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About The Devout's Guild

Formerly a branch of the Warrior’s Guild, the Devout’s Guild has adapted over time to become a neutral entity within Lithrydel, welcoming those who either seek to eventually choose a deity to follow or has already done so, but wishes to pursue other studies regarding the gods, or for those that hold the gods in high regards, but does not directly follow them, and merely wishes to gain knowledge about them all. With this in mind, some degree of civility must be kept within the guild between each member, no matter what path they’ve taken within the guild. This ounce of respect will help maintain the delicate balance between the light and the darkness and everything between, allowing members to co-exist and go about their own work.

Guild leader: Valrae | Deputy Leader:
This guild also holds strong ties with the Adventurer's, Mage's, Necromancer's, and Warrior's Guilds.

Current Arc

Gaining Membership And Rank Advancement

Gaining membership into the Devout’s Guild is relatively easy, either by seeking out the guild leader, the deputy leader, or a member at or above the Favored rank. All alignments, classes, races, and genders are welcome to join.

Below are the acceptable types of RP that can be submitted:

  • Dueling and Sparring - Dueling/sparring in a timed or word count style or taking part in Redskull Trophy Ring or active tournaments. Whether there are judges or not depends upon the situation and any stakes made must be adhered to.
  • Task-based - Various tasks related to the goings-on in Lithrydel will be posted, allowing the members to choose the way in which they help the guild, as well as the realm. The list of side quests for this type of rank advancement can be found here and will be updated over time as quests are taken and finished.
  • Research and Development/Field Experience - RPing with your fellow players, whether in the guild or not, and even solo RPs are accepted, so long as character development pertaining to the character's faith is obvious and the content is relevant to the guild (like bookwork, healing, combat training; anything to further along your character on their path).

Note: Solo RPs do not typically count for the necessary RPs needed for rank advancement. However, special cases may be made after speaking to the guild leader. Please ensure that all uploaded RPs or Duels are tagged with: {{Guild|Devout's|RPs}}.

NPC Members

Guild Halls

  • Cenril
    • Sanctum of the Divine - 1 south, 1 east, 2 north, 2 east of the Cenril recall (Cenril Bank). Main room; open to all.
    • The Sacrosanct - Up from the Sanctum of the Divine. Guild only; requires the guild key item to enter.
  • Vailkrin
    • Devout’s Guild Recruitment Headquarters - 3 west, 3 north, 1 west, 1 down, 2 west, 4 north, 1 east from the Vailkrin recall (Vailkrin City Road). Main room; open to all.
    • Devout’s Guild Armory and Artifact Storeroom - Accessible either by 1 east of the Devout's Guild Recruitment Headquarters or 1 down from The Sacrosanct. Guild only; requires the guild key item to enter.

Guild Items

The Divine

In an effort to get acquainted with all of the deities' domains, each guildmember will be placed in all three categories at one of the three ranks, depending on the guildmember’s knowledge on each category of deities. Each rank has a set number of RPs needed to progress further or to retain that rank if the highest has been reached, with each section having different set numbers. While ranking up in all three categories is encouraged, it is not mandatory. RPs can count for more than one category, depending on the content of said RPs, and likewise for the tome/essay requirement.

  • Devotee - This is the highest rank that can be reached in each category. In order to achieve this, one must acquire knowledge about each deity in the category, accept quests related to those deities and complete them, and add at least one tome or essay of your own writing to the guild’s library, for each category.
  • Favored - To reach this rank, one must decide how they will spend their religious life. Will they dedicate themselves to just one god? Too many? To all of them? Or will they merely look on it all with a scholarly point of view, studying those that do follow Hollow’s deities? Upon being admitted to the guild, those that have already made this choice will be placed at this rank in the appropriate category. Those at this rank are also able to bring in new members.
  • Acolyte - This is typically the rank that most people start at. This is for those that know very little about the gods, but know they want to lead a life dedicated to them in some capacity. While all ranks require study and guild quests and dealing with those leading any type of life as a follower of the Divine, they are likely the most important for an acolyte.

The Pantheon

The Pantheon are typically the deities that reside in the Higher Gods Plane--though a few, like Cire with the Chaos Realm, reside in other places--and watch over all the lesser planes of existence (including even the Shadow Plane). It consists of the Divine Three (Hind, Lore, Sven), the Elder Gods (Aramoth, Arkhen, Cire, Cyris, Delisha, Loda, Q'na, Selene, the Spider Goddess, Vakmatharas, Xalious, Zaytor), and the Racial Gods (Gerthaog, Rothik).

  • Devotee - 3-5 RPs every 60 days to retain this spot

The Ascendi

Despite the fact that they no longer hold sway in any plane of existence, the Ascendi still have many followers in Lithrydel. This collective is made up of Arclandon, Astrala, Coreliant, Cyela, Daedria, Kanos, Lauria, Olric, and Vakarash.

  • Devotee - 3-5 RPs every 60 days to retain this spot
  • Favored - 3 RPs per Ascendi, as well as a tome or essay of the guildmember’s own writing (Total: 27 RPs + 1 Tome/Essay)
  • Acolyte - 2 RPs per Ascendi (Total: 18 RPs)

The Naturists

There are those that dedicate themselves to Nature itself, instead of any of the gods, and offer up tribute to the holy trees and/or singular masculine or feminine entities that are a combination of the gods as a whole (ie: ‘The Goddess’). These followers are typically druids, rangers, witches, and various types of nature-based creatures.

  • Devotee - 3-5 RPs every 60 days to retain this spot
  • Favored - 3 RPs per Holy Tree, the nature-based classes (druid/ranger/witch), and 5 nature-based creatures (ex: dryad), as well as a tome or essay of the guildmember’s own writing (Total: 33 RPs + 1 Tome/Essay)
  • Acolyte - 2 RPs per per Holy Tree, the nature-based classes (druid/ranger/witch), and 5 nature-based creatures (ex: dryad) (Total: 22 RPs)

Inactive/Former Members


  • A lack of activity within the guild, or the game in general, will mean removal from the guild roster unless the guild leader is spoken to. If you are removed, are in good standing still with the guild, and want to return, simply speak to the leader and you will be reinstated.
  • Claiming guild ranks that have not been given, using abilities outside one’s race or class, antagonizing others, using OOC information ICly that your character technically doesn’t know about, and generally causing drama or grief for other players whether they’re in the guild or not won’t be tolerated and you may be removed from the guild.

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