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Devout's Guild

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Official Devout's Guild Sigil

Order of Solidarity

The Devout’s Guild is a kinship of the realms most faithful followers, welcoming those want to fight and preach in the name of their chosen god. Comradery, trust, and hope can be found within those that serve the guild, as they strive to protect those that cannot protect themselves, and open their minds and hearts to the teachings of their kinsman, even if they do not share the same faith. It’s the Devout’s Guild duty to not only learn about the delicate balance needed between the gods that make up Lithrydel’s pantheon, but to also teach the same to others to broaden their horizons when it comes to Lithrydel’s various religions.

This guild also holds strong ties with the Adventurer's, Warrior's, and Ranger's Guilds.

Gaining Membership

Gaining membership into the Devout’s Guild is relatively easy, either by seeking out the guild leader (Khitti) or someone of the Divine Defender rank. Before doing so, however, one needs to ask themselves a few questions:

  • Am I a BBEG (Big Bad Evil Guy) hellbent on region/world domination?
  • Is using unwilling blood sacrifices for my chosen god the preferred method of giving tribute?
  • Do I want the entire world to be engulfed by darkness and despair?
  • Or, on the flip side of things, is my blinding righteous fury so intense that anyone that doesn’t follow my god’s rules to the exact specification deserves to be eradicated from this plane of existence?
  • Do you claim that everyone should follow your god and your god only? And if they do not, that they’re committing blasphemy, and should die in a pit of holy fire?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then perhaps there are other guilds that may suit you better (Warrior's Guild/Necromancer's Guild/Rogue's Guild/Mage's Guild). Zealotry is not condoned in the Devout’s Guild and neither is absolute evil.

If you weren’t able to answer any of these questions, then great! This means you’re well on your way to joining the guild! The guild takes all classes/races and you do not have to wield holy magic whatsoever! All you need is your devotion to your god or gods of your choosing and the knowledge that you may have to aid others that don’t exactly agree with you or your god’s ways--or, if you're interested in claiming a religion and are not quite sure what do to or who to choose, we can help with that too!

Balance is the name of the game in the Devout’s Guild, and all the gods and their domains have a place in the world, no matter if they’re considered “good” or “evil” or somewhere in between. If you think you’ve got what it takes to co-exist with the other members of the guild, to aid them when necessary, and learn some new things about other religions along the way, then the Devout’s Guild is the right place for you.

Rank Advancement

To attain ranks within the guild, there must be obvious character progression. To do so, 2 RPs per month, that are faith-based must be submitted, to the guild leader. Below are the acceptable types of RP that can be submitted:

  • Dueling and Sparring - Dueling/sparring in a timed or word count style or taking part in Redskull Trophy Ring or active tournaments. Whether there are judges or not depends upon the situation and any stakes made must be adhered to.
  • Task-based - Various tasks related to the goings-on in Lithrydel will be posted, allowing the members to choose the way in which they help the guild, as well as the realm.
  • Research and Development/Field Experience - RPing with your fellow players, whether in the guild or not, and even solo RPs are accepted, so long as character development pertaining to the character's faith is obvious and the content is relevant to the guild (like bookwork, healing, combat training; anything to further along your character on their path).

All members are encouraged to take part in active arcs, whether it be global or something on a much smaller scale. If a member cannot complete the 2 RPs required each month, they must get in contact with the guild leader. Failure to do so will result in a possible loss in the member's current rank. Prolonged failure will result in expulsion from the guild.

Please ensure that all uploaded RPs or Duels are tagged with {{Guild:Devout's|RP}}.

NPC Members

Guild Halls


  • Sanctum of the Divine (Main room; open to all) - 1 south, 2 west, 1 south of the Kelay recall (Kelay Tavern).
  • The Sacrosanct (Guild only; requires the guild key item to enter) - 1 south of the Sanctum of the Divine.


  • Devout’s Guild Recruitment Headquarters (main room; open to all) - 3 west, 3 north, 1 west, 1 down, 2 west, 4 north, 1 east from the Vailkrin recall (Vailkrin City Road).
  • Devout’s Guild Armory and Artifact Storeroom (Guild only; requires the guild key item to enter) - Accessible either by 1 east of the Devout's Guild Recruitment Headquarters or 1 down from The Sacrosanct.

Guild Items

Divine Aura

This aura is gained upon admittance to the guild at the rank of Scion of Faith and is given to the newcomer by either the guild leader, thereby allowing entry into the guild hall.

