The Guilds

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The Guilds of Hollow

Guild Leader Deputy Leader
Merchant's Guild Iintahquohae Vacant
Healer's Guild Penelope Vacant
Warrior's Guild Vacant Vacant
Mage's Guild Lanlan Vacant
Necromancer's Guild Khitti Vacant
Bard's Guild Kanna Vacant
Rogue's Guild Leoxander Vacant
Adventurer's Guild Meri Magikrios
Devout's Guild Valrae Vacant

Guild Quests

Guilds often have quests for their members to take up. Are you a member of a guild and looking for adventure? Look no further than the Guild Side Quests Central Listing!

Are you not a member of a guild? Tag along with a guild member, or join a guild yourself.

Description and Membership

Guilds unite characters with similar played classes (mages, warriors, etc.), skills (healers), or interests (merchants, rogues). A guild helps its members improve their skill, deepen their influence, and pursue common goals.

In order to join a guild, a character/player must approach a guild leader and/or its deputy ic/ooc. It is permissible to join more than one guild as a member, but not to lead more than one guild. A leader of one guild may be a non-ranking member of another guild. It is not permissible to have alts within the same guild.

Rules of Guild Leadership

  1. Guild Leaders must be actively roleplaying in the guild they wish to lead, and must inspire RP in others.
  2. Guild leaders should be of an appropriate class of their guild. For instance, a mage in the Mage’s Guild, a warrior in the Warrior’s Guild, etc.
  3. Each guild leader should strive to choose a deputy leader. Deputy leaders are also subject to admin approval, and in the event that the guild leader does not have a suitable deputy, admin may appoint a candidate they deem suitable.
    1. Note: In-character, guilds may have a ruling council. For ooc purposes, the admin need to select one leader and one deputy leader. This does not change the way hierarchies are played in-character in the case of councils.
  4. Guild leaders must be an active roleplayer in their guild. If a leader (or someone on their behalf) fails to log an RP on the Wiki related to their guild in over 60 days, they may be replaced by their deputy, or if the deputy is also inactive, by another player of the admin’s choosing.
  5. Guild leaders are considered, much like area leaders are, as IC and OOC leaders of the community. Thus they must exhibit good behavior and work well with admin. Admin have right of refusal to officially recognize any guild leader that does not uphold the exemplary behavior of a community leader.
  6. Current recognized leaders are listed above, and only those listed will be recognized officially.
  7. Anyone interested in becoming a guild leader must complete the form listed at the bottom of this page.

Guild Funds

While active, guilds are awarded 10,000 gold per month to help them finance guild activities, rp, and items. Inactive guilds do not accumulate a stipend.

Guild leaders may use these funds to reward members for completing side quests. They may also use it to costs contests or order customs for their members as prizes. These customs are purchased at the full price seen on the Customs Price List.

However, if a Guild Leader decides they would like to purchase additional guild items for their guild, or if they would like to change their items completely they may do so for 50% of the cost seen on the Customs Price List + 10,000 for every unit of the item generated.

  • Example: A new +10 for a guild item would be 30,000 for the initial set up. And if they wanted 5 of them to pass out to members once they reach a certain rank, that would be an additional 50,000 gold for a total of 80,000.
  • Guild members may only utilize guild items if they remain within the guild. Guild leaders may ask admin to remove items from a player's possession if they are not returned.

Guild Leadership Approval Form

  • Name of character to be leader:
  • Amount of time with current character (approx):
  • Have you ever broken a Hollow rule? If yes, which one, when, and why:
  • Guild you wish to lead:
  • Class of character:
  • Alignment of character:
  • List of RP you have performed as this character in the guild, or to bring RP to the guild:
  • What is the in-character justification for your character being the guild leader (what is their position in the guild, have they risen through the ranks, etc.)?
  • Have you ever led an arc, clan, or area? If so, which? List all.
  • What is your vision for this guild? Describe what you intend to do with the guild, what direction you would take it in, etc.
  • Do you have a deputy leader in mind? If so, who and why?
  • Any Additional info:

Instructions: All of these questions MUST be answered to the best of your ability. The Administrators will then take into consideration your request. During this process you may be mailed by administrators asking for additional information that must be provided.

Given that this is a serious application and may well influence the development of Hollow, there is a fee of 10000 gold which will be deducted from your inventory or bank account. Players who are unsuccessful in their applications will have the fee refunded to them in full. Please note, that the application fee will enter the Guild funds/treasury and will be used to the benefit of the Guild by providing items that are unique to the guild and furthering the development of players within said guild. If you do not have enough gold at the time but are serious in your commitment, a payment plan can be organised with the administrative team.

All forms must be sent to Applications with Guild Leadership Approval as the subject.

Disclaimer: Please note that you are not guaranteed guild leadership just by applying and you cannot appeal this decision; it is final. Having RPed once in a guild or guild related RP does not constitute enough to be able to rule or lead it. Players do not have a right to guild leadership, it is a privilege that can be removed if the administrators see fit.