used as Aranhil or Riel
  • The items used by both Aranhil and Riel are slightly different. When battle lust fills him the armlets change from a red hue to blue. The “NPC's” are very rarely seen and when they are seen in Aranhil's presence they appear as simple workers doing one thing or another and seem to have no other meaning for them there then whatever work he has them doing.
  • The Rings are worn as Aranhil mainly however he doesnt often wear them as Riel due to one of the weapons he uses which covers his fingers.
Item Name Target Bonus
Aranhils Amazing Aromatic Aerbals Pet ---
Assassin's Hidden-Blade Wrist +10AC
Armlet of Power(2) Arms +10AC
Bag-of polished Stones Weapon +0WC
Belt of Hallucinogenic Daggers Weapon +10WC
Berserkers Steel Spiked Knuckles Weapon +0WC
Black Dragonscale Trenchcoat Shoulders +10AC
Cat-Like Pixie Pet ---
Concordat Katana of Mastery Weapon +5WC
Crimson Bandanna Face +10AC
Elven Herbomancer Pet ---
Feline Combat Healer Pet ---
Master Merchant's Wristband Wrist +5AC
Runic Inscribed Elven Footwear Feet +0
Ring of Giant Strength(2) Finger +10AC
White Dragonscale Half Gloves Hands +10AC