Elder's Signet Ring

Once a member of the guild has proven themselves worthy of moving up to the Divine Defender rank, they are rewarded with this ring. It’s a small token of appreciation to say thank you for all their deeds done, great and small, as well as a way to let those in Lithrydel know their affiliation with the guild and who they might be able to turn to in order to join or ask for assistance.

Consummate Mastery of Faith

Upon reaching the rank of Tempered Champion, the member’s faith in their god(s) is clear. They serve the people of Lithrydel unerringly, dedicating their lives to aid others where it's needed.

Guild Heirarchy

Scion of Faith

To understand the god of one’s choosing, one must also learn the ways and beliefs of the others. Why do the other deities believe what they do? Why do their followers sometimes go astray? In addition to learning basic combat and defense techniques, members at this rank will delve into the philosophical aspects of Lithrydel’s gods, for each one deserves their own fair share of respect, just as much as the one a member is beholden to.


At this rank, guild members’ studies are turned towards that of their own chosen gods. With basic training completed and a new understanding of other religions filed away in the back of their minds, those here will begin their training anew, pairing that new knowledge with the beliefs of their own god. Here guild members will make their choice: will they continue on this path of knowledge and preach the will of their gods in their temples? Or will they physically show that will to those that would do harm to the land? Or will they attempt a middle ground between the two?

Divine Defender

This position within the Devout’s Guild is for those that know their path, truly. They use their skills, both in and out of combat, to help those that cannot help themselves, to dispense justice to those that deserve it, and help keep peace amongst Lithrydel’s denizens. Keeping peace is a difficult task, especially when there are so many that oppose it, but it is necessary to keep the realm from falling as it nearly has so many times in the past. With this too comes the responsibility of giving guidance to those in the guild beneath them in rank that might require it, as well as bring in new members.


Battles will be won and lost, this is how the world works, as everyone knows. Crusaders, whether they fight with words or weapons and magic, know to look past the pride that might swell or the feeling of failure that might overwhelm them. They must keep going. They must always keep going, for the good of the realm. These feelings should not entirely be ignored, for they can provide the fuel needed to overcome many obstacles, but it should be made clear before gaining anymore ranks that they too will not fall to these emotions, as others have done before them.

Tempered Champion

This rank is reserved for the most senior of members, aside from the guild leader and their deputy. They have proven that they are a force to be reckoned with. They have shown great respect for the other deities in addition to following the laws of they whom they’ve chosen to follow. They are warriors and healers, using their abilities for the greater good, to act as the speakers and hands of their gods.

Sacred Shield

This spot is reserved for the leader and deputy leader of the guild. As sacred shields, the two have taken an oath, whether silent or verbal, to protect those they’ve taken into the guild, to guide them where wisdom is needed, and aid others in learning that all gods can be respected, even if you do not share in their beliefs, for each has their own purpose even if their followers sometimes go astray.

Divine Paragon

Much like with the Warrior’s and Mage’s Guilds, this rank exists to remain empty. With evil always on the rise, there is always something that the devout can do to help. They must always strive to do more, do better, in the name of their chosen god and the guild. Their service is unending, but welcomed, until they pass on from this world into the next.

  • Eternally Vacant

Retired Members

These members have chosen to move on, whether for IC or OOC reasons.

Inactive Members

These members are those who helped shape the guild into what it is, but have been called elsewhere for a time. They can be reinstated immediately if they wish upon their return; they only need speak to the guild leader.


  • A lack of activity within the guild, or the game in general, will mean removal from the guild unless the guild leader is spoken to--this includes the aforementioned failure to submit the 2 required RPs per month. If you are removed, are in good standing still with the guild, and want to return, simply speak to the leader and you will be reinstated.
  • Each paladin, priest, templar, or other type of devout follower have their own codes, specific to themselves and their gods. These must be respected and in turn they must respect each other’s, for each serves a purpose and each has their own place in the realm. Failure to do so may lead to disciplinary actions up to and including stripping of rank and removal from the guild.
  • There is darkness in all hearts, and it is possible for all to fall into this darkness--even the most devout. Should a member give in to this evil and allow it to lead them astray entirely, they will be stripped of rank and proper punishment given depending on the severity of the situation (death is excluded from this for the obvious OOC reason that you decide whether or not your own character dies).
  • Claiming guild ranks that have not been given, using abilities outside one’s race or class, antagonizing others, using OOC information ICly that your character technically doesn’t know about, and generally causing drama or grief for other players whether they’re in the guild or not won’t be tolerated and you may be removed from the guild.

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